Thursday, June 28, 2012

Miss B ~ 33 Weeks

Net weight gain/loss: Up 37 lbs according to Doc

Maternity clothes: Uh... yah

Stretch marks: Yes

Belly button: OUT but might be flattening a bit??

Sleep: What's that? I'm up at LEAST 5-8 times a night... 3 of those are just when I GO to bed...comfortable is a thing of the past and I think I've made up my mind that if I'm sleeping through the night again by Christmas it will be the BEST Christmas present EVER.

Baby movement: Yes and I LOVE it! Interesting that this little girl likes to have her behind shoved right out... course I'll take THAT over Minnie and her jammed up foot in my ribs ANY day :)

Food cravings: This week it has been raspberries and tart lemonade... I have done a taste test of several and I think I've picked a couple favs....which... for those that know me... know I don't drink anything I have to take insulin for... I'm a water/diet pepsi kinda girl.... NORMALLY... This PGCY I'm about the 100% juice "mock"tails and now lemonade! I limit it to 3-4 drinks a week but I sure do enjoy them!

Food aversions: Mexican and fries in my oven

What I miss: my "cute" Athleta bathing suit, being comfortable and my AE Jeans :) SLEEP

Looking forward to: What happened this week (6/27) at the Docs: Miss B is weighing in at 5lbs 6oz and is in the 69%. Her heart rate is 128 and she scored 8/8. My BP was 112/602. I asked the Doc if he was concerned that we had gone up in % from 62 to 69 and he said not at all. Assured me that she was still "average" and that things were JUST fine....

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Minnie-ism and Sky's PGCY quote

Minnie tried to tell me today that Sky was going to play a soccer game... not unusual... Sky plays a LOT of soccer... but what was funny was that she kept telling us the game was at Mount Cheese-its... and she kept looking at me like I should know... SIL L and I were talking with her about it and then finally it dawned on me... not Mount Cheese-its... MASSACHUSETTS.... :) Now THAT makes more sense...

The same night, MIL was at my sink washing up some dishes, Sky and SIL L were talking about snacks we are taking camping... SIL L asks me... "You like devil dogs right??" to which I smile and nod... and up pipes Sky... "I TOLD YOU WE SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT TWO BOXES!!"

SIL L was in stitches, MIL was giggles and I was laughing so hard I had to sit down because I started to cry and pee my pants all at the same time...

Out of the mouth of babes right? :) These were too good NOT to remember....

Monday, June 25, 2012

Birthday BASH!

Our sweet friends had a combo b-day party for their big girl who turned "3" and their big boy who turned "1" It was an Indian themed party complete with chaps, head dress, a tepee...
 and even war paint on the horse :) Don't think my girl misses a chance to get IN.THIS.BARN. with "her" Hickory :)

 a "real live" tepee... Ali has ALWAYS wanted one and now that she has two kiddies that love the outside just as much as she and her Hubs, seemed like the perfect time! :) Word on the street was that she, her sister and their kids were all sleeping in it on Sunday night! :)
Hostess with the MOST-EST! This girl just knows how to make you feel comfy at her home. We had planned on just popping in for a quick little visit and to drop off our gift but I found that I DIDN'T even want to leave :) I mean, friends, gorgeous weather, animals, food and a water slide right before we left? Why WOULD we? :)

 GREAT cake!
 and the ONLY reason my kid thinks you HAVE a party... for the cake :)
 Yeah for the W family being there :) I am so enjoying commiserating with T during our pregnancies :)
 I mean we REALLY all LOVE this place...
 My girl and her BFF :)
 and then it was time for the water slide!!!!
 Do you think she loved it?
I assure you SHE DID! :)
An amazing day with great friends, food and weather. I love summer! :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Taking care of cravings...

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had a hankering for some seafood... and when we decided on the location... I think this guy had a plan up his sleeve as well :)

 Let's see... raspberries, cream, biscuits... yeah... she's a fan :)
 and when Grampa let her have the whole bowl to herself... they don't come much happier...

Except when Mom and Dad get a taste :)

and then it just gets silly when we drive the 1/2 hour home... :)
THANK YOU for a great YUMMY FOOD-filled night CountryRents!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

We FINALLY bought her a battery...

Course she hasn't minded NOT having one and has already spent countless hours just sitting in and playing with the buttons that don't work... it's a whole new ball game now...

Fletch ~ this just enables her to get to the pool that.much.faster. :)

32... ALMOST 33 Weeks

A picture post for Tracy :) Weight gain is a little more this time (although I started OUT smaller so I think I'm pretty even) but this baby Girl is smaller than Minnie at this stage of the game...

