Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weekend Re-cap. Captioned.

Only in Northern New England would you set up a child with a rake and a pile o' snow... Master Kid-Sitter :)
Officially: SPRING!
Pic taken by Miss Sky herself! :)
It was exhausting work...
Classic L&L :)
Funny funny girl...
1st Burger at the same place her parents went on their first DATE! :)
Surprise meet up! (surprise I accidentially deleted the BIGGER picture of THIS! GGGRRRRR.... RE-DO girls??)

Love him.

Monday, March 30, 2009


I think we make them SO proud... :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

FUN (flashback) Friday!!

Just for fun today...

Are you an "expert"?

I started thinking about this on Wednesday as I headed to a Starbucks to meet a new friend. Often I get really bad anxiety when it comes to new situations, dentist visits, doctor's visits, people I don't know, talking, etc. I know. Dramatic. :) but as I scooted up the highway on my way to meet someone new I had complete and total peace.

I knew barely anything about my new friend except for the fact that as of 10 days ago we now share a common thread. She was, at 27 years old, diagnosed with the same "fatal disease" that I have. It came from out of NO where, shocked her, her family, and her husband and has, of course, now taken over her life.

I prayed on my way to see her, I had my girlfriends praying for me, and I was EXCITED to get to talk to her. We were immediate friends and we shared for over 2 hours about what she's going through, what I went through and continue to go through and I found myself the "resident expert". It is IMPOSSIBLE to be a "perfect diabetic" but I hope through my stories, my experiences and sharing life with her that she sees although it is now a PART of her life it doesn't have to BE her life.

I started thinking about why I wasn't nervous, or anxious or sick to my stomach :) and I think I came to the conclusion that it was because I feel like I'm an "expert" in this area of my life. NOT a "model" diabetic by any means. (Lord knows, especially since I was showing her how my meter "beams" my blood sugars directly to my pump and my BS was 190! :) )

BUT that I have lived it. I have done the stages, I have made the adjustments and I am happy (and my parents are relieved I'm sure :)) to say that even though it was a little sketchy there for a few years in the begining and then again in my 20's....I think I've ended up ok with it. I have not been BACK to the hospital for an overnight stay since my diagnosis.

My disease is NOT something I want to be reminded about every time I turn around but it is something I have learned to live with. I don't WANT to be defined as a "good diabetic" because my sugars are perfect ALL the time or a "bad diabetic" because I have a bad day!

FYI ~ It doesn't "HELP" when people say "are you supposed to be eating that?" or are your "sugars ok for that cookie?" I don't know. You are 45+ lbs over-weight and I don't ask YOU if you should "have that piece of cake" :)

Harsh? Maybe. But after 17 years I think I get to make those comments. For the people around me who are just learning to adjust to a whole new way of life... and so maybe they don't have to go through all the other "emotional" stuff in a "normal person's" effort to help. My new friend K.T. will be JUST fine and I'm just here for a moment to, I hope, guide her into the next chapter and show her it REALLY isn't SO bad.

I am the RESIDENT EXPERT in my own disease and that's enough for me.

Are you an expert in something that you could offer wisdom, guidance, an ear to someone who is newly starting out on a path you have already traveled? Can you help someone else work through their season?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little People Singing and Dancing...

On Tuesday evening (I know I know I'm SO behind on this thing!!! Hush Hush CountryDad!!) :) We flew out of the house to go to Sky's Music and Art Gala at school...handsome music teacher don't you think J.T.?? :) Striking resemblance to "The Dude" :)I'm disappointed that all my pics came out so blurry...I'm not sure if it was because we were SITTING ON THE FLOOR!?!?! :) Or if it was because I was just so excited for her I was shaking? :)This little gem...SO cute! I asked Sky if she thought this girl's momma would mind if I just snatched her right up and threw her in my car to take home! She was having a BALL all night and those dimples were a KILLER!! :)

The square dancing was probably my favorite part. Grampa was a huge square dancer in his day...Husband thought he should have been there and would have loved it I'm sure! :)

Of course we all had to have our opportunity to get a pic with the STAR of the event!!Hey look... P.Q.!!!! :) I told yah we are all related! :)I couldn't miss a pic of the HANDSOME one on the right...whew he just makes picture taking EASY!!! :)Here was her submission for the Art Gala.... Brando if you can make this bigger I think you'll LOVE what she did with D-man's shirt! :) You might be obsessed when.... :)

So fun and so cute! It was worth sucking down the mac 'n cheese and hot dogs as we flew out the door :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Catch up... the weekend...

