Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My friends ROCK!

Last week H.O. called to see if I had my dinner menu worked out for the week and could I use some of her TASTY "catering food" vegetable chowder? Um... YEAH! :) I love love love this soup she makes and I was SO excited to have another night OFF from cooking... I received the soup on Wednesday and planned to use it on Thursday.

Husband is my MEAT AND POTATO guy but will also eat whatever is for dinner... he's never PSYCHED about vegetarian night but will roll with it without too many complaints... fast forward to Thursday AM ~ message left by Mama H that she had made Husband his FAVORITE ~ Shepard's Pie and could she drop it off for him to eat for dinner THURSDAY NIGHT :) It was a win/win all around.

I didn't have to cook. Husband didn't have to eat ANY vegetables. I got ALL the chowder to.my.SELF.

My friends ROCK. :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Pictures from Friends

My friends have been sending me pics for a couple of weeks and I wanted to take a minute to put them up here so I'd have them ~ forever

Nap Story hour at the library for the little ones...
 Sweet friends and how blessed am I to be sandwiched in between them? :)

 Little Lil' turned 3 and celebrated with her friends at the local animal shelter. I'd never been and for my animal loving girl she had a ball!

Even if it doesn't LOOK like it :)
 The BIG birthday girl!!! Concentration at its best! :)
 Opening gifts at her John Deere themed party :) LOVE IT! (well, except for the part where it wasn't a FORD party with BLUE tractors :)
 Some outtakes from H.O. of my girls at Roo's party...

 Apparently no one TOLD her to eat the cupcake like this...she just didn't want to get sticky? I have no idea who this child is? Messes don't typically bother her :)

Thank you for capturing these moments Yiz, Tamarah and H.O. This blogger appreciates the pictures SO much! :) xoxoxoxoxoxox

Sunday, October 28, 2012


She is just havin' a moment with the LORD :) I love it!

Her latest favorite song... she really CAN sing out the chorus ~ I'll have to try to get that on video another time :) Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's THAT time of year again...

Watch out "Yum Yum"...

He's got two more in the makin'...
 "Gut Deer" and "Deer Slayer in Training" :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Camera Dump

Snuggle time with "Jeffrey" :)
 Giggle time too :)

 Me and the girls... :) aka The girls and I :)

 What happens when "Big Sister" is sleeping...

 WE play :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Pumpkin Farm

On Wednesday we tagged along again to the field trip organized by my friend's pre-school co-op. We feel so blessed to reap the benefits of hangin' with our peeps!!!! :)

Is there anything cuter than teenie tiny butt cheeks on the side of a white fence? :)
sweet B family! Minnie LOVES ALL FOUR of these guys and considers their house her version of "Disneyland" :)

Me and my gals... can you tell by Minnie's face that they had just started the tractor for the hay ride? BAH! :)
By FAR the best part of the trip... the "Jumping Pillow" ~ no age or weight limit and so much FUN! :)
Wild Card Aesa! :)
The part I love the most... my friends ROCK as Mom's! They challenge me as a wife, a friend and a mother and they KNOW how to have a good time WITH their kids! :) I LOVE THEM! And I am BLOWN AWAY by the fact that we are all SO blessed to have Husband's who work so hard so that we can BE with our kids. These are moments we'll NEVER get back and they are FLYING by. We are all so fortunate to have men who stand up and "provide and protect" us and our little people.

Playing Little House on The Prarie :)
Sweet Diva Dani and Minnie...
A great time with my girls enjoying local fun, sunshine, friends and the "simple" joys of the outdoors. I think her face says it all... :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

It's a good thing she's CUTE

Makes it easier to see her "mug" a few times in the middle of the night... :)
xoxoxoxox I do LOVE you sweet girl... :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Another One of those "Catch UP" picture dump posts...

Last Sat Minnie went to her friend "Roo's" b-day party. I'll let you guess the theme....
 Off on the "Treasure Hunt"...
 The ADORABLE Birthday BOY!!!

sweet Pheebs :)
 YUMMY "Chocolate" BEET cupcakes :) but they really were YUUUMMMYYYY :)
 Monday we started the week off RIGHT and HB came down to FINALLY  (just teasin' HB :) meet Miss B before she heads off to kindergarten :) (again... JUST TEASIN' :) Of course the traditional side pic for CountryDad because he does love her hair :)
 clearly so does Miss B :)
 HB's An-Roo and Minnie WERE in the house but they were just having so much fun all over the place that HB and I got to have a nice little visit :)

Sweet moment that HB caught was the two of them looking out the window in my "mudroom" ~
An-Roo asked Minnie "Where's your dad? At work?"
Minnie replied with "Yeah..."
An-Roo "How come?"
Minnie "So I can stay home...."

Husband is a stand-up guy but that made me SO stinkin' proud to hear... THANK YOU BABY FOR OUR LIFE HERE AT HOME! :)

Ah... then Tuesday rolled around... and the, probable rabid fox is now dead....we had an earthquake for the first time EVER in my life which was big enough that we thought the furnace was going to explode, the chimney fall off the house or a nuclear bomb had gone off....
 AND Tamarah came over with Miss O :) Sweet Lil' was at school so Minnie had to hang with the ladies and babies... but it was so nice to have a baby visit and chit chat with Tamarah :)

 You can tell that Minnie hears everything AND pays attention... holding Miss O she piped up with... "She looks like Do-Do and Skylar..." :) hee hee hee... people tell her that much? Or maybe her baby sister? :)