Friday, May 29, 2009

Who? ME!?!?!

Today marks 13 weeks since our little Teenie Mouse has taken up residence.... and we couldn't be MORE thrilled.... I'd like to start a new "series" (is that what it should be called? :) to really let you all know what a miracle this little Teenie Mouse is. Enter.... Fertility Fridays....I bet CountryDad CAN'T wait! :) First FF... next week. I'll give yah a week to let the news set in... :) It took us about that long....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


In list form...

  • Friday I took the day off and spent it cleaning closets, switching over from winter to summer clothes, lounging on the deck in the sun with HER and doing load after load of laundry and housework. It was a GREAT day.
  • Friday night I skipped to the big city to have dinner with Laura Jane and HB and how I did not haul out my camera is beyond me...
  • Saturday I got to hang out with Jess and scoot to see GA compete in her final event and smooch the Husband while at "work" hee hee hee
  • Sunday the weather cleared off after SS, Church and we said goodbye to another dear friend and Husband got the vehicles washed (have I mentioned yet today how I love him? Oh I do!)
  • Monday....I think the pics are self-explanatory

My BFF is a ROCK.STAR!!! This part of Monday deserved to be all alone... I'll be back to show you how the rest of the day went tomorrow!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Dear Spring....

I love you, I promise I do....
The colors make me so happy... the warm weather feels SOOOo good....
WE all know green IS my favorite COLOR....
and the things I planted before we turned all cold and brown and yucky are up...
and GORGEOUS.... knew, Dear Spring, there was a but.... could we PUH-LEEEZEEEE do something about that nasty yellow pollen and the things that get shot out from the trees that make me want to detach my head from my body and LEAVE it there until sometime in mid-June? Please? Just curious.


Can't live without my Z*y*r*t*e*c

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Annual Track Girls FEED

Parents of girls...just a little glimpse of what your homes may look like during the teenage years... Good.Luck.

AND I LOVED EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF IT! :) I love love LOVE when my home is filled and I LOVE it especially when it with kids! :) SO much FUN!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tuesday night... posted on Wed....

A couple of the Y KIDS came for dinner on Tuesday night (they LOVE it when I call them "kids" absolutely LOVE it!) And of course what would be dinner without this one with her head on the table!? WHAT!? :) At least this time she wasn't doing THIS....
Reebsie loves it when friends come to visit and play... he just wishes that she could play outside and not RUN away! :)
And then B fell asleep... or wait... was that me? Or maybe it was her because Jeopardy was so boring... or maybe that was me... during Dancing with the you know who's... but pretty sure it was B.... or maybe it was me? :)

Of course always fun with these "young adults" (how's that kidlet? :) We are praying specifically that A is able to travel to China this summer as he has planned. There is talk that due to the flu it might not happen and that would be VERY disappointing to him. Even though we wouldn't be oppossed to him home for the summer to help Husband with some MANUAL labor because if there is anything A loves... it is MANUAL LABOR! :) (hee hee hee)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Weekend Report (it's a big 'un)

It was just one of THOSE weekends... the kind where you start partying on Friday night and it never stops until Sunday night... I'm too old for too many of these weekends... don't I look it? Glory and Mama H surprised The Sunshine Family on Saturday night with a little bless the new baby shower! We cannot wait for the new little one to get here and Mama S is pretty ready at this point as well...:)
It was so fun to have all the families together to hang out, eat (what else would we do when we got together? :) and fellowship!
Glory brought her homemade "petite fours" and Mama H made homemade pizzas... good times! Go check out Mama H's blog for better "action" shots!
On the way home we stopped in to see GA at her first night back to the ice cream shop. No ice cream for us... just silly giggles and laughs! :)
Sunday I was a busy bee getting things ready for the 2nd and 3rd parties of the weekend... both to be hosted at the Mouse House (thanks again Bets! :) Someone was not thrilled with the dozen balloons crowding HIS space!
JJ, J and CJ thought they were coming for LUNCH... if you can see JJ's face he's not REAL impressed with the change in plans that made him have to park at the bottom of the driveway because there were SO many cars in my yard! :) I love it! (All pics from this party courtesy of J.T. thanks my friend!!!)

She might "look" ready but she still says she's enjoying her PGcy and is just fine with the little one still inside... not much longer though until I GET TO HOLD HIM!!! :) Can't wait to meet my new nephew!!

My house was filled with family and friends... food (thanks to all the help from my friends)
and JJ and J were blessed with practical things like dipes, wipes and G.C.'s!!

Great weekend... great family.... great friends... I was EXHAUSTED ON MONDAY! :) Pretty sure I still am!!! :) Wouldn't have traded it for anything!