Monday, March 31, 2014

Can you even STAND the cuteness?

On Saturday, Husband took Minnie with him ice fishing so it was just Miss B and I... Sky was off working a trade show and she happened to "mention" there would be dogs there...
Dogs + Miss B = GOOD.TIME.
This little nugget was a surprise to Sky and her BFF the night they got to BFF's Dad's house... FUN surprise for two dog crazy girls! :)

As expected... Miss B LOVED it

and the loved her :)

But this was for sure the highlight... the little one snuggled right up with her...

and promptly fell ASLEEP :)

I kept asking her if she was all done... she'd shake her head no... if she was ready to go... she'd shake her head no...

Even asked her if she wanted to take a walk with Sky??

Nope. :) Tough prying these two apart...

She finally caved. :)
I can't even handle how much she loves pets. It is the cutest thing! :) SOMEBODY get these two gals a DOG! :)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sweet Spence for your Saturday

I told "Yiz" the other day... "three kids looks good on you babe!" and it does.
I really think some gals are just BORN to be mommas and she is definitely one of them.
the first time I met Spencer without my crew

And the first time the girls are meeting Spence :)
Miss B was HEAD OVER HEELS in love from first sight! It was fun watching her walk into the house and TRY to put the pieces together in a puzzle she does NOT understand :)

 SUCH a great big brother! He's a natural!

Sweet baby

Speaking of sweet :) Yes, Minnie DID dress herself

All five babies in one shot :)

Minnie's first holding time :)

and I'm just not sure they come any sweeter...
  her words when she met her new brother in the hospital while gazing down at him in his bassinet.... "Mom, I just can't stop loving him..."
I am so THRILLED there is another member of this family to love on!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Fun Friday: Minnie-isms

Talking to Minnie about pulling up the songs we are singing for Easter Sunday on Pandora....

Minnie: "even the up from the gravy song"
Me looking at Husband: "?????"
Husband: "Up From the GRAVE HE....arose"


At the parent meeting for track the Boys Head Coach was talking about how this is a Varsity sport, practice and meets are to be treated that way, doctor and dentist appointments need to be cleared with the coaches etc. etc.

Minnie came right up to Husband after and said... "Dad, I have a dentist appointment next week. Am I still going to be able to come to practice?"

Love her. :) she DOES have a dentist appointment...hee hee hee

Thursday, March 27, 2014

GA's Bridal Shower

On Sunday afternoon ~ after the crazy of last weekend and then a morning spent reflecting on new LIFE... Minnie and I attended a bridal shower for GA... the circle just keeps going around doesn't it? Thank GOODNESS.
getting DRAGGED into the room full of women ready to love on her ;)

He dragged, dropped and RAN :) Smart man.

Sis-tah Sis-tah love

Seriously... where has time gone? Marriages, babies, (more on the way!!!) and another wedding...

and all kinds of FUN :)

Husband brought Miss B when she woke up...

and she LOVED being with the "big" girls... yes Minnie and C-Line ARE the same age... yes, C-Line IS scooching a bit but yes, my girl IS a giant :)

Future Wedding Party ~ May 10th!

This girl... I tell yah. She just has a special spot in my heart and she always will...

Speaking of special :) how sweet is she? :)