Monday, January 27, 2014

Thurs-Sunday FUN!!!

The end of last week brought... a new recipe.... flourless brownies for some of my gluten free friends at Bible Study. The girls "helped". Side note...

If you people didn't think they looked like their Dad before...

How about with the mustache and foo man chu?

Sometimes I still have to pinch myself because I get to hang out with these two EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

Friday our FRIENDS came over!! Everyone was finally feeling better so we put that good feeling into making Valentine Cards for people who perhaps might not get any... planning on getting these to a local Christian radio station to divvy out.

Meanwhile in the den... "we're not READY to do a cwraft" :)

Story time it was with Miss B's little "reader" and one turning the pages in the book...

I can't even stand the ponytail... or the four little pieces of CUTENESS!

or the eyelashes...

or the concentration...

Saturday brought this view out the kitchen window....

Ice fishing trip for Minnie and Husband, sleepover for Minnie, b-day celebrations for BIL L, a quick shout out for the CountryRents and celebrating 40 years of MARRIAGE! and finally all geared up for the week!'s been fun!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Something I'VE been thinking about...

James 3:10 of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be.

so easy to sing praise and worship.... so easy to lose my temper... so hard to tame everything the way HE wants...

Proverbs 10:19 The more talk, the less truth; the wise measure their words


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Brave? or Crazy??

To take four kids 4 and under out for lunch? :) Market Basket pizza....(yes they are both standing and yes my girl IS a giant! :)

love these two in tow...

I can hear CountryDad in my head here... "we are not amused..." :)

SO MUCH fun to have an impromptu lunch date with the W gals after library on Tuesday... extra EXTRA cheap pizza (like $2.50 a mom for a JUMBO)


But the question still remains... brave???

or crazy?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Fun Friday for a Monday....

The gals and I were supposed to have a little fun with some friends while we Moms chatted about some upcoming festivities (more later :) but unfortunately tis the season for the sickies and the other Momma's babies were still under the weather so we had to reschedule. BUT... by 8:30AM we were dressed, ready, hair done and needed SOME PLACE TO GO!!! :) Adventure was calling our names! Off to the big city!

We hit up the local Trader Joe's first because who doesn't love their own mini-buggy? (Minnie!!!) and then we went DOWNTOWN!

I introduced Minnie to cobblestone streets...

we watched a crane work and I explained a "floating restaurant" :)

this one just cared about how loud the crane was working over the water :) "Whoa!"

We came home in time for lunch and naps because we had a VERY fun, spontaneous visit from DA'BOYZ!

JJ was jealous of my 90 minute date ~ so he called to see if we'd hang with the boys so he could take his wife out... awwww whatah guy organizing the childcare to take his bride out for supper and have some 1x1 time with her :) Meanwhile at our was sloppy joes for supper with the STRICT instructions... "whoever makes the biggest mess (ON.THEIR.PLATE.) gets to use the CAN of whipped cream FIRST for their ice cream sundae"... Poor CJ... "uh..Yah-Yah... I don't really LIKE to make a mess..." I know buddy... I know. Neither do your Daddy or Grampa :) hee hee hee...

Please note the plate...and please note that his BROTHER WON messiest plate contest!!!

What about the good 'ol days when you "got dressed for dinner" :) and wore a Sleeping Beauty Dress that is 2-3 sizes too small? :)

The crazy at dinner :)


and the can of whipped cream :)

I LOVE Minnie's laugh in this picture... it was contagious!

We ended our two hours of jammed in fun night with a movie (Tangled) and...

Husband's famous popcorn of course (per CJ's request)

What a GREAT couple of hours!!!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014