Sunday, December 29, 2013

A little bball...

with your Christmas break... and we LOVE to take the Pheebster along for the fun!
 Daws is playing Varsity this year as a sophomore and 7:15 games are tough for my crew that goes to bed at 7 ;) bring on a Christmas tourney and a 4:30 game! Hip hip HOORAY!

I think their favorite part was the VERY empty gym! :) "big girls" with a section of bleachers to themselves... for a while...

Speaking of big girl... can you even STAND her shirt? I stinkin' LOVE IT!

front left, lime green sneakers...

trick question... who's playing defense on him?

here's your hint... ;)
basketball game? OR.... another friend showing up with brand new Christmas markers to share!?

1/2 time an a SKYLAR... :)

love IT!

I think Miss B is checking to see if Mimi's rules still apply... I mean she IS the last grandbaby after all ;) you think after 7 before her things would get a little more lax? :)

or not? :)
fun times, fun times!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Chaos

Our "tradition" is that we bust out of our house sometime around 8ish and don't return until bedtime that night... lots to do, people to see and fun to be had. And don't forget the FOOD.  ;) First stop, the CountryRents for breakfast and this crew...

Breakfast done: Check Dishes done: Check Happy to open presents: CHECK CHECK

What you get when you try to make four kids 6 and under sit still after there are toys everywhere and "pose" with Nana and Grampa ;)

That's better. :)

I got a new CAMERA from Husband for Christmas!! My last one you had to practically stand on your head to take a picture because the battery part was broken. Trying out my new one with my favorite models :)

And then it was off to MIL's for yet MORE food and festivities!

The "crew" there minus the biggest one who was behind me during this picture saying "you are missing the oldest" :) and the youngest who was taking a nap in the truck ;) (can I get an AMEN?)

don't worry we saved her presents for her...

LOVE the little hands and feet :)

but who needs new toys when Brando has his phone? Ah... technology!

 A WONDERFUL day spent with family ~ and remembering the reason for the season with all the fun mixed in. My favorite part of the day... in Husband's family his Dad always prayed before they opened presents. Since my FIL's graduation into heaven, Husband has taken over that roll. I love it. The one sentence that stood out to me (and I think all of us... ) "thank you for Your protection and the year that was instead of the year that could have been...."

more on that later...

Sunday, December 22, 2013

It's the MOST wonderful time of the year....

Christmas COOKIES!

I stinkin' LOVE her expression :)

Mommy's mittens!

...that she puts on BY HER.SELF.

Sledding with the "big" girls! Micki and CC are home from school!!!

how happy is my girl!?

eh... the little one took a bit to warm up... or a cell phone. That'll make her your BFF in NO time.

and how happy were THESE girls? :) Nothin' like getting the coach "back" by pushing him down the hill :)

What keeps 7 (yes... 7... ) kids quiet for 3.5 minutes?

A snow plow in the church parking lot of course!

A moment of peace...
 and quiet....
We are spending LOTS of time at home and we are A-OK with it. :)


Can't you see it in her eyes?

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Weekend Special: THE CAMERA DUMP

Miss B's first trip down "the hill"

She LOVED it but then again... anything with DAH-DEEEEE is her cup of tea these days :)

Into the abyss...

What I raced back to after snapping the shots above...



These pics are mostly just to make Grampa jealous :)

SURPRISE visit from Toddy-Hot. He stopped in for a visit and a meal on his way to Boston to pick up his little sister for the weekend.

I wonder... would these guys believe it if someone had told them when they were 18 that one day they would be in their 40's sitting around a table playing Candyland with a girl in a TOO SMALL, ripped, Snow White costume?

I'm guessing no. But they LOVE IT :)

Can you read her lips? "CHEEEEZZZEEEE" :)

Snuggled up reading books.

and being silly :)


and silly.

How blessed we are with this little life...