Friday, June 1, 2012

Track Banquet 2012

I just don't really feel like this picture does it justice... 30+ pairs of shoes, backpacks, yearbooks and track paraphernalia... :)
This one helps... and also shows how much my girl LOVES to be in the thick of it. She LOVES her some "Big Kids" and this track season has REALLY latched onto a few girls and has LOVED going to Daddy's track meets and practices.
Getting ready to listen to Daddy give out awards... which the poor guy didn't make it through without a few tears. He does LOVE to coach, LOVE these girls and LOVE his seniors. This was his 21st year coaching (NO RAISE IN 14 YEARS) and I am OVER THE TOP proud of him. I tease now about how long he'll have been doing it when Minnie and Miss B are running/jumping/throwing for him but it is AMAZING :)
 And it wouldn't be a party if she didn't get some sort of tasty treat! :) There was even a cake this time but she saw these cookies with blue sprinkles and it was a done deal :)

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