Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An opportunity...

Today is Sky's b-day. There are a couple of stories that I want to post today because 1) it's MY blog and 2) it's kinda like my own on-line scrapbook :)

Sky has a thing with mannequins. It's just sort of a funny "thing" but a "thing" nonetheless. See the second picture HERE ~ A few years ago SIL L, Sky and I were in a women's under garments store.... while SIL L was checking out (I guess I SHOULD have been watching Sky??) Sky came over to me GIGGLING like crazy... and pointed. At the mannequin in the WINDOW that FACED THE STREET... she had "pants-ed" the mannequin. For those of you that are wondering what "pants-ed" is... she pulled DOWN the pants on the MANNEQUIN that did I mention was FACING the street?? Oh... and did I mention we were in a WOMEN'S UNDER GARMENTS store? Yes... the mannequin was not WEARING pants...only UNDER-PANTS. I'll let that sink in for a bit...

The girl has a thing with mannequins.

Fast forward a few years and about a month ago I was shopping with the R Clan and MIL. (this time I was NOT responsible for watching her :) As she and her mother walked by a man in the store she reached out and squeezed his forearm.

The girl TOTALLY thought he was a MANNEQUIN. Oh.No. Just a stranger looking fellow with silvery hair and loads of tatoos on his arms.

The best part... was SIL L's IMMEDIATE reaction... "HE'S REAAAAALLLL!!!" :) as they kept walking (perhaps at a faster pace) and SIL L LOST it giggling. As did the REST of us when we heard the story. Poor Sky... but really...

The girl just has a thing with MANNEQUINS. :)
Happy Birthday Babe! :)

Mostly Wordless Wednesday Weekend Report...

On Thursday afternoon last week I found out some stinky news... but we made the best of it and because of it... I got an impromptu visit from my FAVORITE cousin (except for all the rest of you of course :) He came down and helped Husband with wood and outside chores around the yard and we were SOOOO happy to spend Saturday and Sunday AM with him.... and EVEN MORE appreciative of the help he provided!!! The rest of the weekend... was pretty much all about this girl... which will be a nice transition today when you have already seen the more recent post... it MIGHT me someone's birthday :)

(yep I am gaining weight in my face now and I AM super tired that totally shows up in my eyes but I am BLESSED and happy....)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A decision has been MADE!

The Country'rents wanted to get us our glider for Minnie's room (WHOOHOO THANK YOU VERY MUCH!) But as do ALL things baby... it was taking me a LONG time to make a decision.

Well...I had pretty much made up my mind with a model I didn't want to GET OUT OF at BRU, but when I got an email Friday night saying that all gliders and ottomans were 15% off PLUS I had additional 15% off coupons tucked in my pocket book (thanks to Husband)... we went on Saturday night and PUT IN THE ORDER...

and now CountryMum can sleep again at night :) This seemed to be REALLY stressing her out :)
Yes, I WILL show pics of her room... WHEN it is all put together... I like to tease... :)

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just a "fun" little comparison...30 Weeks!

How far along: 30 Weeks... as in... 10 WEEKS left (or LESS!)
Net weight gain/loss: up 23 lbs at my appt Thursday ~ 3lbs 11oz of it make up Minnie :)
Maternity clothes: yes please BUT I gotta say I'm at the point where really nothing is comfy...even stretchy pants. :(
Stretch marks: none that I have seen so far ( Probably going to need to enlist the help of Husband to see if I'm missing any since I can't see PAST the belly anymore...
Belly button: oh totally out and even have had people comment on it...
Sleep: I wish...
Baby movement: YES ~ and strong! I am feeling limbs and hard things rolling across my belly and it is STILL by FAR my favorite part of being PG
Food cravings: Not too much the past couple of weeks...
Food aversions: Nothing really... unless you say it and I decide then and there "ain't no way I'm eating THAT..."
What I miss: "NORMAL" blood sugars and lung capacity :)
Looking forward to: Getting the picture I'm framing for Minnie's room in the mail so I can order the fun for above her crib and ordering the glider for her room... yes I MADE a decision :)
Best moment this week: Grey's is back! :)
Milestones: I'm at the point of counting DOWN instead of UP...I was told at the Docs 8-9 weeks... probably not 10 like I'm anticipating! :)

