Saturday, November 29, 2014

Food Pantry

A few of these pictures you have already seen but THIS event deserved its own post. Our preschool co-op collected canned goods for the local shelter/food pantry in our town. On Tuesday, I picked up Liz's minivan and her kiddos and we went to meet up with our crew to drop our things off...

I organized the trip through a friend of mine from high school (and one of Husband's all time fav. athletes that he has coached :) Her Dad started the Thanksgiving baskets in their home when she was a little girl, giving out 200 baskets to needy families in our area...

the food pantry now gives out about 2000 baskets... that brought a tear to my eye... and she has a hand in that even now...

she did SUCH a great job explaining to the kiddos why they collected the cans, and what they were going to do with them...

and then she let the KIDS sort their OWN cans. What a thrill for them!!

the pictures are blurry because they were moving so fast and working so hard :)

SO thankful to this girl for welcoming us in during their VERY busy time

and making us all feel so special and like we really did help....

It felt SO great to give BACK during this season and to feel like we were making a difference. Thanks MGG for saying YES!

Catching UP

A plow, PJ and pizza PARTY!!!

Husband made the rounds the day before we were to get 10-12" of our first snow... putting his plow on, CountryDad's and then onto the W house to give Papa Joe a hand :) We gals had a blast!! You don't have to tell us twice if there is pizza and pjs involved!

Husband wore this shirt on purpose... Joe gave it to him for Christmas... Joe... didn't KNOW that Husband wore the shirt but they are the BEST sports for posing for a "few" pictures! Good guys right here... good guys :) 

An opportunity that I had my camera at the lib. We do yoga once a month and my girls LOVE it... I NEVER have my camera in the lib but I happened to on Tuesday and caught these moments....

Miss B here in the front on the green mat doing her signature pose :)

Minnie and Pheebs

Singing a song about fish brushing their teeth :)

and fish riding a bike...

which really IS hysterical if you think about it :)

and the part that amazes everyone... the quiet time when the kids all lay there listening to "you are my sunshine" and are quiet :)

Post yoga, sweet Jess was nice enough to share her baby... and once you open that door...

everyone gets a turn :)

I love him.

and then he made her smile :)

the day before Thanksgiving... and here was the snow....

they were PSYCHED

Friday, November 28, 2014

Minnie Turns FIVE!!!!

Sweet Minnie, I feel like five is SO SO SO old... I've tried and tried and tried but there is just NO stopping this whole getting bigger/growing up thing...
4th Birthday (and also Thanksgiving 2013)
I am trying to see the positives :) and making EVERY moment count... soaking you up... like the part where we get more 1x1 time to hang out in the afternoons because you are not napping everyday. You still have some quiet time in the den reading books or playing quietly but then after an hour I LOVE snuggling with you in my bed watching Hallmark Christmas movies (OUR FAVORITE ;) or your favorite 19 Kids and Counting. ;) You are still my VERY VERY social butterfly and you love to have some place to go, someone to see or have someone to host someone in our home. You truly have grasped "the more the merrier" and that makes Daddy and I happy.
roughly 4 1/2
You LOVE anything to do with outside play, going for walks, riding your bike in the neighbors driveway, playing on the swing set, playing in the SNOW!, ice fishing, going with Daddy to get wood (because it means you get to ride in the truck in MY seat :), sledding and anything else that means you get to be outdoors. If..... Mom is with you. The mood has to strike you just right to go out on your own accord or be convinced to go post-afternoon-rest... because you'd rather... play dress up in the den, cook with Mom, annoy play with your little sister, color, draw, and write your name.

It's a toss up... but I'm not sure if you like Tuesdays the best when we go to pray at church and follow it up with the library, or Fridays best because we have pre-school co-op in our home with your friends, or Sundays best when you get to go to Sunday School with sweet K and praise and worship the Lord. I'm so happy and overwhelmed that these are the days of YOUR life. You are blessed my little one...

I love seeing your personality flourish, even when I can see lots of myself in you and the things that are "challenging" shall we say? :)
I only want what is best for you my girl and I pray everyday that I can guide you in the way of the Lord... You are FANTASTIC at memorizing Bible verses. You are SUCH the perfect firstborn and I want to help mold that into you doing great things for the kingdom of God!
Some randoms... you love pizza, Hannaford Mac 'n Cheese, cucumbers, any sort of fresh berry, homemade bread but biscuits are your favorite, yogurt, vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, plain pasta with butter and chop suey. You are wearing size 6 pants and shirts and size 13/1 shoes. Your winter boots are big but they are a size 2. :) Yipes! Everyone who sees you says "she's SO TALL!" or... if they know your family... "she looks like SKYLAR" :) You are now at the point where you sort of come to expect it and you just smile and nod your head :)
two days before turning FIVE!
So never forget that we love you. Sometimes Mom can't even form a sentence that properly represents my love for you, so I just keep on rambling in a meager attempt to capture my feelings about my daughter. The bottom line is this: God knew exactly what he was doing when he placed you in our lives, and we are so honored to be your parents.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Good Sport

You KNOW you are a good sport when you ask a four year old what color your cast should be...
and then you ACTUALLY PICK that color! :)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Movie Thee-aye-tah

Or at least that is how my kids pronounce it :)
Sunday, Minnie had to stay home from church missing her FAVORITE Sunday School teacher. So I told her I would check with K to see if she was available this week to spend some 1x1 time with Minnie. We worked it out so that she came to the free Mommy & Me movie with us.
We watched Beauty and the Beast and my little beast (ahem) even made it through the WHOLE thing. Couldn't believe she didn't fall asleep but it helps that she had a friend to enjoy the show with too...

so did I :) sweet Nellie B fell asleep in my arms....

and I can't say that I minded :)
A great time out with a great group of gals! :) Makin' everyday count!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pheebs turns "5" (today actually :)

It was a SHARK ATTACK party and SO much fun! :)
such SWEET details and all coming from the birthday girl herself! :)

How is she FIVE?

So much fun when your greatest friends are at the same pah-ty! :)

the NEXT two birthday girls... they share a day :)

does this make it official? once you blow out the candles? Feels like it ;)

sweetness and a clone of her Mama all wrapped into this little jewel

only CERTAIN men can be Dads to ONLY girls :) these two do it WELL!

Speaking of sweet girls... :)
So blessed to be a part of this little girl's life. We love her SO much and enjoy her SO SO SO much! Happy Five Pheebs!