Friday, October 31, 2014

Our Week Thus Far...

Monday was target practice with Mr. Scott AND bonus he stayed for dinner! :)

checking out pics of his grandbabies :) proud papa! My gals just LOVE him and always have so much fun trying to capture his attention :)

On Tuesday we hiked through the woods... one of Minnie's FAVORITE currents. She is OBSESSED with hiking in the woods and her Daddy couldn't be happier about it...
(Fun with the camera before we headed out)

Photo by Minnie

Photo by Miss B

"Daddy... you picka up me? I no wanna fawl" ;)

On Thursday there was MUCH baking and cooking going on.. with my little sous chefs :) Pumpkin cinnamon rolls per Minnie's request, chocolate sheet cake and a Shepard's pie for the harvest supper at church.

and then there's this...

it's that time of year again...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Weekend Report: BOYS BOYS BOYS!

We had the BEST weekend!!! When Husband and I got married it was really important to me to have a "hang out" house. I want my door to always be open, I want people filled up here whether it is with food, fellowship, love or rest.
I want my girls to know there is ALWAYS room for one more and that we practice "the more the merrier". I want them to grow up with a spirit of hospitality and I want them to feel they can ALWAYS have friends here. This weekend we did just that. And it was a TOTAL surprise for Minnie. She knew that we had a "busy" weekend ahead but she had NO IDEA what was in store for her on Friday night. This is how she felt about it when she figure it out!

 (Ho-Hahn IS actually happy but it is more fun to see Ant CountryMouse freaking out behind the camera ;)

As soon as they got here they took a hike through the woods, played all over the house and then we got ready for each of them to make their own homemade pizza.

 Then it was movie time and it wouldn't be time with CJ and Ho-Hahn if Uncle S didn't haul out the whipped cream :)

Got everyone settled and ready for bed around 7:45 and we TRIED to have them all in the girl's room. Girl's in their bed and boys on the floor. Miss B just could.not.handle the excitement. So finally after multiple trips up and over the stairs and some weeping from Minnie the boys came down to the den around 9 :) didn't hear a peep from anyone after that...

until 7AM! :)


This may have been one of my FAVORITE parts of the weekend. I heard Miss B tell Ho-Hahn that she had a Pocahontas book. He sat right down with her, they chatted about something (I couldn't hear because I was grabbing my camera) and I came back to hear him say... "start at the beginning. I thought you said you were going to READ!" :) hee hee hee

And then it was time to add in MORE friends. I went to pick up Michelle who was up for a wedding and her son, Sawyer. They kids all hit it off immediately and there were giggles all over the place within minutes of meeting each other :)

Been a long time since he's hung out at my house without his sisters :)
Michelle wasn't able to take him to the wedding so he got to hang with us. Husband took all the boys and Minnie fishing (much to Miss B's chagrin) and then brought Sawyer back to hang out and wait for his Mama.

These two didn't miss a beat playing together. My girl loves this faraway family and it makes me miss them so much when I see the connect :)

We finished the weekend strong with the "WORLD PREMIRE" :)  
There are few that love this show more than these guys ;) So Jeffrey came to watch the movie!! :) We have NEVER had a 1x1 play date with him (he usually comes with three precious siblings:) so this was a first and it was FUN!

Husband made his famous homemade popcorn, I put out a little (emphasis on LITTLE) bowl of chocolates, a little plate of cookies and they were RIGHT in heaven :)

The time is short on how long we'll let them sit this close on the couch :)

but they were chaperoned :)

I had the BEST weekend doing all the fun kiddo stuff with Husband. I couldn't imagine a better partner to make my dreams a reality with weekends like this!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Filled Up By Friends

When I started editing pictures to get caught up on what I haven't blogged about I realized my photos of everyday life were primarily filled with FRIENDS. Oh how that fills up my heart!
This picture reminds me of that verse in Deuteronomy 6:7 " You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise." I love the babies on the floor at Bible study :)

We hosted our sweet townie friends :) Painted, played...

and snuggled up a 5 week old baby :)

After co-op a couple of weeks ago the weather was just TOO amazing to watch from inside... I LOVE living on a dirt road in the "middle of nowhere" Who wouldha thunk it? :)

The first of the "big ones" has now turned FIVE YEARS OLD. I'm so thankful to have friends that go the road before me ;)



I just don't even know what to say about this one except...I LOVE these guys :)

We finished up last weekend with gingerbread pancakes topped with maple cream cheese frosting :) You can tell they didn't mind them :)

and then had a few family pictures taken... but you'll have to wait for the Christmas card to see more of those :)

Again we had some friends along for fun because the motto in our house is always... "the more the merrier"

It's just always more fun with friends :)