Just to compare... the first go-round

It's the next 4 weeks when the face will get nice and puffy and the belly gets even BIGGER than I could have imagined if history repeats itself...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ho-Hahn aka "Low-Gee" Turns THREE

The past two days have been 100 degrees in the shade, I'm 8 months pregnant and I think these pictures speak for themselves... so... enjoy! :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

31 Weeks ~ Miss B

Net weight gain/loss: Up 33 lbs according to Doc

Maternity clothes: Uh... yah

Stretch marks: Yes

Belly button: OUT

Sleep: Not as great... up at LEAST 4 times to pee and the snoring from weight gain has kicked in...poor Husband.

Baby movement: Yes and I LOVE it! I can start feeling limbs :)

Food cravings: No real CRAVING but I do have a hankering for seafood ~ haven't fulfilled that yet..

Food aversions: Mexican and fries in my oven

What I miss: my "cute" Athleta bathing suit, being comfortable and my AE Jeans :) sleeping through the night (I know I know that will be a long time coming back :)

Looking forward to: What happened this week (6/14) at the Docs: Miss B is weighing in at 4lbs 3oz and is in the 62%. Her heart rate is 155 and she scored 8/8. My BP was 98/60 and my A1C with Loretta had gone up to 6.2. RAH. Really working on getting that back down but also trying to remember there is a whole bunch that is OUT.OF.MY.CONTROL.

This is the last week of "weekly" appointments (6/21) and we move into U/S twice a week, RN once a week and Loretta will stay at once a month. I guess we ARE coming into the final stretch....

Monday, June 18, 2012

Soaking it up... and coming together...

Nana aka CountryMum painted the "craft" table made by my great-grandfather, to go in the new soon to be revealed playroom aka DEN. Minnie is ALREADY loving the space in here and making good use of the newly painted table. I am loving the independence it offers her to sit and do some crafting. Husband and I snagged an inexpensive, cushy rug to put down in the space in hopes of protecting our existing carpet at least a LITTLE bit from two teenie budding are-tEEESTs! :)
I also posted this pic on FB but wanted to have it here for posterity... my sweet neighbor brought down a whole QUART of fresh picked local strawberries...
My girl and I wasted NO time digging in. I feel like I'm trying to soak up every single SECOND of her RIGHT NOW. This past weekend was the last time it will just be the two of us... Daddy has been gone on his annual fishing trip and I found myself thinking when he gets home on Monday... that's it... from now on this summer it is the 3 of us (yippee) and when he goes back to school... Baby Sister will BE HERE.

I know that life as our family of 3 knows it... is going to change DRASTICALLY in 8ish short weeks and I LOVE her at this stage and age. She makes me laugh daily and the past few days have been filled with responses from her like "SURE, ok Mom, right away, YEP, I'd LOVE to "  

What's NOT to love? :) My "goose"... you are going to be the BEST big sister and I have LOVED every single SECOND I have spent with JUST you these past 2 1/2 years... I look forward to making even MORE memories with your little sister and having even more "GIRL TIME! GIRL TIME!!!" :) (the phrase we kept saying all weekend while Daddy was gone! :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Getting my "crunchy hippy" on...

It's time... time to start getting REALLY ready for "Miss B" or "baby sister" as she is fondly refered to in this house... things are getting washed....

and it's game on time...  
Thanks CountryMum for helping wash the cloth dipes! Even if Miss B turns out extra sensitive like her BIG sister (and we turn back to our tried and true HUGGIES) at least I can say I gave it another shot ~ I stripped them and they will be sun bleached and ready for her in just a few weeks...

Friday, June 15, 2012

A FUNNY for a Friday

I recently saw this on Pinterest. I can't link the direct site it came from because there were FAR too many bad words... and this IS a family friendly show... I think my favs. are the tornado and epidural comments:

Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Little Geeks"

That's what Husband/Daddy would call us all dressed alike matchy matchy right down to our pink and black clickers :) good thing he was at work or someone would have had to change before we all left the house like this :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Baby Aunnie LuLu!

On Sunday I had the blessed opportunity to attend a party for Laura Jane's upcoming bundle of baby BLUE! :) Her friends and family did a great job "showering" she and D and I think after her shower from her work peeps and this one filled with friends and family they should be all set to welcome Baby NC in just a few short weeks! :)

 oh... and did I mention the "other" redhead was there? :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE any time with these gals and celebrating life's biggest moments... better than anything.
Can't wait to meet you NC! You are loved beyond measure AL-READY!