Wednesday, September 26, 2007

And another THING!

I said in my last post... there were two things... here's the other...

Road Rage ~ how do YOU feel about it... how do YOU deal with it?

I don't like to merge. I'll tell yah that RIGHT now. I like to be in the lane that is going straight so that I don't have to bend or compromise or wriggle my way into a line of traffic that really doesn't want me there... I want to BE that person IN the line of traffic.

Yesterday on the way home from the Dr's I was in that straight lane. I know the drill in this particular area. I know the lane next to me is going to end. I am happy in my straight lane. I see a minivan behind me with no one behind her so I think to myself... phew. I'm good. No need to merge, compromise or move out of my nice straight lane. Apparently "minivan broad" had other ideas... she put the pedal to the metal and the next thing I knew she was pushing me into the center line and we had run out of two lanes... I was literally being "pushed" over into on coming 5 o'clock traffic on the most dangerous road in my state. I had to give. My life was flashing before my eyes. She wedged herself in front of me, I glance in my rear view mirror and sure enough there is NO ONE behind me and a line of cars in front of us. She almost killed us!!! For no reason. Its not like she could move FURTHER up the line of traffic. So, I did as anyone in a road rage situation would (should) do... I laid on the horn. For about a 1/2 -3/4 of a mile I just laid on the horn. It was at that point I saw heads bobbing and weaving about in the back of the minivan. HER CHILDREN WERE IN THERE. SHE RISKED LIFE AND LIMB FOR NO REASON and LIFE AND LIMB of those that had no other option but hang on for the ride.


I had a friend once who said... do you want to get there fast or alive?

Uh....ALIVE please!!!!

Looking like your spouse...

Have you ever seen those pictures of people with their pets and the captions that ask you if they look alike and sure enough they DO... someone that owns a poodle and has crazy curly hair themselves... or a little bichon and a cute little "seasoned" lady with the same poofy white hair? On a similar note... how about the pics where the spouses start looking alike? Whether its their dress, or their hairstyle, or body shape? They start truly becoming "one". I had a couple of experiences yesterday that started me thinking on this particular subject...

Husband does NOT like computers. Has NO interest in all they are capable of or in using them just for the simplicity of email. He especially gets worked up over the lack of personal touch. For example, if someone sends him an email and its something that should be handled over the phone or in person he gets a bit wound up... With this particular issue I more often than not, nod my head and smile and agree with him on how there are situations that should be handled not on the email but I am a computer girl... I like them, they interest me, I am proud that I can find you just about anything you need from that great web-site that begins with a "G" and ends with an "oogle"... HOWEVER... here's where it is... I went to the Dr's yesterday and left there thinking about how much I LOVE, respect and AGREE with Husband.

Back-up... this is a new Dr's office to me. I have only been there once...thus yesterday it made my 2nd time ever....the nurse did all the nursey things... height/weight/BP... and I noticed she was entering everything into a laptop. She was not carrying my paper file, she was working the keys...hrrrmm..... when she left me to wait for the Dr. she took the laptop with her. Enter Dr. She had the? (or perhaps another?) laptop with her. She sat down and asked me how I was and how the summer was while opening the screen and clearly mousing around. There was no eye contact there was no warm and fuzzy (as my friend Rebecca likes to say). The appt was just a quick check-up so I was only in the office for about 10 -15 min. with the Dr. but during that short time I was mentioning a few things that happened over the summer that were LIFE ALTERING. She did not GLANCE UP from the laptop. At one point it apparently "died" she tried to continue on with the conversation while clearly being distracted by the fact that her PC was not working. At the end of the appt she wrapped things up and out the door she went with laptop under her arm.

Now...I get it. I understand this is the direction in which the world, the times, are headed. In fact I told Husband when I got home that if I happened to need the ER that night they would be able to do a quick search in the computer system, see that I had been to the Dr's that afternoon, see the BP as of 4:30 and know what I weighed in at 'round that time. HOWEVER, (here's where I tied it all together with Husband who believes in a simpler time) you are my Dr. You are my primary care physician and while I understand the convenience of the PC, you forgot to look me in the eye and remember that you are dealing with a human being who had some LIFE ALTERING events happen to her this summer and she could have used a little "warm and fuzzy". Amen Husband. Amen.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tagged? Who knew such a thing existed after 3rd grade....

When the boys on the play ground got you and you were SUPPOSED to kiss them... BLECK. Boys are gross... well... they were back then. I'm kinda partial to the one I live with now :) Anyway... back to this "tagging" business.... Good idea T... tag Julia so she blogs!! :)

Juice... I never drink it... I don't drink anything that I have to take insulin for.. seems a waste of good insulin that could have been used to let chocolate melt in my mouth
Uh...seriously...does ANYONE know a word that applies to my life that starts with U?
I LOVE love... no really... I love love stories, I love things in the Bible that relate to love, I love weddings, I LOVE LOVE
I wish I had a better imagination. Sometimes I see my friend Rebecca playing with her son and/or other kidlets in the area and the games she comes up with makes me wish I could be more imaginative...
Apples: I'm allergic... unless they are cooked. That stupid chemical that is in the skin of harder type fruits, peaches, necterines, cherries, etc. makes my mouth all itchy. Its a shame really because I do love fruit (just not the juice... see "J")

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just for TMA...

Obviously... I'm WICKED bad at this whole keeping up with blogging thing. I'd like to be better... but I find myself not having ANY idea what to say or taking the time to do it... So here is something random... a little shout out to M2 WHO IS ROCKIN' on the potty training this week!!!! Keep up the good work girlfriend!!! Way to be a big girl!!!

The other request was perhaps a pic of MY baby....handsome isn't he??