Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Sunday ~ Cookie Day

These two sweeties are a week-ish apart. Miss B is wearing a skirt that is 10 years old and sweet A is also wearing a dress that is a hand-me-down. How crazy that the Christmas plaid just never changes :)

and THIS happened...
Photo courtesy of E.M.
Miss B ran up in front of everyone and sang Away in a Manager for the entire congregation (with a little help from Nana). I did not get ANY pictures OR video because I was too busy crying and not wanting to miss the moment. I'm thankful for this one albeit blurry. My girl was a STAR ;) I was so proud!

Then it was on to the annual cookie packaging by the girls and MIL. It is all very quiet...

most of us are reserved...

and not CRAZY at all....

We'd like to blame it on the sugar but we don't even taste test until the end ;)

so instead we blame her ;)

the tag writers ;)

it is one of my MOST favorite days before Christmas. MIL's kitchen filled with giggles, fun, and silliness are THE BEST!

Meanwhile... the living room. They USED to all play TOGETHER... ;)

and to finish off the afternoon... a celebration for this gal! Happy Birthday Bets!

he's your gift that just keeps GIVING right? :)

Celebrating the Season

Last week we took the co-op on a little field trip. Liz's Nana is in an Assisted Living facility and we went to sing a few Christmas carols for them. The kids did SO SO SO GREAT. They have been practicing and practicing and they did SUCH an awesome job!

Miss B's favorite song "Where is Santa" :)

Liz also prepared a craft for us to do with the residents. They loved it and so did the kiddos.

It was definitely a special time for all of us.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Polar Express at the Library Version 2.0

If you wanna see the original version of the Batman jammies click HERE
Minnie and her peeps are too cool for school... to think they won't be here next year because they will be at SCHOOL :( (they are all PSYCHED about it! :)

this picture makes me laugh ;) poor Miss O!

Miss Karen doing what she loves to do... snuggle babies and wear her jammies :)

sweet cousins (and a girl "skipping" school ;) love it!

that's better...

The kids trying to pacify me with a picture reenactment

they are SUCH good sports!
Minnie and her friends just a few years ago...
Miss B AND Minnie with some of the same "old" friends and new friends!

Sweet memories for my girls this holiday season.... love it!

Sunday, December 21, 2014


as big as Miss B....

She does love to sing "in SUMMMAAAHHH" but this guy freaks her out a little bit :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014

Hanging with our homies

as IF I can pull off a title like that ;) This week was filled with moments with friends and we enjoyed every second.

So no guesses on a random picture of five gals wearing protective hairnets and pretend lab coats in front of something holding hard hats? Really?
Photo Credit: Joe
Best part of MY day on Monday was getting a PERSONALIZED tour of the B & M Baked Beans FACTORY! It helps to know people :) and it was SUPER COOL to check it all out! I loved it!

From there we headed over to the mall where I had a return disaster but sweet Tamarah was bound and determined not to let that drag me down! :) Off to the carousel!

Minnie had a bit of a "moment" but we worked it all out and she came AROUND. (pun totally intended :)

I love her. All her sass, her stubborn, her finding her own way, her leadership. All of her.

I do NOT however, love carousels Yuck.

(special thanks to Tamarah for capturing the above pictures)

Onward and upward we headed to do a few more things. Tamarah ran off and left me trapped, went alone to get her things done QUICKER and I got to hang out with these silly monkeys!

So much FUN once this CountryMouse turned herself around and made the best of it! :)

On Wednesday we went to Sky's game and invited friends. There is not much sweeter.

But this is pretty sweet too :)

Co-Op Friday... post school...

and after a WEEK of ice, rain, rain, slush, grey, the sun came out... so my sassy sunglass sisters went out to soak up the sun with Mama... Love them