Saturday afternoon Husband and I took off on a date afternoon/evening! I was SOOO excited just to spend the time with him since it seems like everything that has been going on in our lives recently has really not been "fun". It was so awesome to just reconnect, TALK and enjoy each other!!! In the process of the afternoon.... negotiations have begun!!! This does NOT mean, by any MEANS, that we are close to anything permanent but it is good for Husband to get the ball rolling... yes. I said Husband. This is how I like to do business...I.DON'T. :)
I had so much fun just hanging out with my man!! I love you baby! Thanks for the date day!!! :)

Sunday we had special visitors at church that then came over for a quick lunch and visit before they had to head north. My cousin R, his wife D and their son M were in the area for the weekend. It was great to be with family!!! If you think of it... lift them up in your prayers over the next few months... they have some struggles of their own going on....

A great family filled weekend... and you know that's just how I like 'em!!! :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

(Updated) Done. Book Review

Countless hours, many months, a little break between books 1-2 and 3-4....2,379 pages later... and I'm DONE!

*picture from ama z 0n

Quick Review for Tracy :) I LOVED it... I loved what an easy read it was, I loved how addicting it was, I love how the books kept building on each other and I LOVED the "happy" ending. This was not a book series that I would have EVER just decided to read on my own but when all the hype came out on the internet this summer, when it was all anyone (ok, pre-teen girls let's be honest) were talking about and when my neice showed up with it at MIL's one day I HAD to see what the rage was about!! :) I'm glad I did.

Vampires, werewolves, teenie boppers, not really my gig...normally :) But I think because this was such an easy read it was so quick to suck me in (pun totally intended). The first book was just a good story. I took Briana to see the movie and I was thrilled that there was no smut, no $ex, no parts during the movie where I was uncomfortable.

As the series went on I have to say I was disappointed with the introduction of $ex when this series really is catering to the pre-teen age group but it was done in the covenant of marriage so perhaps that makes it a little more allowable...though again, not sure if getting married at 18 should be glorified. Thankfully that was not a HUGE part but enough so that it was noticed and would make me think twice about taking Bri Bri to the 3rd and 4th movie, whenever they come out.

All in all... TOTALLY a pleasure read for me and I really enjoyed it. If you want fast, easy and mindless... get sucked in. :)

First Day of Spring

I'm anxious for green, for new buds, new growth, flowers, grass, and allergy attacks.... wait. Did I say that? I'll STRONGLY re-think that when my eyes are itching, my nose is running and I feel MISERABLE because the flowers are blooming but I guess you just have to take the good WITH the bad... and choose to focus on the good.
Here's something good.... the pic I used LAST year on the first day of spring...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A fun(ny) night with GA :)

*EDITED FOR MAMA H and to provide clarification for the rest of you! :)*
The question she posed in my comments "How did you find out that they were COW prints? " because interestingly enough... we have had then in our BACKYARD before when I actually WITNESSED them out my den window, mooing and chewing their cud. Seriously. Sooooo we knew that the "cows had gotten out again".
Well... that and the fact that Husband is a SICK "tracker"! :)

Last night GA came over for dinner and a movie... (The Expre$$ :) A little long but I think we all gave it 2 thumbs up? :) When I got home she and Husband met me at the door asking if I had "noticed" anything... does that NOT make anyone else NERVOUS? :) I had in fact noticed that there was some kind of a "track" going down my driveway and casually mentioned it to Laura Jane while we chatted on the way home but didn't think another thing of it.... until Husband said.... "COWS....we had COWS that came RIGHT UP to our basement door and you did NOT notice the tracks in the SAND!?!?!" I guess I really AM distracted when I chat and drive...*blush* So OUT GA and I went to take pictures of the bovine hooves so that you can all be a part of "living in the country"

