Friday, January 30, 2009

Date night...

We went to the movies to see the new Mall C0p movie...clearly we are in need of some serious laughter in this house :) and it didn't disappoint. However, this was the scene when we first arrived at the movie theater... I know it's hard to see but the crane in the front, the no lights on the building, and the scafolding (sp??) everywhere made me a little nervous...But we made it inside :) And splurged on popcorn... and I mean SPLURGED....had I told Husband of the surprise with some notice we would have packed our own... I like his better anyway :) but it was a fun treat!Thanks baby. I love you. and thanks for loving ME all.the.time. :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009


An article from the local paper...not too shabby GA, not too shabby. :)

(obviously I took the liberty to change things as to not give away too many specifics...)

She's missing on the court, but never missing in spirit
GA had her senior girls' basketball season cut short by an ACL injury.

By K TS, Staff Writer January 29, 2009

— As she waited her turn to take a free throw during warmups, GA laughed with teammates, clapped for every made foul shot and swayed to the music blaring in the High gym.

She stepped to the line but there was a delay in getting her the ball. First, had to hand her crutches to a teammate,.

A practice free throw is all the basketball GA gets to play these days.

One of the best basketball players in the state is shelved, having suffered a tear in the ACL of her left knee.

The ACL, also known as the anterior cruciate ligament, helps stabilize the knee joint.

No ACL, no basketball, no more dreams.

"I wanted to make it to the (CCCC)," GA said, referring to the semifinals. "That's been my dream since I was a freshman. I never made it.
"The three seniors – me, D and M – have all played together since about third grade. We go way back. This was a special year for me and the girls."

Without GA, THE TEAM has lost six straight.

"She was the leader on the court," D said. "She knew exactly where everybody was. Those passes that you normally expect to come from her "

Those passes aren't there. Nor are the aggressive rebounds, outside shots and inside drives.

GA, a 5-foot-9 guard and forward, led the league last year in points, rebounds, assists and steals. This year she was averaging 21.7 points, 13.4 rebounds, 6.6 assists, 5.5 steals and 2.2 blocks.
But there are more than statistics missing.

"I told the girls during the preseason that they're very fortunate to play with a GA," Coach said. "Because they're not always going to play with someone that good. I told them she's going to make them better. And she did.
"And she's still doing it in a sense. She's like a coach out there, trying to help out and trying to encourage the players."

She is the fourth of HER PARENTS five children. She's been dribbling a basketball since she could walk. And although she's home-schooled, she fits right in on campus. After her injury, she was barraged with notes, messages on her Facebook and even flowers. She is stopped at the local supermarket by people wishing her well. GA has that effect on people.

"I have two daughters," COACH said. "If my kids can be like her, then I've done something right. She's a quality person. She believes in herself. She believes in the kids around her. A friendly person. Never says a bad thing about anybody."

When GA landed awkwardly on a teammate's foot in practice Jan. 8, she screamed in agony. COACH and her teammates gathered around. Despite the pain, GA tried to stay positive.

"I kept looking at COACH saying, 'I can play. Don't worry. I can play. I'll be fine for Tuesday (the next game).' But I wasn't."

In the trainer's room, with her teammates and coach around her, she discovered how serious the injury was.

"When everyone found out it was her ACL, everybody just broke down," D said.

GA had not given up. "The next morning I went to the doctor. I was holding onto the hope it might not have been torn all the way, so I could put a brace on it. But he confirmed it."
GA will undergo surgery in two weeks to replace the ligament. The rehabilitation time is supposed to take six months.

"I cried myself to sleep for a week," she said. "But it really does make you grow."

Don't think GA has completely surrendered. Basketball is out. But she's also the defending state track and field champion in the shot put and discus (she was second in the javelin).

Despite the six-month diagnosis for rehab, GA is hoping to compete in a couple of meets before the end of the season and try to qualify for the state meet.

