Saturday, February 28, 2009

15 Years later...and it didn't seem to matter...

I think we look exactly the same now...
We picked right back up where we left off...the girl makes me laugh, makes me feel safe to share secrets and leaves me wishing we had more time together... 3 kids, a couple dogs, Husbands and a ton of time didn't seem to matter....

Had a BLAST with you Jess....some things really do NEVER change! :) Let's do it again soon!

Friday, February 27, 2009 we head into the weekend...

The following is an email exchange I came back to after lunch today....

From: Co-Worker 1
Sent: Friday, February 27, 2009
To: Boss; Co-Worker 2; CountryMouse
Subject: PHONES

CountryMouse and IT already aware of this but I worry IT does not know what a problem our phones have become. Phone lines are failing during prospect and client calls…at times I can not hear the client. Just now I left a message and the phone would not hang up…I had to unplug my phone line….

Other areas of the workplace are experiencing the same so I am sure we are not the only ones bringing this to their attention. I say get the RM from company who set these phones up for workplace out ASAP to solve it.

From: Co-Worker 2
Sent: Friday, February 27, 2009
To: Co-Worker 1; Boss; CountryMouse
Subject: RE: PHONES

This issue has gone on way too long – this is an emergency!



No. This… is an emergency. Every four seconds, a child dies from hunger or from violence. In one day, 35,000 children become fatal victims from starvation and war.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I have mentioned before....I LOVE surprises... I LOVE LOVE LOVE surprises! :) In the past 18 hours I've had TWO! :)

Last night I got home to a card in the mail... literally... came THROUGH the USPS...someone spent the $$$ on a stamp (which we all know are not CHEAP anymore) and MAILED Husband and I card, just because. Just because she and her hubby were thinking about us and it SURPRISED me to get something in the mail other than flyers, magazines and BILLS! :) Thanks J.T.

This A.M. I got a call from the lady at the front desk... "Mama H is here to see you" (ok, actually she said her REAL first name and I said... "First Name WHO?" :) To which she responded with the H... :) and in came, for the first time ever, Mama H with a coffee, a hug and a quick little chit chat!!! I LOVE surprises. Thanks Mama H for the coffee and the spontaneous visit!

You girls know how to talk to my heart. I am blessed by you BOTH and just wanted you to know! Thank you for the SURPRISES!

P.S. J.T. 'bout time to update that blog again huh? :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Desperate Times call for desperate measures...

I went with Husband last night to the Spring Sports Sign-up at, I'm not going to coach anything, no I'm not going to participate in anything... but when I become an ice fishing widow (not to be confused with the soccer widow, track widow and summer va-ca widow) and he is gone all weekend to stand on the frozen water, I find I need some hang out time... even if that is while he is standing up in front of a bunch of kids explaining the rules and regs about the upcoming Track and Field season. I know I know... desperate.

Now, I don't want you to think I'm complaining... I'm not. I don't need CountryDad telling me "you knew this going in, you signed up for 110% jock" :) I know. I'm happy. I'm just sayin'.... Laura Jane, don't make fun when I choose to spend my Tuesday night at the high school hanging out... :)
Besides... I got to hang out with this girl...what? You don't recognize her with her new short hair-cut?

Yes you do!!!! :) :) I'm pretty sure she signed up for Boys Tennis... just don't tell her coach. (hee hee hee)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My winter wonderland...

Have I ever mentioned I LOVE living in the is my road after the Sunday/Monday snow storm.... And these girls were hanging out in my backyard on Sunday afternoon...

Yeah... I LOVE living in the woods...:)

Party Pics Party Pics!!

MIL's B-day party was on Sunday... the day of her actual b-day, which I always like when that happens... :) There was fun...and games....
and some of them even played dress-up....

And what would a party be without SIL L making a silly/funny/crazy face, actually demonstrating how she will "beat-up" her Husband. I think she'll get him on grounds of giggling when she comes at him like this... :)
Fun times had by all... and everyone was shuffled out the door and cozy at home before the storm hit... phew.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Mother-in-LOVE!!

She has been through more in the past year and a few months than most people...yet she still shines love....She really IS the world's BEST baker and BEST spoiler, always remembering everyone's favorites, likes and dislikes...
She is willing to try new things and STRETCH beyond her comfort zone....
and I think she even LIKED it sometimes...I am so lucky to be able to share my deepest, darkest secrets with her and always feel support, love and NEVER like I am an "in law" daughter...but like one of the "originals"...more often than not at the kitchen table in her cozy home...
and really...when it comes down to the one and "simple" fact that she gave me HIM....How could I call her anything BUT, "Mother-in-Love" or what I really DO call her in real life...
Happy Birthday Mama! I love you and I'm SO thankful for you!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

So Grampa....

totally snagged this post from JJ, J and CJ's blog at least I'm honest about my stealing?? No?? :) Well, here goes...

Thought I'd throw up a quick post while sitting in the waiting room with Country Mum to show her how easy it is to blog.... ;)

So my grandfather took a fall this morning at 2am when he decided to take a shower! Lord knows why he decided to shower at 2am - but he did.
And this is how he ended up:
For fracturing his L2 Vertebra, amazingly he is in good spirits - probably due to the morphine. Now we just wait for him to get a room upstairs...

Verse of the Day but not really....

sometimes I like to post the verse of the day that gets posted automatically on my "girls chatty blog".... this isn't one of those times. :)

Psyched yah out huh?

But it is a verse I heard on my commute in this AM and the Lord spoke to ME through this verse... I'm claiming it as MY verse of the day

1 Timothy 6:6 (King James Version)

But godliness with contentment is great gain.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Miss Me??

It's school va-ca week which means I've been busy....
  1. more time with Husband
  2. dinner with the Countryrents, JJ, J and CJ
  3. more time with Husband
  4. Turkey dinner here for Diego's b-day pah-ty
  5. more time with Husband
  6. impromptu dinner at L&L's... (thanks Crash, we enjoyed the meat) :) ~ left the camera there so pics to come later
  7. more time with Husband

It's been a fine few days.... :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

The LONG Weekend Report...

Friday night at FND @ MIL's we were ALL spoiled with the desserts... we are spoiled EVERY Friday by the fact that MIL cooks dinner for us but she went ABOVE AND BEYOND this week with homemade Mocha Cake with White Fudge Frosting and Raspberry Pie!!!
Clearly we were happy :) WE couldn't shovel it fast enough... after dinner the girls all got in the V-day spirit and we had manicures with RED nailpolish of course!!! Saturday AM we picked up this gem....(really she was psyched to be with us... I think... :)You remember her?? (This pic was just to make Tracy throw up a little bit in her mouth, tee hee hee)and we headed to see Brando at times with the camera....

Oh yeah, that's right... he had a game! :) That's why we were there!!! :) Unfortunately they lost but it is TOTALLY because Brando is injured and can't play....they would have KICKED SOME SERIOUS you know what had he been in the game....
After the game, we took the "special" family and we went out to eat... Oh yes, all 687 of us....So we needed two tables...(mostly it was so the two on the right could sit at a table away from the rest of us :)
Sunday, was... well seriously, what kind of crazy family weekend would it BE if we didn't have a BIRTHDAY party thrown in for good measure!? :) Flaunting it a bit for the big bro :)Catching the PDA is one of my FAVORITE past times :)Oh yeah. That. And rubbing into Mama H's face I didn't have to FIGHT anyone for the "Shmedgma" :)