Thursday, October 31, 2013

In those moments...

when I know my mouth is moving and yet no one is listening... the little people think they are running the show and I'm ready to spin around with my crazy hair and crazy eyes... I catch THIS...

and remember... they are only children for SUCH a short time and I need to soak it up, laugh more and get more creative with the words that come out of my mouth...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Minnie....all dressed in wedding dress up gear... complete with a veil...

Me: "Minnie, the ONLY thing that Mommy and Daddy will say is that your future Husband has to love Jesus MORE than you... and he has to love YOU A WHOLE LOT... "

Minnie: pondering... "you mean like Daddy loves you Momma?"

Me: (tears) "yes Minnie"

Monday, October 28, 2013

Get outta "Dodge"...for free

Several weeks ago I was really feeling the discontent feeling you get when you LOVE the four walls your surrounded by but you need to escape...reality, fall projects, work, crazy that hits your life... I don't know whatever could make me feel like that...(click here) So I mentioned to Toddy-Hot about coming up and we settled on a weekend that would work for all... ahhhh....a quiet, coastal community where no one knows your name :)
He was generous enough to let us crash in his upstairs apartment before his new tenant moves in... today. :) Pretty much camping... indoors. :)

the girls took about 15 seconds to settle in and ON Toddy-Hot. I asked Minnie before we left to think about what toys she would like me to pack in her bag... she thought about it for a minute and said... "I'm just going to play with Tod." :) And she did.
Saturday morning we woke up to take a ride and get the ONLY thing on our list that we HAD to get... bread for CountryDad at his fav place up there... :) We bought all she had and he was pretty happy when we got home :) Love the sign UNDER her sign :) Even 3 hours north we are STILL Red Sox nation!

A trip into town wouldn't be complete for Minnie without a stop at her favorite park up there... and oh... the BASKET swing!

I could NOT.STOP.LAUGHING. It felt SO good. Sea air, a favorite cousin, and swinging or rather getting stuck on whatever contraption this is... good for my soul.

Who DOESN'T love guys that will take a trip down the slide? :)

Happy Baby! See the ocean behind her? Love.

I know I'm her Momma but I think she's STINKIN' ADORABLE!

Mayor and Mini-Mayor makin' friends everywhere they go

after quick (ack) naps we piled back into Toddy-Hot's truck to "steal" some root veggies from his garden. (Rednecks anyone?) :)

Parsnips and little red potatoes here we come!

Not psyched to be awake (woke up screaming after less than an hour nap) and still sort of numbing it since Daddy just piled on the layers and plopped her in the grass to watch

Bucket 'o YUM!

There...that's better :)

The highlight of the weekend? Getting to read my Martha magazine next to a cozy fire smelling beach roses in a Mason jar that must have missed the memo that it is the end of October and they are supposed to have gone by.
On Sunday AM we woke up, packed up and then took a family walk down to the water... Minnie, Miss B and T checkin' out the neighbor's cat

Miss B is a big fan of not only the cat but snugglin' in the pack :)

ah... 7 minute walk and this is the view...

Scrubby, 3 out of 4 of us are unclean, all in sweats or some sort of camo gear and HAPPY.

A great get-a-way thanks to cousins who live at the beach and are willing to host the Mouse House Clan and all that entails :)
We stopped in Fport on the way home and we bumped into Pam... you know... PAM! What a special surprise and to have her meet my girls... I mean... REALLY meet them now that they are bigger and the one she "caught" can hold a conversation. What a perfect end to a great weekend as I head into thinking about how my "little" GIRL is going to be FOUR... Phew. Amazing and emotional.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fun with "Caffy-Dan's" Phone

still... NO idea why Minnie calls her that but it's cute and we stick with it :)

On Wednesday the girls and I met up with Cathy at our normal Park 'n Ride and headed up to the big city to hit up TJ's and the new... drum roll please... PIER ONE!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!!

They had some fun with Cathy's phone... that is FOR SURE!

Yet another wonderful fall day enjoying the outdoors, the sunshine and friends...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The "old lady" of the group :)

Sweet Lil' knows how to KICK off the birthday and holiday season! She is the "first" of the little girls to turn 4 and she did it WELL! Now... if only I can STOP TIME. (well, except the part where I really am DONE with 3... ;)

Her party was in the "big city" where you got to MAKE a teddy bear!!! How fun is THAT!!!
Taking it all in...

and making silly animal noises per the employees request :)

this picture is for TiTi... look at her foot. Oh yeah, see how far she's come in 15ish months!! :) her LAST visit to this store she made a bear for her soon to arrive baby sister and would NOT push the peddle because it was too LOUD... Embraced it this time! :)

she LOVED her party! We ALL did!

From bear building to horse riding... 

or rather... seat spinning :)


Thanks for starting the party season off well sweet Lil! You are the best! Happy Birthday!