Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Weekend Re-cap ~ Christmas 2009 Edition

What would it feel like to have TWINS... OH.MY.GOODNESS. This is why I think people that have twins first can go on to have more children...they have no idea how hard just ONE teenie tiny is :) But Husband handled it well... don't worry, J.T. was also snapping photos so Mom wasn't too far away :)
Short Christmas break for this girl but I feel SO blessed that she made TWO opportunities to see us and meet Minnie for the first time :) Their first go-round wasn't so stella but Minnie made up for it at a later visit :)
I was just happy she was homeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Ah... fondly refered to as "skreetchy pants".... not a HUGE fan of her holiday jammies purchased by one of Husband's very close friends from school (and also my 7th grade science teacher :)
but she managed to handle at least 1/2 the day ok... it helps to be in the arms of Nannie T though... I should know :)
So much easier when they are as happy at cheeky Ho-Hahn!! :) Do you not just want to EAT THIS KID UP!?! MAN JJ AND J have some cute kids! :)
How "Grampa" aka Papa... prefers them...
Nana aka "Nina" too...
but no sleep for this one! :) hope he enjoyed THIS Christmas since next year when his brother is 18 months and Minnie is 1.... it will be MUCH different... pretty sure those two won't be napping NEXT year :)

A face only a Titi can love... :)
do those eyes NOT tell you he is UP to SOMETHING... or at least trying to figure out what his next something will be!?!? :)
The chaos that is Christmas at MIL's... sad this was the only pic from the day... may I revert back to "skreetchy pants"?? :) Missed pretty much 1/2 of present opening because girlfriend was just havin' a moment... or about 2+ hours of a "moment" :)
So... a day late and a dollar short, CountryMum snapped our Christmas pic in front of HER tree... :)
Sunday brought these TWO girls over and it was a good call because O-Boyz might have wanted to ditch us for her own BOY ;) but I threatened to give her Christmas present to her sister... good choice O-Boyz, good choice :)

All in all, a GREAT friend and family weekend and a WONDERFUL Christmas with our new little fun prezzie :) even if we DO call her "skreetchy pants" :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to All...

and to all a good night... :)
*sorry the pic is so dark but Minnie likes to look at the lights until she passes out... :) I didn't want to use a flash :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Papa came to visit!!!

or at least that is what CJ has taken to calling him :) I love how the first born grandchild typically gets to "name" the grandparents... you can go into it with the best of intentions of what you'd LIKE to be called but isn't it so much more special when they give you a name? :)
Don't you think so "Nina"?? :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This... is not my dish.... I did not MAKE this...
oh but I'm SOOOO happy SHE did!!! :)
Thanks Mama! :) it was YUMMY!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Weeekend Report ~ I LOVE Tradition!

Lunch Date on Friday at CountryMum's with guess.... WHO!!!?? :) We played baby mix-up to see if it threw any of you off!?!?! :)
You can all still tell that they are their father's daughters!?!? :) Doesn't matter who's holding them!? :)
We enjoyed Chicken Caesar Salad, rolls, fruit salad, sparkling cider and Aunt Judy, J.T. and I all thought we were eating lunch at a fancy restaurant!! :) It was delicious, festive and a GREAT time all around... J.T. thinks it should be a monthly occurance and I couldn't agree more! :)
Friday night we went to the annual Christmas Party at a family whom Husband coached their girls (who are now all out of college and everything!) and the wife was his assistant track coach for a while... it is always a great time to sit in their basement and watch the show go down with one of the guests (a brother of the host) and laugh the night away... we enjoy it EVERY year :)
Is there REALLY a child labor law? What about if the child is working ON a child!? :) So happy that Bri Bri came home with Husband after church to pick us up for her Mama's B-day pah-ty... so helpful to have an extra set of loving, capable hands :)And the STAR of the show... :) Brando was SUPER excited to see Minnie because while I was in the hospital he had a bit of a cold so he did not hold her... he was psyched that she came before he had to head back to school after Thanksgiving break but he was disappointed that he didn't get to "bond". How CUTE is THAT ladies, for a 21 year old guy!?!? :) I think they bonded WELL yesterday...
She was a big fan :)
She's not TOO sure about THIS one however... (and frankly, neither are we!? :) hee hee hee)
TiTi does support the "sporty-chicks" though :) I hope these are just the first of MANY pairs of Nikes.... BIL L... you are the sneaker buyer... can you help us out as the years go by!? :)
And... as IS tradition... we celebrated Bets b-day and then the girls put together their treat baskets to hand out while I just sit in the rocking chair and WATCH :) it's a great day :)
She's eyeing the cookie table but she'll have to wait until NEXT year to sample any of the girl's tasty treats... :)
and speaking of "Tradition".... what would a hang out time at Mimi's be without a nap with your favorite pooch...??

Great weekend all around...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Have I mentioned LATELY??