Always a blast GA....and ALWAYS quirky at our house :)
P.S. Mama H, did you not notice them when you put the magazine against the basement door?? Perhaps YOU were chatting on your cell as well?? Tee hee hee.... Thanks for the reading material :)
P.S. 2 CountryDad...I made the K F C Coleslaw and put a container of it in your car... no baked goods this time.... a side dish instead :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I know that I have "followers" and I'm sure since this is posted on the 'net for ALL to see that I don't know all of you... (which if I take the time to think about it freaks me RIGHT out) but I thought it would be fun to do a little poll... it is anonymous so PLEASE participate.... See it? Over there on the right?? :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009



Do you want the middle?? :)

Monday, March 16, 2009


it just FEELS like this CJ... What "season" are you in? Are you in High School with your hopes and dreams in front of you... rebellious and anxious to get on with your life instead of just enjoying where you are at and living what you have? Do you not know that this time... this freedom... you will not get back?

Are you in college... planning for the future, making the most of the opportunity and time that you have there where it really is OK to be broke and a moocher?

Are you fresh out of college, trying to figure out where to go, what to do, if you should marry him or move on? Wondering why you don't have a him/her to marry? Which job you should take?

Is it the 20's? Are you married? Engaged? Wishing you were one or the other? Are you planning on starting a family? Are you taking care of loved ones and aged beyond your young years? Are you in the middle of the family praying for the time to pass so that you can sleep again, yet all the while you are... wiping bums... cuddling children....managing your home, your husband/wife, your finances and wondering how it is all going to work out but trusting that it will?

Is it 30? Do you feel the time crunch now? The pressure of being single, the pressure of having kids, the pressure of a career, the pressure of a mortgage....the pressure of your grandparents health and watching your parents deal with it?

How about 40...where I can only assume that the hour glass moves even faster than it is for me right now... where you want to hold onto everything and anyone and not let them grow, change and move from where they are?

50,60,70 and beyond... are you burying loved ones, best friends, caring for the ill, worried about your own health and future? Are you enjoying every minute, looking back with no regrets and absolutely certain about where you will go when you die?

I'm just wondering outloud... what "season" are YOU in?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Weekend Report...

Special Guest at FND (Friday Night Dinner ~ That was for your Mama H :) Everybody loves Rebound... I mean how can you NOT? But these two.... LOOOOVVVEEEE Rebound... and clearly you can tell he doesn't mind a bit... Speaking of someone else that LOOOVVVEEESSSS his dog :) Yes, Husband's head IS that dark... yes I DO try to get him to wear sunscreen and amazing enough... his Vitamin D is VERY VERY low...??? :) You can imagine what happened immediately following this picture... "Sky, STOP! LET GO OF HIM!!!" :) The girl is wild and that's just one of the million reasons WE love her... her brother... mmmm not sure that's one of his top 3... :)
There was EXTRA fun on Friday night at J&E's house but I didn't catch any pics... too busy trying to beat up E in Wii boxing... surprisingly it didn't go as well as it usually does for me... hrrrmm.... I declare A REMATCH!!!! :)
Saturday Laura Jane and I headed out bright and early to go NORTH to meet up Heidi Bree. It was so fun to eat, hang out, eat, chit chat, eat and giggle... did I mention....Eat??? :)
Before we left her house though we had some hang out time, where I let Laura Jane hold the baby for aproximately 45 seconds... thought I should probably capture it for proof... I don't want to be accused of not sharing :) But haven't you heard you really should NOT wake a sleeping baby....or dog? See little Molly on the other side of me?? :)This is my "too much touch" face :) I do love you so though Laura Jane... you know I do :)And little man getting all ready and geared up to hang out at his "other" Nana's house for the day...
but not before I make him pose with the gift he is IN LOVE with from Laura... :) yep. The box. :) H.B. teaches her kids to be thankful, appreciative and to enjoy the little things in life... good job H.B. :)
Speaking of her... this picture is mostly for CountryDad who calls her Heidi Hair... :) I wonder why? She is talking to her hubby who is in IRAQ but will be home in just a short 4.5 months!!!Ready to shop....

just funny.... who knew someone would get it before me?? :) And just because he's so DARN cute...My ULTIMATE favorite picture of the weekend.... the sweetest baby boy...
I know it is Sunday and we have a whole day left in the weekend but we are headed in to see Grampa this afternoon and not sure he's really up for a photo shoot... loves to all...