Monday, December 31, 2007

More from Taylor Family Christmas

*if you are in any of these pics or own any of the children in the pics and want them removed, just let me know.

And now that I'm so good at it...

From the wedding... L&L (he was the photogropher for the wedding)

*if you are in any of the pics and want them removed just let me know.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dial UP.... work with me ladies...

Yes, we have dial-up... I KNOW!!! WHO HAS DIAL-UP anymore!?!? :) We do. We are rarely, if ever, on the PC at home other than to check our secondary email accounts... however since the digital camera Christmas we are in the talks phase of doing something else. It is getting VERY annoying to try sending Tracy emails for over 15 min. with pics attached that NEVER go through... and just for the record... SOMEONE hasn't blogged since 12/21....I won't mention any names.... though you may be able to access the blog from the LINK ABOVE!!!! :) :)

We shall see how long it takes to upload the pics from the weekend to this post...I am sensing they may need to be burned to CD and uploaded at work (shocker I know!!)

Friday night was this...*edited to add pics ~

Talking to Brando on the phone....

Dinner and a movie....

Saturday was a chaotic day but a GREAT DAY!!! We attended the wedding of a girl that Husband coached in track and their family have become dear friends to us.

We are especially close to the two younger sisters of the girl that was wed. Are they not GORGEOUS!?

*Picture courtesy of L.R. Photography

Home quickly to change, throw together Curly Noodle casserole and back out the door to carpool with Jay, Jen and CJ to Taylor Family Christmas...

back out the door from TFC and to the meeting place of L&L's where Rebound and the car were... to watch the sweet 16 of the Pat's beating NY!! :) Well, ok we only stayed until 1/2 time so I could get home to bed... )Husband told me when he came to bed that they won!!) come ON you SAW how busy the day was!!! :)

Today was church (no SS today, starts again next week) and I have to be back there for a multi-church Singspiration ~ I need to se up for the coffee and desserts fellowship to follow the service.
Posting this now but have high hopes of adding some pics perhaps tomorrow?

*if you are in or own anyone in any of the above pics and want them removed just let me know

Friday, December 28, 2007


It's a do-over blog within an original blog. I have not been very good at this and I think it is because I wanted it all to be more profound than I actually am :) So now, it will begin the on-line not so juicy diary of my, I got a digital camera* for Christmas so that will help. I like to read blogs where people have pictures so I can only assume the same for the two friends of mine that will be reading. (Hi Tracy and Laurie! :))

Absolutely NOTHING too exciting but my life none the less and 99.99% of the time... I LOVE my life :) so allow me to introduce some of the "characters".... Introducing.... Husband... he is of course the most imPORTANT "character" in my life :)

Husband and I met... well, let's see.. we have known each other almost our entire lives.. we have gone to church together (and continue to go to the same church) forEVER. He is 8 years older than me and I love it. We went on our first "official date" the day before Thanksgiving, 2000, got engaged 4/2001 and married 8/25/2001. Yes quick. I believe it was the monumental day when we were driving through the Sebago Lakes region when he looked over at me and said in a VERY matter of fact voice "I'm not going to date you forever you know." Apparantly not, 6 months later. :) He is my rock, my world, my comforter, my provider, my blessing.

We moved into our home that we built 2/2/2002....

We got the best thing we've ever loved together on 3/3/2003....

He is a 7th grade teacher, no I'm NOT sure how he does it. WOW!!! But there are the playful jokes about how he never works that he accepts with the "you could have been a teacher" comment back to whomever is making it...

I work in Investments. Mutual Funds, 401K, Retirement Plans. Wake up. I know you instantly fell asleep. But I love the people I work with... one of them I HAVE to. (He's my brother in the Sytems dept :) and I like the work that I do ~ supporting two CFP's (google it if you don't know what that is and count it as the one thing you have learned today)

I have afore mentioned Brother ~ J, married to Jen, and together they have given me CJ the latest addition to my neices and nephews collection... he was born on 12/12/2007

Husband has two sisters...Older sister Bets who has the gammet of kidlets from Brando the 19 year old son in college playing bball there down to the 5 year old princess Chlobelle of the family and a 12 year old (I'm actually thinking she might be 11...?) Middle Schooler Breezy and an 8 year old hockey star lover Cabub

Then there is the little sister ~ L married to L (more often than not will be refered to as L&L because their names are SO close in pronunciation) who boast Daws and Sky, 9 and 6 respectively.

We are both blessed to have our parents married for more than 70 years combined. Add my grandparents and we are up over 120 years!!!! (pic below are my parents)

So there we go. Caught up to date? Kinda. Perhaps more will come out as I go... maybe not. Post a question if you have one... here we go... I'll try to be better.

*More pics will /could be added at some point this weekend...