Saturday, November 28, 2015


Photo courtesy CountryMum
Dear Sweet Minnie,
My heart is overwhelmed with love for you as the years keep going on... the older you get, the more you think on your own, the more you have your own ideas and opinions... I keep falling in love with you almost by the minute.  
Picture courtesy Dawsky Photography
School started for you this year and while we had a rough go to start... a lot of tears and missing each other.... you have grown to LOVE it. Your teacher is so sweet and kind and you are really finding your groove. You have a few good friends and your class as a whole is super sweet. I look forward to building relationships with them as the next several years unfold.
A "typical" day for you, if it is a school day, starts with you waking up around 5:45/6 (ON.YOUR.OWN.) We are pretty much all downstairs as a family by 6:20ish. You are not a HUGE breakfast eater but will have a yogurt, or a pancake or waffle, a homemade muffin or toast. We head upstairs to figure out clothes and it is no joke sweet girl a BATTLE almost daily. You ONLY want to wear dark skinny jeans and t-shirts... The only reason you wore this "Brady" shirt is because of a spirit day at school and you refused to wear a hat...

The only other things you are interested in wearing if the jeans are dirty is your maxi skirt...  ;) I have pulled everything out of your closet that you will.not.wear. and we are down to the "maid" having to do laundry at LEAST 3/4 times a week just to keep YOU dressed. Fun. ;( After, we get dressed and Mom is ready you do a great job doing your "bathroom" things... brushing hair and teeth, etc. and then packing up your lunch and backpack. We head out for school around 8:30 and then... I don't see you again until 3ish... If you take the bus it is closer to 3:40 and if we pick you up it is 3... I LOVE picking you up to have that extra time with you in the afternoon...Because Daddy is between sports seasons he has been able to get you on his way home and I think you both enjoy that special ride. We typically have pretty quiet afternoons, playing outside, coloring in the den or doing some cooking. You are in bed most nights by 7:30. 
Miss B is still your best friend and worst enemy ;) I try to foster the love and protect philosophy so we can avoid too much of the "enemy" part. You two will continue to share a room after all ;) You enjoy playing "school" with her in the den, getting her to play outside with you and "jump dry land" in the swamp or run around with Defense in the yard.
 Most recently you and I have had some nice 1x1 time doing groceries on Sunday afternoons and you love "girl time". You are also SUPER excited it is HALLMARK CHRISTMAS MOVIE time! (if I have done nothing else except point you to Christ, I'm THRILLED you LOVE Hallmark Christmas Movies :) hee hee hee )
Picture courtesy Dawsky Photography

Picture courtesy Dawsky Photography
Minnie, you are WONDERFUL, tall, sweet, beautiful, kind, athletic, sensitive, tough, strong-willed, gorgeous, and more than my wildest dreams. I look forward to the day of telling you how much of a MIRACLE you really are and how SPECIAL I think we are that God picked OUR family for YOU.  
Picture courtesy Dawsky Photography
We all love you so much and look forward to the next year and chapter in your sweet, precious life.
Happy Birthday, love you sweet girl, Daddy, Mommy, and Miss B (and Defense too! :)
STATS: 51 1/2 LBS, 49 1/4 " TALL, BP 110/58 and 20/20 vision

Friday, November 27, 2015

A MeMe from 2008

The last one... was way back HERE (I just came across it trying to explain to Miss B why NOT to pull and twist Defense's ears)

One Word (Currently ~ can't use the same word twice)

Yourself: Hurt
Your husband: Amazing
Your hair: CURLY
Your Mother: GOOD
Your Father: Adventurous
Your Favorite Item: Food
Your dream last night: None
Your Favorite Drink: Red Wine
Your Dream Car: Commander
Your Dream Home: Lake
The Room You Are In: Kitchen
Your fear: Health
Where you Want to be in Ten Years? Home
Who you hung out with last night: Family
What You’re Not: Patient
Muffins: Lemon
One of Your Wish List Items: Cement
Time: 6:06
The Last Thing You Did: Search
What You Are Wearing: Comfy
Your favorite weather: SUN
Your Favorite Book: TheWedding
Last thing you ate: Chips
Your Life: Blessed
Your mood: happy
Your Best Friends: available
What are you thinking about right now: party
Your car: Annoyed
What are you doing at the moment: typing
Your summer: full
Relationship status: Love
What is on your tv: nothing
What is the weather like: DARK
When is the last time you laughed: now

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thankful.... stick with me....