How I LOVE this man?? He takes over with Minnie after her last feeding so I can go to bed...he takes care of Reebsie's meds, he helps get dinner ready, he burps and changes Minnie's messy pants from the time he walks through the door after school, he makes me laugh DAILY, and tells me I'm doing a good job...
Yeah, I love him....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

So... How's it GOING??

Husband started back to school this week (sniff sniff) and Minnie and I have been ON our own! :)
Trying to come up with a routine and I think she's a big fan so far :) I expect that this will change on almost a DAILY basis but so far it is what is working for us...

Girlfriend likes to get up sometime between 5:45AM and 7AM (Mama much prefers the 7AM :) Minnie likes sometime around 6:15-6:30 which is a nice compromise :)

She likes to eat right away (of course!!!) and then sometimes turns into skreetchy pants until 9ish and sometimes will just hang out...

She eats again 2 1/2-3 hours later (depending on when she woke up)

She gets washclothed down and dressed (in fresh PJs, Daddy's preference :) for the day, has another nap and eats again around 1...

She's a big fan of hanging out in her bouncy seat looking at the Christmas tree lights until she zonks out until 4PMish when she's ready to eat again and be happy that Daddy has come home while she was snoozin' :)
After that...all you know what breaks loose :) she likes to be held, bounced, walked, talked to and pretty much anything or she turns into a "skreetching me-me" :) It would be dinner time :)

She eats again around sometime between 7-8 depending on her last feeding and then hangs out with Dad until 8:30-9:30 when she's out for the night... well... really the early AM... I could almost set the clock by her waking up at 2:48AM... she eats, goes back to sleep by 3:45 and we start the process all over again.
I def. can't complain... she's only up once a night and for a 2 1/2 week old... yeah... pretty happy with that....:)
P.S. Outfit courtesy of HB :) Thanks Auntie HB for the fun green pjs! :) They are a little big on me but Mom says that's ok, I'll just get to wear them more often if I start early :) Besides... they are none too big in the FEET :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Me and The Girl...

Minnie, Girlfriend, Cheesecake, Lovie, Gorgeous, SO cute, skreetchy-pants... all of the above and THEN some :)

I love my little "mini-Husband" :) and its amazing how much MORE I love her OUTSIDE my body :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Love for Reebsie

The evening of Rebound's surgery last week there was a certain family that really just could not stay away. (Nor did we want them too... there is something to be said for family therapy :)

They needed to make SURE "their dog" was ok and they also had tasty, get well soon treats, to give him. Did you expect that his best friend WOULDN'T be there to love on him when he was down and out? To feed him treats and just make sure for herself that he was going to be OK? This dog is loved... and we love all 3/4 of him. All of us...
Thankfully he's on the mend and just a few days after his surgery he's acting more like himself, wagging his tail more and not letting this minor set-back stop him. The crying has stopped and the funny "talking"noises he makes with BIL L have started back up.
We got to keep our dog. That was all that mattered to us.
All of us.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Someone had a birthday... the Weekend Report!

SOMEONE turned TWO this weekend... and although we didn't make it to his actual party (because Country Mouse is a self-proclaimed GERM-A-PHOBE) we did get to scoot over early to see the birthday boy himself and give him our presents. I honestly can't belive how fast 2 years has gone. I am def. going to be working on that potion in the basement that keeps them teenie tiny for longer especially now that I HAVE a teenie tiny... though I do have to say I might wait to give her some until she sleeps through the night :)

As is tradition, his Mama made him an AMAZING cake... of course it is a bus... the kid LOVES school buses :) well, and cars, and trucks and all things BOY.. I don't think she could have gone wrong with anything that had WHEELS come to think of it :) Minnie was all dressed up...
and the man started whipping the presents open...
He's such a good sport to pose in the bathrobe we got him... for about 2.3 seconds. You gotta be FAST with this one :)
but he did pose again with us for a little longer :) I love this kid.
and I love that HE loves MY kid :)
Sunday, Husband and I compromised and because I wanted to hear Glory sing (AMAZING AMAZING JOB. I love my friend and I LOVE her voice!!) but we really didn't want Minnie exposed to too much, Husband agreed to let me stand in the foyer during music and I left after. I still think it counts as Minnie's first time to church though so of COURSE she was dressed to the nines. I mean it IS God's house after all :) Hand me down sweater from Sky and tights from Sky that are probably sized 3T judging by the elephantitis legs my girl has :) Dress and bloomers courtesy of her TiTi, Auntie and Mimi :)
After church we went on the annual hunt to find the Christmas Tree. This year DEF. was just NOT the same... we were missing some people

Well, ok, maybe one people and one pooch... I stayed in the warm truck with Minnie and Husband took these two to go hunting through the forest for our tree. When they got back we snagged some photos... Sure did miss GA... sure did miss having Reebsie with us... Sure did miss not being able to truck through the woods, snow and cold with the rest of the fam... but next year... next year Minnie will be big enough to ride in her sleigh :)

Things always get a LITTLE silly with Husband :)

Great weekend, lots of down time, lots of family time and even a visit from the H family... no pics of that?? What happened there Mama H?? :) Whoopsie? :)