4 Weeks 1 day...
26 Weeks...aka one month ago...
30 Weeks 2 days...hrrrmm... packing on some weight in the face are we CountryMouse?? :)
Ah well... the BEST part... :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lookie who came to hang out at "Eye-Yah's" house...

Wednesday night we shuffled JJ & J out with a coupon for a local sandwich shop... (Tracy and Laurie you would have been jealous :) but they ended up getting pizza there so maybe not so much :) But we got to hang out with the boys...WHOOPIEEEEEE.... There were convos with CJ, rides on the tractor for him and snuggle time with "Ho-hahn" and a GREAT time over all... Who is having more fun right now? The one sleeping? or the one with the sleeping on him while he watches TV and I do the dishes? :) Tomorrow I will post a "Just for fun comparison" and a new pic of Minnie that I got at the Doc's on Thursday... keep these cheeks in mind... :) Seriously, don't you just want to love all over them? :)
I honestly LOVE LOVE LOVE this kid. He is SO funny, so chatty and SO cute! :)
I also love that he is VERY much ok with "independent play". I love a kid that can do that!!! Especially if you throw some "tars" aka cars in his direction... :)
Thanks for coming to hang out my little loves... you were GREAT boys as usual!! :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crazy Love: Chapter Two rocked MY world :)

Let it be said... I am the "loud" one (for the most part :) in my family. And when I mention "my family" this time I mean the "CountryRents/JJ" family...

I love just about NOTHING more than to make CountryDad and JJ belly laugh and tell animated stories that make that happen. It is also not uncommon to hear CountryDad and I tease back and forth about how it is ALL ABOUT MEEEEE :) (yes, I'm WELL aware that that is going RIGHT out the window in less than 11 weeks :)

I honestly don't REALLY think it is "all about me" but it was a GREAT perspective this week in Crazy Love to read some of the following; (I am quoting the book yet parts have been left out... you need to read it for yourSELVES :) My words are in another color and the italics are my own stresses to the sentence :)) I am a big fan and user of sarcasm so I think this COULD be why it hit so close to home for me :)


“Even though I glimpse God’s holiness, I am still dumb enough to forget that life is all about God and not about me at all…”

He goes on to talk about the “movie of life” and that “so many of us think and live like the movie of life is all about us.”

“Now consider the movie of life…

God creates the world. (Were you alive then? Was God talking to you when He proclaimed “It is good” about all He had just made?)

Several generations later, God singles out a ninety-nine-year-old man called Abram and makes him the father of a nation (did you have anything to do with this?).

From start to finish, this movie is obviously about God. He is the main character. How is it possible that we live as though it is about us? Our scenes in the movie, our brief lives, fall somewhere between the time Jesus ascends into heaven (Acts) and when we will all worship God on His throne in heaven (Revelation).

We have only our two-fifths-of-a-second-long scene to live. I don’t know about you, but I want my two-fifths of a second to be about my making much of God. First Corinthians 10:31 says, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

Frankly, you need to get over yourself. It might sound harsh, but that’s seriously what it means.

To be brutally honest, it doesn’t really matter what place you find yourself in right now. Your part is to bring Him glory – whether eating a sandwich on a lunch break, drinking coffee at 12:04 a.m. so you can stay awake to study, or watching your four-month-old take a nap. The point of your life is to point to Him. Whatever you are doing. “

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

JMO aka Just MY opinion...

Seriously. <-----Click Here

1) the poor little girl is going to have to have the same surgery SIL L did on her feet from wearing heels and I can GUARANTEE you that SIL L did NOT wear them at THIS age. MIL NEVER would have gone for it

2) if you are putting her in heels (and heck, even if you aren't) DO SOMETHING WITH THAT HAIR OF HERS! COME ON.

