Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Seriously SEVEN!?

I JUST CAN'T DO IT! SEVEN!?!?! My girl and I picked through the internet a few months ago and came up with a Nike themed birthday party... seemed like something this sporty family could pull off and I think we did :)

Bag courtesy of Daddy emptying out his track stuff.... goody bags courtesy of the Nike store in Freeport

"TiTi" at the 50 yard, mid-field, 1/2 court line with her "Go" sign :)

Spikes hanging from my chandelier courtesy of a past athlete of Husband's who won 3rd place in the hurdles in the state track meet... with the bag they are stored in... felt "turf" field and Nike swoosh courtesy of MIL

New and Old Friends playing outside games, soccer and a fire

Puppy snuggles...

and a rousing Happy Birthday singing...

Photo Courtesy J.Lane

Photo Courtesy J.Lane
SUCH a fun time celebrating Minnie surrounded by those that love her... we are blessed...
Just for kicks and giggles....


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Little Geeks

You know...the ones that dress alike...
and think "date nights" are days spent at Dr's offices... you know... we take what we can get...

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Minnie vs. Ho-Hahn

It was a battle of the cousins :) such a fun thing to watch Minnie and Logan play against each other... they were paired up man to man and you could definitely see the competitiveness they both have and the love and cousin bond that runs deep

again... didn't go quite how we had hoped...

but obviously doesn't matter to my girl :) she's just psyched to be with her cousin

Love them!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Bets ~ An Update

In her own words...
"So I need to start by thanking everyone for your prayers and positive thoughts. My mom, sister, sister in law and I met with my doctor today to review the results of my scans! I'm happy to report that my scans were good! My cancer spots continue to shrink! We are switching to chemo pills for a while. Dr Evans feels that we are doing well and can make this switch knowing that they will keep a close watch on things and can go back to regular chemo if needed. So pills twice a day for two weeks. The third week I go in for one drug through my port. It's only a half hour drip. I'm kind of excited! The side effects are a little different so we will see how this affects me. I will have more scans in 3 months hoping that everything is the same or better! I thank you and love you all for all of your support!"

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Holiday Fair 2016

I get by with a LOT of help from my neighbors friends... I was in charge of making about 200 finger roll sandwiches of egg and chicken for Minnie's school's annual holiday fair. This was the 23rd year of the fair and we broke all fundraising goals and made the most money for the students we ever have...
Could NOT have done it without these two helpers... this is what 8 dozen hard boiled eggs looks like...

sadly no pics of MIL and Aunt Nancy would helped me STUFF all the sandwiches, get them on trays and then back to school to sell the next day, and stay with a sleeping "baby" so I could GO to school... we made short work of it and had fun (as always)

(all pictures below courtesy of our fearless PTSA president)
The sweet man on the left is the 2nd shift janitor. He VOLUNTEERS his time this weekend every year and REFUSES to take any money or gift cards or ANYTHING. Says... "it's the only thing I do for the kids" He's just a PEACH... My guy worked Friday night, Saturday AM and Sunday PM... could not have done it without him for sure!

Happy it was such a success... just not sure I need to be a part of it next year... phew that was a lot of work :) Definitely fun once it was all said and done though :)

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Minnie's FIRST Basketball Game

During the Holiday Fair I had to escape so I didn't miss Minnie's VERY.FIRST. basketball game! To say she was excited would be an understatement! :) Course it helps when the opposing team has your buds from track season on it....I emailed this picture to their Mom and said "one to save for the Sr. slide show" :)

best fan club! :) Minnie *might* look up to this big girl... she picked her bball number "2" when Daddy's number "7" was WAY too big :)


the best basketball coach she'll never officially have... :)

meanwhile over her shoulder during 1/2 time...

Zoo Crew

The game didn't end the way we had hoped but it was SUCH a fun time... Minnie scored twice and stole the ball 3 times... she even had a couple of assists which as BIL pointed out "has never happened with that last name" :) hee hee hee

Saturday, November 12, 2016


One Saturday afternoon in November...Husband used MY grandfather's gun...and took down this big guy in our backyard...

love him teaching the "baby" redneck ;)

I LOVE her smile in this picture...

Still waiting on the "official" stats... 131 LBS 6 POINTS 60 LBS OF MEAT

She could not BE more proud...

she's still a bit unsure...

but agreed to at least turn around and face the camera for a photo... she's pretty proud of her Daddy!!!
PHEW... well THAT was exciting!
Neighbor help...

Proud guy!