Regardless, she'll be competing next year on a basketball/track scholarship for College.
GA, who is an active member of HER CHURCH, was attracted to the Christian college on a visit there. "It was so welcoming," she said. "And it's little (less than 2,000 enrollment). I like little. I like being able to walk by someone and say, 'I know you.' "

GA has made herself known at SCHOOL. Caring, kind, a leader, she's still all of that.
What has changed is her role. Sporting a knee brace, supported by crutches, she is now a supporter from the bench. "I know I have to be there for them and just encourage them," GA said.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Guess who....

is having another BOY!?!?!
I'll give you a few clues...."another" would be the first one....

"having" could be the second one....

And Uncle Ted in the background... well... he's just and added bonus but he's already HAD two boys....

If you guessed J of JJ, J and CJ....YOU ARE THE BIG WINNER!!! :)

I'm getting another nephew! Due to arrive sometime around Memorial Day Weekend 2009!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

1/26/2009 ~ Keep's a BUSY day...

Happy B-day BIL L...It's a big one! :)

BIL L is one of the first (or is it second if I am counting his parents as first?) generation MOST generous people. I have said it before and honestly I will say it again... this family would literally give you a kidney if they were your match and it would help you. Remember this day? Or the one below? :) "Pinch Hitter"...
BIL L is my "partner" as NOT one of the "five originals" but I am pretty sure there are at least two originals that wouldn't trade either of us for the world :)

I started working on this post on 1/21/09 on my way to work. BIL L LOVES Mercy Me and I happened to hear "I Can Only Imagine" come on the radio... I almost switched the station because 1) it ALWAYS makes me cry 2) I was wearing mascara and 3) I think it is slightly over-played but I left it on because it makes me think of him and I knew his B-day was coming up :) This is not something I have ever shared with ANYONE... not Husband, not SIL L and not BIL L...One of the most defining moments for me at FIL's funeral....

We had "I Can Only Imagine" played during the service....obviously we were all crying as a family in our row up front and I happened to look over and see BIL with one arm around his wife and one around his MIL, his hands up and SINGING for all he was to Jesus OUTLOUD the words to this song....his testimony....

Family is everything to BIL L...his wife, his two kids, his in laws, MY DOG, his neices and nephews, his parents, his sister and BIL, ...but sports is a CLOSE 2nd in the "everything" catagory :) It doesn't matter if it is professional, fantasy football league, GA's high school hoops, Dawson's travel teams, or Brando's college games. He LOVES SPORTS! It has been fun to see him transfer that passion to his kids and watch he and Husband "play" off each other with jock conversations. :)

He loves to sing, he loves to take pictures, he loves to buy things for his kids and wife, and he can't keep a secret about gifts to save his life, :) he loves to argue his point :), he loves meatball subs, salad and ice cream (especially coffee and especially from the place pictured above!) and he loves to tease! :)

I'm so thankful for you BIL L. For your role as the head of your home, for the support you are to your wife and the father you are to your children.
Happy 40th to you my friend!! I always wanted a "big" brother and I couldn't have hand-picked a better one!

Happy B-day BFF!!!

Laura Jane, you are the BEST friend a girl could ask for... I love you EXTRA today!!!

Happy Anniversary Country'rents

Today my parents celebrate 35 years of marriage... 31 years of complete and total BLISS I'm sure... you figure it out. How old am I? yeah... total BLISS :)

Thank you for the example you are to those around you, for opening your home to Nannie and Grampa this past year and for STICKING IT OUT no MATTER what...I love you both very much and I'm so proud to be your daughter.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quick...the weekend report...busy day tomorrow on the blog! :)

