Monday, March 30, 2015

EVERYONE gets SOMETHING... or more....

On Friday I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. An auto-immune disorder where my body is attacking itself. Awesome.

Remember back in 2013... foot pain? Well... fast forward a stress fracture, an orthopedic dr. opinion and $700 of orthotics... my feet still hurt. In June/July (2013) I went to see Loretta... I sobbed in her office because my whole BODY just HURT. She attributed it to stress... (what?)  and also did a blood test checking for Lyme disease. Back in August I woke up one morning... (remember last summer?)  and my middle finger, middle knuckle on my right hand was HUGE... and painful. Like I jammed it into a basketball the day before painful... but I hadn' February I went to see my PCP. I explained the joint, I'm having bone pain in my chest and the foot pain, though better, is STILL there. She did some blood work.

An anti-CCP Ab to be exact. Checking for specifically RA. The ranges go as follows:

<20 .0="" negative="" p="" u=""> 20.0-39.9 U (weak positive)
40.0-59.9 U (positive)
> or =60.0 U (strong positive)
Reference values apply to all ages

(information taken from HERE)

My level... ABOVE 250. There is no doubt in their mind that I have RA and it probably started in my feet. Awesome.

The scary part... the drugs. Things like anti-malarial drugs... chemo drugs.... liver damaging drugs... the drugs... FREAK.ME.OUT. I'm a girl who STILL takes a pre-natal because it makes me feel better, insulin and that is IT. It takes a LOT for me to even take Advil. Though... I do find if I take 2-3 before I go to bed I have far less joint pain in the AM.
middle finger right hand
So... what are my natural options? Diet modification. (like everything) This environment we live in is KILLING us. (somethings gotta... )

Here's the journey. Modify my diet? Give up my BELOVED dairy... and my CARB-O-HOLIC ways? I dunno. I love me some fruits and veggies. I love meat and almonds. Past that... But... I also don't care for meds. I'm not interested in my liver or kidneys (hello! they are already compromised with type 1 diabetes!!!) crapping out. I'm also not interested in joint pain.

I do really like the Physicians Assistant and the MD (Rheumatologist)  I met with on Friday. They are going to call me today (Monday) RE x-rays I had of my feet and hand. I will chat with them about diet modifications and go low on meds. I have reached out to a girlfriend from my past that I know has a variation of joint pain and how diet has helped her along with some medication.

middle finger right hand
I'm overwhelmed, not very happy and REALLY sad to give up ANYTHING in my diet. Husband and I just talked over the past few weeks about some loved-ones who had to give up dairy and said "shoot me now. Dig a hole in the back and shoot me now." (and I honestly don't think I eat THAT bad but we could all REALLY use SOME modification right?) I'm also REALLY nervous about the drugs...

Who's ready for a Paleo adventure?

The good news... I MIGHT get to wear my beloved DANSKOS again! :) I have ALREADY had my babies so I don't need to factor in pregnancy with all of the decision making.

It is also SO helpful to have the last month learning the gals Jr. Church Bible verse with them....

I'm also praying HE comes QUICKLY. Please make yourselves ready.


Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Day with Doggies

Last year... Miss B and I attended this trade show... this year... did NOT disappoint...

My girl loves her some doggies!

and shades...

and bounce houses....

it was a GOOD time for her...

oh yeah... add in some Sky...!

After the trade show we took her over to the local lab adoption event...

Puppy kisses...

and a happy girl!

A fun FREE family day getting some love from our furry friends... somebody GET THIS GIRL A DOG! :)

Friday, March 27, 2015

Sledding Party

Snow + Sleds + Friends = FUN!

 a GAZILLION pictures of the same thing so that Mom's can pic and steal whatever they want :)


What are we doing with all this snow? Making the best of it and PRAYING our daffodils come up SOMETIME... (mid-June?)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


They don't come much cuter than these two...

*all pictures courtesy of Bets

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dunn Boy B-Days

Nothing like parties parties at the D house! :)

In January we celebrated sweet Cam-Man turning THREE!!!!


Cake extraordinaire!



And in March the little BIG guy turned ONE! More trucks, cars and things that GO!

Beautiful Mama and beautiful boy!

Celebrating accomplishments! :)

Always wonderful times celebrating milestones with friends that are almost family.
We love you D-Boys!