Thursday, December 16, 2010

A little "break"

PC is dead. I mean... officially... dead. JJ said so... it's true when he says it... just not worth it to fix the 10 year old computer...

I have some access when Husband brings home the school issued laptop but what fun is THAT with no pics of Minnie... ok, maybe I'm the only one obsessed with her pics :)

but for now... little break... mini... well... maybe longer than that...

thanks to the loyal readers... I'll let you know if things change... until then... Merry Christmas... go snuggle up under the Christmas lights of the tree with your fam.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thought for the Moment...

Taken from Angie Smith's blog (on my right sidebar)

Do you have friends like this?

"...walked out of there so grateful for a group of women who had all gathered together to meet with the same God."

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wednesday: A Playdate full of ONE YEAR OLDS!!!!

On Wednesday this week, Minnie and I went over to her friend Pheeb's house to celebrate being ONE with the rest of her peeps! She wore a VERY special outfit for the occasion :) So did DANI! :)
Dani couldn't BELIEVE it when Minnie told her that Aunnie Becker had made HER tu-tu TOO!!! What ARE the CHANCES!?!? :)
Sweet sweet girls... I'm sorry there are so many of these but... eh...who am I kidding. NO I'm not. It's my blog. I LOVE these girls :)
and I couldn't pick just one... or FOUR.

The four birthday girls... Miss October, Miss December, Miss Late November and Miss Mid-November

After the photo shoot we took the girls into the kitchen and let them get down and dirty making salt dough... we let them first play with the salt, then the flour/salt mix, then added the water to make the dough...Minnie is trying to dump her dry ingredients out onto the floor...
CONCENTRATING....this is SERIOUS work ~ HB and SIL L, please note the outfit. Please. :)
Miss October was NOT a fan of touching anything... :)
Pheebs has done this before... she was an ol' pro!

and you HAD to know it was coming right?? salt, flour, water... what's not to love... (BLECK!)
Contrary to what it LOOKS like, I'm actually trying to keep her feet OUT of it... she wanted to put them IN!
THANK YOU SO MUCH to our gracious hosts making the play date SO.MUCH.FUN!!! :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cooking with the REDHEADS!

My girls are fun but they are NOT fans of cooking :) so we got together in my kitchen so they could put together some yummy freezer meals for this winter... I have to say that LJC was a ROCK STAR with the pie crust... sorry again HB for not paying more attention to you :) whoopsie :) We made twice baked potatoes, chicken pot pies, provolone stuffed meatballs and chicken enchiladas...
Well, I say "we"... but it was MOSTLY them :)
I was just there to BE THE BOSS!!! :) (hee hee hee)
They did a great job and they were SO proud of their work... thankfully LJC managed to MAKE A DECISION about the enchilada shells... we were a LITTLE worried :)
as mentioned... little trouble with SOMEONES pie crust... :) whoopsie
Doesn't it look SO appetizing ??
ah the infamous, let's make the girl who doesn't like to snuggle and hug UNCOMFORTABLE...
POST-Giggle and pretty sure there is something going on behind us that you can see... :)
I had an AMAZING day with my girls and I look forward to doing it again once they make room in their freezers by eating all that we/THEY made :)

Come warm yourselves by the fire...

everyone is doing it :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Annual Hunt for the Christmas Tree

This year was bittersweet...bitter because we were of course missing GA AND missing our 3/4 legged best friend and sweet because Minnie and I didn't get stuck in the truck this year AND we brought along J.T.'s family! It was the first time they had ever cut down their own tree and they loved it :) What's not to love?? :) J.T. and I considered doing a buy one get one deal...while the guys examined, walked, and tried to figure out the BEST tree for their girls!
of course we stole the R kids's tradition :)
and fun making new memories and traditions...
The T family deep in discussion about the "right" tree...
and "our kids" standing in front of our RIGHT tree :) Husband did a GREAT job picking this beauty out...

Minnie was a HUGE fan of 1) being outside and 2) being with her cousins ~ She had so much fun she didn't even TRY to take off her hat!! :) Miracle.
Meanwhile...:) hee hee hee
more on this Wednesday...what IS she so happy about?

uh..."WHAT just happened???"
ah....the "men" got the tree down!! :)
after we each picked our trees out we met back up for the traditional hot cider and candy canes...we threw the girls in for a cute LLBean shot...clearly they are impressed
Minnie: "hey, what's this in front of me?!??"
Minnie: "What's that? You can't move??" (insert evil laugh)

Dani: "I thought I'd be able to get you back...but I still CAN'T.MOVE. Mom!! Get me OUTTA HERE!!!"
AND to finish it off the traditional hot chocolate... and hey... another little friend. I planned ahead this year and asked Husband's BFF to meet us at our house to help Husband put the tree in the stand. I was getting sick of the "annual fight" and this worked out PERFECTLY :)