Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Matchy Matchy

*Special THANK YOU to MIL for making the skirt on Minnie and the "tunic" for Miss B :) giggle giggle*

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


These girls LOVE to play together! It has been SO neat to watch their relationship GROW literally as they grow :) 
Poor little Dani girl on the right... :)

Last week we had TWO days that we got to hang with the Pheeb-ster! On Thursday the girls made rainbow cupcakes together and that was a HUGE hit! :) 

This picture KILLS me! They honestly just want to eat their treats and be done with the lady pointing the camera in their faces :) Hee hee hee! Such good sports!

 Speaking of SPORTS! :) On Friday night we took the big truck so we could fit an extra car seat. Picked up the Pheeb-a-miester and brought her to her VERY 1ST basketball game! :) She had a BLAST! :) (and so did WE! :)

Picnic in the bleachers for dinner!!!! I do love sweet "Yiz" and how she packs her girl PB&J on whole grain nutty bread with veggies on the side and little boxes of raisins... while my girl hauls out her hot dog with Doritos! :) (it was a nitrate/nitrite FREE hot dog :)

Titi helpin' with a potty break... It was too funny that they were BOTH dressed in grey tops and jeans. I don't know how many people said "wow they look SO much alike!" and Minnie even got mistaken for the Pheebster with one lady :) 

I HAD to capture this....who knows... maybe in 13ish years I'll still be blogging and I'll get these gals on these bleachers wearing jerseys of their own...who knows? :)

By FAR Pheebs fav. part. Her Mama packed her some $ to get some popcorn and she LOVED IT! :) Husband kept asking her if she was done and she'd shake her head NO... Finally after 3/4 of the bag I said "take 5 more pieces" and you can take the rest home... this is what she came out with... double fisted :)

All in all a FAN-TAS-TIC time and we had SO much fun spending the night with Pheebs! :) 
Thanks "D" Family for sharing your girl with us! :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

HIS girls...

At dinner on Monday night Miss B was a bit grouchy so Husband scooped her up... this of course led Minnie to climb up into her Daddy's lap and it was at that moment that I looked over and noticed my GIRLS and their "OUTFITS"... 

more often than not I do the clothes picking out in this house... on this particular day Minnie had picked out her clothes... I started laughing and said to Husband....

"You have TWO girls... one is dressed in an AC/DC t-shirt, one is wearing a shirt that says "Gut Deer""....

children ARE a product of their environment...are they not? :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Weekend Report

We LOVE long weekends... Minnie LOVES IT when Daddy is "on vacation"... Saturday she headed off ice fishing with Husband and two of his friends. I asked Husband after "do you think she minded that they didn't bring their boys with them for her to play with?" He said... "I don't even think she noticed" :) 
Daddy's friends = Minnie's friends :) 

On Saturday night I whipped up chocolate chocolate chunk cookies in anticipation of my cousin who was coming down from the northern seaside city he lives in. I LOVE spoiling him with chocolate because I'm not sure there is anyone in my family who loves it quite like he does :) 

As soon as he arrived we were headed out the door to church and for the first time I think EVER... he hopped in and came with us. By FAR my favorite part of the weekend. 

After church we'd planned to have the fam. over for sandwiches and a visit... and this is what ensued in the den...Wrestle Mania...

The 'ol tag team 'il gett 'em every time! :)

Ah... quiet time... with 4 under 5 years old that doesn't happen often or long :)

On Monday AM we woke up and spent much of the first part of the day in comfy clothes hanging around the kitchen table. Husband and Cousin Tod put their seed orders together and we all had a FANTASTIC visit. 

We LOVE it when "Toddy-Hot" comes to visit and I'm already looking forward to going to see HIM this summer and taking the gals to the beach... 

Sunday, January 20, 2013


what an AMAZING Husband I have to make my wildest dreams come TRUE...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sweet Moments....

On Tuesday we packed up dinner and headed over to Auntie Joyce and Uncle Ralph's to eat with them....what a "fun"? time :) well, at least it was for US and I think for them as well... minus the part where Husband had to leave dinner to deal with Miss B and her dipe issues... is that a nice way to put it? I'm outta material :) 

and the part where Auntie Joyce had just gotten dessert out of the fridge and my "big" girl was trying to help close the microwave door and an entire Pyrex of RED jello landed UPSIDE DOWN shattering glass and splattering red jello everywhere... 

Now who's up for us coming to visit them next? :) 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Semi-Wordless Wednesday: TODAY

To make the Husband smile....

To make Minnie smile ~ A "trick up my sleeve" from the "prize closet". She LOVES "tricks up my sweeve"

She's under there...sleeping....

and on the other side of the room, so's the SAME.TIME.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

She's a Work-ah

I tell yah she comes out with this stuff on her own :)

and I'm just hoping it sticks WITH through the teen years :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

You know the 'ol adage..

"My Mother in Law is better than YOUR Mother in Law?"

No? Well... SHE IS! :) 
Minnie's quilt is on the left and Miss B's NEW quilt on the right

She REALLY really struggles with things not lining up, not matching (much) and just being all chaos...

BUT...she loves ME and my GIRLS so much... she just does it :)

and isn't it the MOST GORGEOUS thing EVER!?!?!?

Fast forward 3 years or so (not really but just for a second) and I look forward to two twin beds (or bunks) with solid comforters and coordinating quilts on top... oooo I LOVE HAVING GIRLS!!!!!!!!

I think someone ELSE is a big fan... :)


Sunday, January 13, 2013


of the MANY things I LOVE about the DEN transformation :) 

Hangin' out....

Friday, January 11, 2013

Side By Side: SISTERS

Miss B: Five Months
Minnie: Five Months