Friday, October 19, 2007

Hee hee hee

Because I wanted to play the game....

Pack of Grilled Cheese crackers

4 samples of Colgate Prevident 5000 Booster (for my sensitive teeth :)

.75 coupon for the new Jet-Dry Tubro Dry

$1.00 coupon off any three jars of Prego



Kit (glucometer to check my blood sugar)

Pack of RAIN gum that was on sale at Target that Husband picked up and I've chewed most of it... (hey, he shouldn't have left it in my purse! :)

Big chunky silver bracelet that I took off yesterday because it was driving me crazy


equate Dental Floss waxed mint (this is supposed to be in my desk drawer, have NO idea WHY its in my purse but taking it out now...)

*Irving GAS receipt

*Hannaford receipt

W-Mart receipt... there's a method to this one...

5ft Black PetWear leash (returning it to W-Mart because I got my neice a pink retractable leash for her b-day instead of this boring one)

equate Advil

*Shaws receipt

Irving Survey receipt (I HAVE to call for this... $2.00 off my next purchase.. that's a FREE FOUNTAIN SODA!!! and then some!! :)

Directions to my neices soccer game that is on Saturday with the amount of material I need on the bottom to make something for my SIL

Movie Gallery Free Movie Rental

*Week's grocery list at the three stores we shop at...

Hair Clip

two bobby pins...nope 3 bobby pins

card with my flu shot info (date/location) so I can have my DR update my records


2 lip glosses

2 lip sticks

1 chapstick

fingernail clippers


* things I immediately threw away