Saturday bright and EARLY Mama H and I set out to stock and PACK our freezers full of meals... and pack we did... We managed to accomplish...a monster batch of twice baked potatoes, two chicken pot pies, three white veggie lasagnas, 10ish breakfast burritos each and enough beef enchiladas to feed our respective families until the 4th of July. By FAR the worst part was the 1.5 hours I spent cleaning my kitchen from our cooking chaos!! Yikes!!! :)And look what fun showed up on Saturday night!?!?! :) Hrrmm..but WHERE are the crutches? At least she has the brace on I suppose... and look, it's good for something... holding her phone and chapstick! :)
(insert sarcasm) She brought me the most GORGEOUS earrings... I can't wait until Christmas next year...(end sarcasm!) :)The "plan" was to head to the town next door and paint pottery.. we were taking SIL L and Daws with us... but it was CLOSED!!! WHO KNEW they had "January" hours!?!?! So we made the best of it...
(at least she's PRETENDING that she even HAS crutches...) :) So cute... :) When we got home (after hitting.. and by hit I mean... :) the grocery store we went to work making meatballs for BIL L's b-day party... Yes family... this is the same meat that you ate TODAY... :) tee hee hee... "helpful information BEFORE lunch..." :)
Doing the heavy "lookin' on" :) GA is such a good sport she just goes with the flow and has fun with us even if our plans DIDN'T work out... and BTW GA, I have your G.C....I'm not taking any chances with this one that you'll go without me... Bride Wars anyone? :)Sunday was BIL L's b-day party... He doesn't look a day over 39....ish. :) This one on the other hand... and Tracy, I think I'm going to throw out a challenge to yah... I bet if you asked your Mom you probably have a VERY similar outfit from a "few" years back... weird huh? :)Just incase you didn't know what kids in Maine look like in the winter... pasty and chapped. It's what we do. We can't help it... it was 10 degrees today... BBBRRRRRR
Wouldn't be a family party without the family lovin' :)Hope you all had a great weekend....

Peace out!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Mama H's blog post today along with several things going on in "bloggityville" triggered my thoughts on the above subject...

Have you ever thought about how thankful you are to be who you are, where you are and when you are? Do you wake up thinking how horrible your life is? Do you wake up angry at people, frustrated at your situation, whatever it is? Do you feel bad for yourself? It's a hard trap... it's a scary hole to be stuck in and I challenge you to think, REALLY think about your circumstances and how good they really ARE.

I have been thinking about being grateful, about how there are things that we just take for granted... I have a Mom AND a Dad....I grew up with BOTH of them...I have a beautiful home, I have a JOB, I have friends, I have family that is all close and I have the ability to be around them pretty much whenever I want. I live in the USA with freedom, choice, healthcare, laws, protection, and the ability to do WHATEVER I want to do WHEREVER I want to do it WHENEVER I want to do it... Let's be grateful for the little things... let's not take each other for granted....let's hug our kids close.... smile at our family and giggle. A lot. How good do YOU have it? I mean REALLY....

And if you feel so led... pray. These are some things that have been on my heart....some people who have had a rough go of it and still manage... still give all the GLORY TO GOD and still put on a "happy" face when sometimes their world is crashing down around them...

Kelly's Korner ~ She and her husband struggled with infertility. She is very candid and seems like SUCH a beautiful person. They give all the glory to GOD for getting PG with their daughter, having a happy and healthy 9 months and their daughter Harper, was born one week ago. She has been in the NICU ever since. Kelly has yet to HOLD her DAUGHTER. The daughter God blessed her with. The miracle she carried around for 9 months. It looks like things are going to be just fine, but what an emotional rollercoaster. What a ride... and through it all... God is GOOD. ALL.THE.TIME.

At the same time and in a similar situation this girl Jenna and her hubby also struggled to get PG. Their son was born and has also spent the first week of his life in the NICU...I'm so glad that I have a faith that allows me to not to understand Almighty God but just to ACCEPT that His ways are best. That just because it doesn't make sense to me, doesn't matter. He has it ALL in HIS hands.

I love this blog. (Click Here) I have a hard time even getting my MIND around all the jewels this family will have on their crown in glory. One biological child, one domestic adopted child, two children they have been WAITING to adopt from Haiti (ever seen pics of Haiti? ever been more thankful for your own home?) and recently they took in a little girl who had to have surgery on her back. She will be going back to Haiti to her parents but for now they are a host family for her.

Don't take things for granted. Be thankful for right now. If you are not going through a trial right now, rest assured... one is headed your way. If you are... let me know. I'll pray. My GOD is big enough to handle it all.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Coffee Date...

I LOVE going to the "big city" ...and I especially love it when I get a pre-mo parkin' spot RIGHT out front AND I am going to meet THIS girl :) to hang out and solve the world's problems :)

Love yah babe! Praying for you!! :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Please pray...

For the little MuffinMan who is NOT feeling very well right now...pray that his meds start working and that he is back to himself in no time...