Thursday, February 27, 2014

Why WOULDN'T you??

Go get ice cream at the local establishment when it is $1.99???

Honestly.. .the reasons I get UP every morning... ack... I LOVE them!

Couldn't do this life without MIL and my CountryMum....good thing I have SUPPORT!

speaking of support... could this girl LOVE her Dad ANYMORE? :) I didn't think so either :)
a random Wednesday night getting ice cream after dinner with MIL... livin' the dream... livin' the dream :)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The "over"

It SHOULD be called a "sleep" OVER but when they don't SLEEP...

Packin' away the "Breakfast for Supper" and ESPECIALLY the leftover fruit from Grammie R and Nana....

How HAPPY was HE!?!?!?

A fork full of blueberries and this guy is happy :) Someone make notes for his future wife :)

Movie time after all kinds of bball, toy playing, wrestling, 3 lbs of bacon cooking and hanging out :)

Air Buddies and clearly my gals are the "blogger" daughters... one is smiling and the other is obviously saying "CHEESE" :)

Now.. onto the "sleep"...everyone WENT to sleep VERY quickly around 8PM... Husband and I anticipated a few minutes of chit chat but there was NOTHING... Until....

1AM...when apparently someone (hO-HAN) was thirsty... .and then 2:50 when someones (CJ and Minnie) were trying to get them all BACK to sleep... and then...6:30 when SOMEONE decided HER alarm clock went off so EVERYBODY UP!
PHEW! :) FUN WITH COUSINS :) no one was any worse for the wear and they all had such a blast... when can we do it again?? :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Ready to POP!!

This past Saturday, all the best laid plans, came to fruition :)
My friend Jess and I hosted a baby shower for FOUR PG girls at ONE TIME and included a gender reveal! All Jess's idea. ;) I thought maybe it was crazy but with her ideas, a whole lotta delegating, and a bunch of help from friends and family... it went FAMOUSLY :)
Party planners at church by 8AM, unshowered and ready to set up :)

The view before we left to get ready...

And then... PARTY TIME! It was inclusive of families... husbands too of course :) and with our theme we went with all food items that you could "POP" in your mouth...

This cake...made by "Yiz's" Mom of COURSE, AMAZING. Unfortunately for me and everyone else who missed out on some... we didn't cut it :( something ALWAYS goes "wrong" during an event but I was so sad it was this :( Course the PG girls each got to take a big chunk home but man... I'm still dreaming about the little bit I got before the stand was washed :) YUMMM!!!

We really envisioned an event where people could just visit and enjoy one another's company. We've ALL been cooped up for WAY too long this winter with snow storms, sick kiddos and cold weather. The day was GORGEOUS, we had high temps around 48 degrees and for Northern New Englanders... it was a regular HEAT WAVE :)

Some of my sweet behind the scenes help :) Jess and I could NOT have pulled this off without the help of Moms, friends and family. Thank you ALL!


and the big reveal! :)

Green = BOY

My favorite part of gender reveal videos is the reaction from the crowd. It NEVER matters what "POPS" out of the box... the reaction is always the same :) I love it!

Jess wanted to do some games for the crowd :) So as soon as the Dad's came into the party we had them "fitted" with an Ergo baby carrier and 15lbs of flour to carry around. About an hour later we had them try to get dressed...

They were SUCH good sports! :)

and then we had them change a diaper... because this is baby #3 for 3 of these Dads and #4 for another one. Still have diapers at home to change while PG :)

and it isn't always "pretty" :)

The BLESSED girls...

and then...

my crew showed up :) My gals had to snag a nap because of some fun we'd had the night before this party (more on that in another blog post)
Speaking of another blog post, if you click HERE, you will see that Minnie wore this same dress when she found out that SHE was getting a baby SISTER :)

Sweet friends :)

Maybe the best picture of the whole event :) Please note that Dad has obviously taken some tips from watching Mom carrying this baby around :) So fun!

Doesn't everyone end up congregated around the food table? :)

I love it!
It was a GREAT time honor GORGEOUS Momma's and getting excited about spring and ALL we have to look forward to :) I can't WAIT to snuggle these little ones and then hand them right back over to their Mom's at feeding time and sleeping time :)

I love yah girls!

*Video courtesy of BIL L