Saturday, November 28, 2015


Photo courtesy CountryMum
Dear Sweet Minnie,
My heart is overwhelmed with love for you as the years keep going on... the older you get, the more you think on your own, the more you have your own ideas and opinions... I keep falling in love with you almost by the minute.  
Picture courtesy Dawsky Photography
School started for you this year and while we had a rough go to start... a lot of tears and missing each other.... you have grown to LOVE it. Your teacher is so sweet and kind and you are really finding your groove. You have a few good friends and your class as a whole is super sweet. I look forward to building relationships with them as the next several years unfold.
A "typical" day for you, if it is a school day, starts with you waking up around 5:45/6 (ON.YOUR.OWN.) We are pretty much all downstairs as a family by 6:20ish. You are not a HUGE breakfast eater but will have a yogurt, or a pancake or waffle, a homemade muffin or toast. We head upstairs to figure out clothes and it is no joke sweet girl a BATTLE almost daily. You ONLY want to wear dark skinny jeans and t-shirts... The only reason you wore this "Brady" shirt is because of a spirit day at school and you refused to wear a hat...

The only other things you are interested in wearing if the jeans are dirty is your maxi skirt...  ;) I have pulled everything out of your closet that you will.not.wear. and we are down to the "maid" having to do laundry at LEAST 3/4 times a week just to keep YOU dressed. Fun. ;( After, we get dressed and Mom is ready you do a great job doing your "bathroom" things... brushing hair and teeth, etc. and then packing up your lunch and backpack. We head out for school around 8:30 and then... I don't see you again until 3ish... If you take the bus it is closer to 3:40 and if we pick you up it is 3... I LOVE picking you up to have that extra time with you in the afternoon...Because Daddy is between sports seasons he has been able to get you on his way home and I think you both enjoy that special ride. We typically have pretty quiet afternoons, playing outside, coloring in the den or doing some cooking. You are in bed most nights by 7:30. 
Miss B is still your best friend and worst enemy ;) I try to foster the love and protect philosophy so we can avoid too much of the "enemy" part. You two will continue to share a room after all ;) You enjoy playing "school" with her in the den, getting her to play outside with you and "jump dry land" in the swamp or run around with Defense in the yard.
 Most recently you and I have had some nice 1x1 time doing groceries on Sunday afternoons and you love "girl time". You are also SUPER excited it is HALLMARK CHRISTMAS MOVIE time! (if I have done nothing else except point you to Christ, I'm THRILLED you LOVE Hallmark Christmas Movies :) hee hee hee )
Picture courtesy Dawsky Photography

Picture courtesy Dawsky Photography
Minnie, you are WONDERFUL, tall, sweet, beautiful, kind, athletic, sensitive, tough, strong-willed, gorgeous, and more than my wildest dreams. I look forward to the day of telling you how much of a MIRACLE you really are and how SPECIAL I think we are that God picked OUR family for YOU.  
Picture courtesy Dawsky Photography
We all love you so much and look forward to the next year and chapter in your sweet, precious life.
Happy Birthday, love you sweet girl, Daddy, Mommy, and Miss B (and Defense too! :)
STATS: 51 1/2 LBS, 49 1/4 " TALL, BP 110/58 and 20/20 vision

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