Monday, June 18, 2012

Soaking it up... and coming together...

Nana aka CountryMum painted the "craft" table made by my great-grandfather, to go in the new soon to be revealed playroom aka DEN. Minnie is ALREADY loving the space in here and making good use of the newly painted table. I am loving the independence it offers her to sit and do some crafting. Husband and I snagged an inexpensive, cushy rug to put down in the space in hopes of protecting our existing carpet at least a LITTLE bit from two teenie budding are-tEEESTs! :)
I also posted this pic on FB but wanted to have it here for posterity... my sweet neighbor brought down a whole QUART of fresh picked local strawberries...
My girl and I wasted NO time digging in. I feel like I'm trying to soak up every single SECOND of her RIGHT NOW. This past weekend was the last time it will just be the two of us... Daddy has been gone on his annual fishing trip and I found myself thinking when he gets home on Monday... that's it... from now on this summer it is the 3 of us (yippee) and when he goes back to school... Baby Sister will BE HERE.

I know that life as our family of 3 knows it... is going to change DRASTICALLY in 8ish short weeks and I LOVE her at this stage and age. She makes me laugh daily and the past few days have been filled with responses from her like "SURE, ok Mom, right away, YEP, I'd LOVE to "  

What's NOT to love? :) My "goose"... you are going to be the BEST big sister and I have LOVED every single SECOND I have spent with JUST you these past 2 1/2 years... I look forward to making even MORE memories with your little sister and having even more "GIRL TIME! GIRL TIME!!!" :) (the phrase we kept saying all weekend while Daddy was gone! :)

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