I'll be back tomorrow with things that "actually" matter... :)


Even though it's "only" $5.00 it goes on CLUMPY and STICKY and toooooo THICK. Not a fan at ALL!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Weekend Report... in List Fashion


Saturday: We volunteered at the Road Race... def. wasn't the same kinda of fun as it was LAST year... but only because I was missin' my GA! :) After the race we headed into "Town" to scope out a chair for Minnie's room. The CountryRents said they wanted to get this for us (WHOOHOO!!!) but I'm having SUCH a hard time making a decision about one. You can't REALLY tell but this pic was just taken because I was TOTALLY in a "Lily Tomlin" chair and my feet are not even touching the ground... and I'm 5'7"!!!! Husband at 6'4" couldn't even touch without pulling forward!!! :) BIG CHAIR!!! :) Then it was home to "do wood"...thankfully we had some "child labor" show up but I didn't get to take any pics because I was busy helping as well... Husband was pleased with how much we got done and I was pleased to have the kiddies hanging out :) Thanks Sky and Daws!!

Sunday: Church and home to bake and do more wood. I did JUST the baking this time and skipped out on the one at a time lifting of wood. Sometimes I think I'm more hurt that help :) tee hee hee... I also managed to wash a bunch of baby toys I was given by a girl at work and a Baby Bjorn so that Husband can give THAT baby wearing contraption a whirl on Wednesday... Poor "Ho-han" being the little guinea pig :) All you Mama's are right... that Dreft DOES smell good :) mmmmmmm

Not a bad fall weekend. Weather was gorg and it was nice to be home for a lot of it!!! Doesn't happen often here at the Country House! :)

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Well I'm not IN LABOR!

Minnie gave us a run for our HIGH RISK money yesterday...the girl has been practicing her breathing for longer than is "average" (oh yes, we are SO those parents that already think our kid is a genius! :) but she was having NONE of it yesterday... the U/S tech showed the 1/2 hour report to the DR and he decided on a non-stress test. Which really... totally doesn't make sense because the Mama was TOTALLY stressed... but...the good news is that I'm NOT contracting, her HR and movement and everything they saw on the test was fine...they will check for the breathing again next week and she'll be getting a stern talking to by her FATHER before we head to the big city!
THANKFULLY the day got better from there... I am glad I had decided ahead of time to take an entire sick day since CountryMum and I didn't get out of the Dr's office for about 2.5 hours... yikes! BUT... after meeting up with SIL J late in the afternoon... look who I got to come to Husband's soccer game with me?? We *might* want to work on sharing... at least with his PG Ant... just a thought?? :)

AND THEN guess who came and stayed for dinner!?!? :) I LOVE spontaneous and I LOVE impromptu! How about the fact that SIL J does that with two kids UNDER two!?!? :) Impressive.
They even hung out long enough for Husband to get home from the school and after CJ had already eaten his dinner... he was trying to steal Husband's "broc-leee" off his plate! :) Lucky for CJ he was going for the veggies and not the meat and potatoes! :) He really is SUCH a smart boy! :)

Thanks SIL J, CJ and Ho-Hahn :) for making my day GREAT! :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Post for CountryDad

Your co-worker may have gone to a competitor but I just wanted to show you proof that he doesn't do things much different there than he did with you... tee hee hee...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The good, the even better and the BEST...

