Monday, May 22, 2017

Crazy Sisters

Titi's pool is open... these two don't care that the water temp is 60!!!! BRRRRR....


Saturday, May 20, 2017

We don't DO cats...

but Miss B sure does... and has been BEGGING since before Christmas for a "real" cat....
 we surprised her....

and her ;) she doesn't like cats either... :)

meet "Discus"

I'd say for a "barn cat" he's settling in nicely....

and has already figured out who likes him least... and likes to taunt him while he's at work... ;)
and of course the question on everyone's mind is "how does Defense like Discus"?? So in order to keep everyone ALIVE we have kept them separated... if one is out the other one is trapped somewhere (the bathroom or a crate) but I think in typical cat fashion this one is going to end up running the show....

he has his own food and water bowl but as soon as I refill the dogs... this is where he is...
we're not entirely sure how we are going to get them acclimated together but we are going to give Discus some time to get some size to him and then hopefully they will figure it out
in the meantime, Miss B is loving life and loving her very TOLERANT kitty :)

Family Dance Party

Last year it was a "Spring Fling" theme and our entire family went....this year due to schedule mix ups (rescheduled track meets due to EXCESSIVE HEAT) and the fact that Minnie would rather be at a track meet than a DANCE party and I HAD to be there as part of the PTSA, we divided and conquered! :)

Can you spy Miss B???

This year it was a Wild West theme... thank goodness for Ali and her barn 'o goodies!

we had a GREAT turnout considering the weather was beautiful and it is spring sports...

Me and my dancin' queen... she had a rough go not really knowing who to play/dance with and then had a hard lesson in "raffles" but we did have SOME fun :)

and then as soon as the meet was over lookie who showed up for the last 10 minutes :) Funny she had a ball when she got there with her buds but I asked her if she was happy with the choice she made and she said OH YEAH! I LOVE track meets and I still got to come here for a few minutes :) Love my "sporty-spice" :)

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Days of the Week

Chemo Days...

Tradition for Mother's Day

every DAY


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

You *might* be a redneck if...

THIS is your idea of a "water park"....

we LOVE living in the woods...

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A BIG day for a little girl....

You might remember a couple of years ago this happened
Minnie Kindergarten screening 2015
now guess who's turn it was.... (insert hysterical Mom crying)

She was absolutely MORE than ready, SO super excited and THRILLED to pieces!

A link HERE to Minnie wearing this shirt on her first day of school

How did I get so blessed that these girls call me Momma?? My time at home is coming to a close but how AMAZING that I was there at home for ALL of it... so thankful.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Karisa's Bridal Shower

Also the same weekend that I did THIS... I also helped with the bridal shower for our Pastor's sweet daughter. She is the last of her 4 siblings to get married and she hold such a special place in my heart. I taught her in my 4/5 year old Sunday School and then she taught Minnie in the very same class :)

I am so blessed that the Hospitality Committee lets me come along side for the parties :)

Sweet Liz created this "wedding dress" cupcake cute (and tasty!)

these two are just part of an amazing dream team of ladies who make it all come together!!!

Minnie was THRILLED to be there (Miss B had the choice but when she heard there was a lot of "sitting quietly" she said "yah. I'm not gonna do that. I'm going home with Dad to my DOG." :)

We played a fun (for us :) game. In order to have the kitchen utensils pinned to her apron she had to tell us the book of the Bible a portion of Scripture we read to her was from... i.e. "In the beginning.." she says "Genesis" and gets a utensil. Fun to pick on a Pastor's kid once in a while :) what was even MORE fun was when we gave her a challenge and her Dad's timing could not have been more perfect...

he walked in and was immediately her "phone a friend" and because he was not expecting it and was in a ROOM FULL OF LADIES it did take him a second but he got it and helped out his girl :) So fun!

Clearly she did well and we think she had fun! :)

some of her BIGGEST little fans!

Sweet girls...