Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I am working on a special potion that keeps kids young forever... in my basement. And for those of you that REALLY know me, that part... the basement part threw you because you KNOW I don't hang out in my basement.
But... if I WAS to hang out in my basement, I WOULD come up with a special potion to keep the kiddies small....
I remember when her Mama called to tell me she was having a GIRL and "what am I going to do with a GIRL!?!?!" :) And I wished and prayed for this little one to be a complete 180 degrees different from her older brother :)
God says yes sometimes. Your welcome L&L :) hee hee hee

Happy Birthday Sky... NO.. I love YOU more...

We're OUTTA here...

Laura Jane and I got together last night with the intention of running a few errands downtown and grabbing a coffee... until we saw this HUGE cruise ship and decided to throw caution to the wind and LEAVE IT ALL BEHIND.... can't you see it behind us?? The huge ship? No? Well, I guess that's because Billy Ray Cyrus (obviously we are not using his REAL name to protect him) missed the part where we wanted to be cheesy and touristy and have our picture taken WITH THE CRUISE SHIP BEHIND US....Course we didn't realize it until we GOT on the ship and you know at that point its too late to have your picture taken with a SHIP BEHIND YOU.....
ah well... who are we kidding... you know we only sprung for coffee... vs. the $6000 trip outta town... but it was fun to pretend for a little while and we sure got a good giggle about the NO CRUISE SHIP BEHIND US pic....
Hope you did too :)

Have I mentioned how much I love my BFF!?!?!? :) I sure DO!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Saturday...into Sunday

Saturday we braved the weather and STILL headed to the fair... little earlier than we anticipated but it worked out just fine....I told Husband that morning I was disappointed we would not have any kids with us (Since CJ and GA were supposed to come with us if we had gone later in the day) but clearly we were all set with these three kook-pots in our backseat! :) It is always fun to have the girls... you learn things like... Chloe-Belle is convinced her mother is 29 (which I'm convinced makes her the favorite child :) and if you don't believe her... just ask MIL. Apparantly she'll tell yah!? :) Brando...we missed you extra during this pic...:) Not sure where you would have fit but we would have worked it out :) Oh yes they ARE.... and Brando... don't worry, we got one of these for you. So you are not feeling left out too bad :)Doing what we do BEST at fairs....two sisters eating warm homemade donuts....
I like to call this one... two little mooches :) Hee hee hee....MIL was convinced that he was putting vinegar on his fries to keep these two at bay...might have worked with the boys but not with the girls... they just packed away even more :) apparantly they are vinegar fans. :) And we did miss GA but it kinda felt like she was there in spirit :)
The ride home was surprisingly (insert sarcasm) more quiet.
Got home on Saturday in time to meet up with J to take CJ for the night. May I recommend....if you have a 9 month old-ish, get yourself one of these... A GA makes things SO much easier. :)

Clearly he's smitten :) Hysterical that the kid was fussing and grouchy until I haul out the camera... and he strikes a POSE! :)

And lest you think it was all fun and games...note baby crawling across the kitchen floor headed for the dog food... why is it that kids ALL go for the dog food... ick. Husband and I are BIG MEANIES and don't ALLOW small children (under 6 years old :) to EAT dog food... If you look closely you can tell he is NOT happy with this decision...Just keepin' it real. :) Sorry Muffin... I just love you too much to let you eat nastiness :)I'm convinced it was a Mom of a baby who was up all night that invented coffee... God Bless Her. :)
Why is it we don't seem to manage as well as he does? Doesn't phase HIM that he was up from 12:15 AM ~ 2:30 AM ~ He still wakes up bright eyed and bushy tailed! :) I just hope he stayed that way for his Mama...today eeekkkk

It's a good thing he's WICKED cute! :)Yep, totally skipped church and came home to TAKE A NAP. Shout out to all you Mama's... you are all ROCK stars... all of you. :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Friday... the start of an OUTSTANDING weekend!

Went to see this.... With Glory and Hubby, Mama and Papa H, and the "Sunshine" couple... (appropriate nickname Mama H :) There was a "girl car" and a "boy car" :)
Headed to ColdStone after for a tasty FREE (thanks to Mama H) treat...and got a kid named CJ to take our picture! :) Fun!!
Then there was an "incident"...where you can clearly see Mama H's sleeve running from...WHAT!?!??! :) (teasing! completely unrelated! :)
And when we FINALLY arrived home after a wet, and crazy weather ride home.... look what the boys surprised us with!?!? Oh we are BLESSED women!!
Excellent movie, FANTASTIC company and a wonderful date night all around!!! Thanks everyone!! :)

P.S. GO see the movie. SOOOOO fantastic! :)

Go check the girl's blogs for more pics and fun! :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Dreaming of a new duvet...


*picture from PotteryBarn.com

I have nothing news worthy...

but look who made it onto ANOTHER blog! :)

Click Here

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Think about it...

This is going on my car... toss it around in your brain for a little bit. Then, if you are so led... go order one for your vehicle... oh yah... and did I mention... they are free??

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Go. Read. Now.

I will let you borrow my copy... but please. Read it.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm going to EMBRACE this...

ABC's National Stay at Home Week

Really, I only care about Grey's starting THIS THURSDAY!!!!!! BUT...what a novel idea... STAYING HOME!!! :) I'm ALL over this!!! :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Friday night and Saturday at least...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when we are all at, FND @ MIL's as I abbreviate it to my girlfriends... for the rest of you... that's Friday Night Dinner at Mother in Law's aka Mama. Hail Hail the gang was ALL here.... even if Brando DID skip class to be there... lucky us! :)
You'll notice SIL L is "special"... it's a good thing we love her that way :) :)
And "special" breeds... we are not REAL sure....:) my favorite part is that he doesn't see ANYTHING thing wrong with this.... clearly the kid in the background has it going on and HE knows how very very wrong this is... :) Good thing we LOVE this guy too :)
In all seriousness... we are very concerned about his self-esteem... I think we really need to work on building him up... :)
Why is she using the same face her Mama used LAST Friday night on GA? :)
Speaking of GA....hey... there she is! :) She RAN... (I know!? We didn't think throwers knew HOW to run... :) a 5K, dribbling a basketball the entire way.... GO GA! :) Love any time I get to spend with yah!!! :)

After the road race which Husband and I helped with, we headed up to a lake for a party for a couple of his co-workers... note there are no pictures of this gorgeous home on the lake. I'm afraid I'd have to work on not "coveting" what your neighbors have. Wow.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Friday, How I spent my lunch....

not a bad way to enjoy an hour on a gorgeous fall afternoon....my view....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm PMSing!!!!!!

This man is SO good to me... :) T ~ are you a little jealous that you don't eat refined sugar or dairy anymore!? :) tee hee hee And can someone else please tell me HOW he is maintaining his TAN so well, while I am clearly back to my regularly scheduled WINTER skin.... ??? :)