Today is Tuesday... the Tuesday before the Thursday we celebrate Thanksgiving... and Husband and I get to host again this year (we go in a rotation... Us, CountryMum, Mama) and we are THRILLED. Husband has plans for his turkey brine (oh SO good!) and a turkey that is cooked in a barrel. (I am a skeptic) ;)

But first... first before I fall off the face of the earth because I am making sure that THIS year the potatoes (from our garden) are cooked and the table is BEAUTIFUL.... (BAH!) this... is what REALLY matters....

Giving back. People who don't have "traditions" or they DO have traditions but they can't DO them this year because of a health expenses, an unexpected job loss, a pregnancy that wasn't expected....

The BEST part of my Thanksgiving holiday....Spending time bring things to the local shelter...

Sorting things out to "help"

and hearing about the 2000 families that will come to get their Thanksgiving food this year...

Just listening to Megan talk about her "job" which is really her passion is thrilling. She cares so much about people and how to help them find a better life by offering something like food or a space to sleep, to get them back up and on their feet. She is inspiring, focused and driven to help others. It is a beautiful thing to just listen to her talk.

Such a fun time and so cool to be a SMALL part of what this organization does...

THANK YOU MEGAN for taking time out of your CRAZY BUSY time of year to allow our little people a chance to give back.

Monday, November 23, 2015

A Girl and Her Dog....

It had been a while since the three of them were jammed in the back of the truck... clearly Miss B doesn't know... having a giant slobbery dog in her lap...

but her big sister is none too impressed once he tries to climb IN it!
Most days this is their version of exercising the dog and getting some outside time...Lord help us when it snows....

Did a little photo shoot the other day...

Sort of reminds me of another little girl and HER dog...
Except for the part where Defense and Miss B can be like oil and water... almost like siblings in the "fighting" and egging each other on... sometimes I threaten to put the KID in the crate and let the DOG be free because she is an instigator...
the little girl in the picture above and THAT dog... were just in love. Sweet, soft, gentle, RELAXING love... I miss that. :)

Friday, November 20, 2015

A Day For Miss B

On Sunday I had an email from Auntie with an offer I "couldn't refuse" :) She asked if she could take Miss B to the beach on Thursday AM and then take her back to her house for lunch and a Paw Patrol with "Bob". Miss B was THRILLED! I was so excited because I had plans to volunteer in Minnie's classroom and I didn't have to find a sitter!! :) Win/Win!
Thursday morning came and Miss B was ready and raring to go! :) Auntie came to pick her up and they were off...

She had a BLAST! (all pictures below courtesy of Auntie)

She brought her sister's bait bucket and had it all filled with sand and shells for the "whowle famiwie" aka "whole family" :)

She came home after being surprised with McD's for lunch from "Bob", a freeze pop, hot chocolate, and THREE Paw Patrols. Apparently "Bob" has 12 other shows taped and she is so excited to go back!
My favorite part of listening to her chat about her day may have been the reenactment of the teeter-totter on the kitchen floor and when I asked her if she rode home quietly in the backseat and she said "no... I chatted it up with "Bob" on the way home" :)
Minnie is a pro at going off and having adventures on her own but Miss B has not had many opportunities. This was SUCH a special day for her and she loved having all spoiling and attention for sure! :)

These two are just so precious to my girls and we just love them to pieces. Thank you for the gift of time well spent with my Baby! She loved EVERY SECOND!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pheebs is "6"

It's not about what the Mama's want... it's all about our kiddos :)

FROZEN theme for Pheebs!

and her Mama did SUCH a cute job!!!

Anna and Kristoff were even there... complete with Sven!

Such a wonderful time....

Celebrating a sweet girl and one who is more family than friend

Happiest of b-days sweet girl.....

You are LOVED! Enjoy "6"!!!