Friday, April 29, 2011

PRETTY Princess ~ Handsome Prince PARTY!

When Liz, her Hubby and Pheebs were over for dinner a few weeks ago, Liz and I got talking about the ROYAL WEDDING. Up until that day I really hadn't given it TOO much thought which is odd because I do LOVE, Love, anything famous and of COURSE weddings. Once she mentioned it I was in... hook, line and Lifetime Movie "William and Kate" sinker. So Liz and I chatted about doing a "themed" play date the day before the wedding was to take place and have a Princess/Prince play date! :) It was a BLAST!!!!! The kids came dressed up and ready to PLAY! the Tu-Tu's were poofy and the tiaras were sparkly!!!

Of course we had tasty treats... Liz brought cream puffs with raspberry jam... YUM!!!

There was fruit, quiche, scones....

pretty princess party dresses

Lots of play, sharing, learning and making new friends

Did I mention tiaras?

Please note the Royal Highness's on their "throne" which doubles as my window sill.

And in true Liz and Country Mouse fashion... OUR version of a princess party would NOT be complete without a little balance.... so Liz brought the book "Does the Princess wear hiking boots?" :) OF COURSE SHE DOES!

ah yes... and there were cupcakes....

and there was one small pretty princess who only likes the ICING off the cupcakes :) it just totally cracked me up that NONE of the cake was touched and it just looked like J.T. forgot to ice one of them.

Story time with J.T.

and checking to see if the "glass slippers" fit...

Ah... the guests :) Glory came to live vicariously through those of us in the "thick" of it right now and to offer some perspective to we young moms that we have to soak up EVERY second because before we know it... our pretty princesses are going to be seniors in high school getting ready to leave for college just like hers...

My hostess in crime and her neighbor-friends :)

Gorgeous Lil' who brought all her friends personalized tiaras and butterfly wands :) (that her DADDY picked out for her to bring. SO FUN!)

I couldn't decide between the two. I loved them both so I put them both up :) Seriously.... how was it that this girl wasn't supposed to LIVE just a year ago?

God is good to have spared her life so that she could bring her youngest pretty princess to the party :) Poor H.O. looks surprised but I WARNED her I was snapping the pic :)

The little prince who completes these girls was getting his handsome rest in his "carriage" in my driveway :)

Ah....we DID have a couple of princes there :) Good for them to be mixed in with the princesses. We can't have these girls TOO girlY :)

J.T. and her little gorgeous girl :)

and Mama S with the little S girls :)

and what happens to MY pretty princess when she hosts a pah-ty at her castle and doesn't take a good rest....she needs "a bink, a bear" and some Baby Einstein to chill out :)
Yes I DID wake up early to watch the royal wedding LIVE, yes I DID love her dress and yes I DID get all geeked up in the hype and teach my daughter when the pretty girl in the white dress came on TV that she was indeed "a pretty princess" :) Once in a lifetime.... once in a lifetime.

Egg Hunt ~ Do-Over

The Saturday before Easter J.T. and I had planned to do an egg hunt with the snowed. Only in Northern New England I guess would you plans for an egg hunt get foiled the day AFTER I got a sunburn on my SNOW. :) It ended up working out ok though because we exchanged the Daddy's being there for PHEEBS and Liz who wouldn't have been able to make the Saturday date. :) SOOOOO FUN to have these girls all together on Wednesday in their Easter finest! :) We opted for the photo shoot FIRST before we let them run free and wild in J.T.'s backyard. You try wrangling 3 *almost* 1 1/2 year olds for a picture... :)

Clearly they are not amused....clearly, their Mommies are NOT funny....or really anything BUT crazy and weird. I foresee that face on Minnie as she looks at me when she's 16....

The best one of Dani girl... :)

After taking no less than 35 pics OUTSIDE we moved it in to try them sitting on the couch....nice of Pheebs to comfort my girl who really wants her BOOOOOOOOTTTSSS back on and to get BACK outside! :)

Dani missed the memo. :)

and Minnie's ALL DONE.


Off to find the eggs!!! This is serious business!

An 'ol pro....

I think Pheebs better watch her basket :)

First.Candy.Ever. :) Starburst Jelly Bean!!!

Always an amazing time with the gals!!! And I love it when we have something FUN and new for the little girls to try! :) They had a blast and so did WE! :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How we spent SPRING break...

With "Ky-lah" and "Doe-Doe" (not seen in this picture since he covered his head with his sweatshirt when I tried to get him to sing Casting Crowns because I LOVE his voice :) Ah... *almost* 13 year olds...what can yah do? :) Take pics of their little sisters I guess :)
we wore winter BOOOOOOTTTSSSS after dinner, just to play with Dad.... these pics are for Auntie :)

I honestly don't know what we'll do when they don't fit anymore. A couple of weeks ago, trying to get out the door to church, my girl and I had what I can only guess will be our first of MANY wardrobe clashes. She had on church shoes... and wanted her BOOOTS......She WORE her church shoes. I'm going to make up the sticker for her back "I dressed myself" for the next time. :)We spent an afternoon in this girls lake...

and were really sad that this guy couldn't get into his OWN boat but we were still SO happy he came :) Nana got the job of watching these two crazy girls :) (and I think because of that, no pics of Nana in action.... :) whoopsie...

but one of this GUY in action :) How much does he LOVE having a fishing pole in the water? :)

and how much does HE love sitting outside in the sun?? :) with his new bud? :)

"trapped" in the back of the truck :) they were NOT psyched. :)

even LESS psyched... :) trapped in kayaks that were ON DRY LAND! :) THAT'S NO FUN!!!

We also made a new friend....

fell in love with "Bella"....

and made us miss our boy even more but realize that we might be ready for another furry, four legged friend to live with us again....

The weather COULD have been better, the company COULDN'T have been more fantastic and a whole WEEK with Husband...well you all know how much I treasure time with Husband... so that was just the BEST. :) I look forward to summer. :)