Guess what came OFF my body yesterday at 5:17PM!?!? (Tracy and J look away) yes...that IS dried blood...I had no idea how LONG the cannula was that was under my skin and I had no IDEA it was COPPER. Well no WONDER I FELT it :) I'm used to TEFLON... YOUCH! Psyched that thing is gone!!! and praying they make good use of the information it gathered at my appt on Thursday this week...We had some friends that came for dinner... and they brought Husband's favorite dessert. Whipped Cream/Cool Whip. No really. There is, I think, a brownie sundae under there but really... who can tell? :) Auntie Janet, if you are watching, I blame that ALL on you :) and remember this day.... way back in MARCH? Hrrrmm... I had found out the NIGHT BEFORE that I was PG with Minnie and the girl on the right found out only mere DAYS before that...neither of us knew...
Obviously, we know NOW :) AND we couldn't be more excited to be traveling this journey together, commiserating on sickies, aches, pains, talking labor, nurseries and the future! :) It was the best growing up with this girl as my BFF and I'm so excited that Minnie is going to have the same opportunity! :) We just can't WAIT to find out if her BFF is going to be a BOY or a GIRL?!!? :)

SO much fun with you J.T. and Dude! :) Let's do it again before the babies come and rock our worlds! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

For Husband...

I pinch myself sometimes to make sure I'm not in a dream
That's how it seems
I close my eyes and breathe in the sweetest moments I've ever known
It feels like home
And here I am I want to be your everything
There you are
Turning winter into spring

And everyone who sees you
Always want's to know you
And everyone who knows you
Always have a smile
You're standing ovation after years of waiting
For a chance to finally shine
Everyone calls you amazing
I just call you mine

I fall apart
Just a word from you just somehow seems to fix
Whatever's wrong
Oh, you reach into the weakest moments
And remind me that I'm strong
You've got to know
I'd be a fool not to see you even worse
To forget that you're more than I deserve

Cause everyone who sees you
Always want's to know you
And everyone who knows you
Always have a smile
You're standing ovation after years of waiting
For a chance to finally shine
Everyone calls you amazing
I just call you mine

Nothing makes sense when you're not here
As if my whole world disappears
Without you what's the point of it

Cause everyone who sees you
Always want's to know you
And everyone who knows you
Always have a smile
You're the dream that I've been chasin' after years of waiting
For a chance to finally shine
Everyone calls you amazing
I just call you mine
Everyone calls you amazing
I just call you mine

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Weekend Report...Lob-stah, Muffins and Socc-ah

I look forward to this "annual" party ALL YEAR...The host and hostess are FANTASTIC (Sorry no pic of them?? Sad.) and the food is AMAZING...Even for those who are not psyched about lobster... (SIL J :) nothing like a big plate of RED meat :)
Everyone chips (bah) in, bringing pasta salads, corn on the cob and desserts...
and we get to hang out with the little people... :) FUN TIMES!

Seriously. I want to eat those little...or BIG cheeks :) he is SO stinkin' cute! :)

This one NEEDS to get used to me pointing this camera in his face :) Poor thing. I've been doing it since he was hours old. You'd think he'd know by now :)
On Sunday as we were headed out to church we heard Rebound announcing that someone was at our house... I don't mind a surprise like this!! :)
Especially when they are so cute and happy first thing in the morning :)
After church we headed up to the "big city" to watch Chloe play soccer... I think the girl was missing her habitat since it was close to 80 degrees without a stitch of wind for the first part of her game... I know I WAS...
Love the hair-do #9... You know I'm a sucker for a messy up-do :) I think you look sassy! :)
1/2 time break... she's good to me with the camera in HER face all the time :) this pose was followed up with "I gotta go!!!!!!" :) Love the age when they can still race over to say hi and hug the fam. before getting back to the game :)
1 soccer game down...3 more to go...we are doing the best we can this year... C, D and S...we hope to make one of yours soon!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Book Club

I decided to participate in Angie Smith's book club that she is starting today. I received my book in the mail from CBD last weekend and I'm excited to dig in! Lord knows there will NOT be time for this at least in the first few months of Minnie's arrival so I'm taking advantage while I can :)

Take the time... go online On the left side of your screen go to VIDEOS....Take the time.... watch the video entitled The Awe Factor of God and then take a minute more to watch Just Stop and Think....

I'll keep you posted....