Wednesday, June 29, 2011


On Saturday, Minnie and I headed close to the "big city" to scope out the dock jumping dogs at our local Hunting/Fishing/Outdoor store. (do you see the black dog about to splash in the drink?)Minnie was IMMEDIATELY enamored with the little guys that were smaller than her...

Good thing she had "Aunnie" to take her around to meet all these new friends!


The yellow guy was one of MY personal favs! So handsome!

but it was "Ludo" that stole the hearts of most of the fam.

you might have to click to enlarge...
Ok, so maybe it was the local CHOCOLATE store that was REALLY the fav :) Uncle L's face in the reflection might be the BEST :)

who doesn't love sticky kisses?????

and one more opportunity to snuggle with "Ludo"

We finished off the night with Nana and Pa-Pa and clearly this girl couldn't have had a BETTER day hangin' with her fam!!!

we LOVE our family!!! :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good-Bye FB, Hello Summer

A few weeks ago a "Friend" of mine did a blog post about her convictions for the summer. Computer-less. No F@ceb00k, no computer. Less tech, more time. Impressive.

She, in a nutshell, was feeling very convicted to just focus on her kids that would be home for the summer. Make eye contact, not get distracted for "just a second" (or 20 minutes).

I read her blog post and did a shrug. I don't need to get rid of FB for the summer. I LOVE being able to post impromptu dates at the park, or say something random that gets people to comment. I love seeing pictures of weddings, kids and pets.

BUT.....then I REALLY started thinking about it. I myself, indirectly, had a couple of FB incidents where I was involved but NOT involved and I REALLY started thinking.

Then one day it hit me while I was making my bed. I was thinking about the incidents and really dwelling on them in my mind and I thought... "I'M FOCUSING ON FB!?!? WHY AM I THINKING ABOUT FB? Are these REALLY things that matter in the GRAND scheme of things? Are these the important things in LIFE?"

Obviously, the answer was no. I decided to shut down my FB account for the summer to FOCUS. To look my baby in her eyes, to talk with Husband and to enjoy GOD, His creation and thank Him for the life HE has given me. I don't want to take ANY of it for granted. I want to be tuned in to all that is going on around me and not get distracted for "just a second" (or 20 minutes)

Day 3 into shutting it down and I gotta say that I'm ok. :) I def. "miss" what's going on ~I'm a nosy Nelly by nature and LOVE to be in the KNOW ~ but so far, I've been so busy I haven't REALLY missed it. I'm making more phone calls, planning more in advance and having a BLAST with my family. For me... a GREAT decision.... so far. :)

Monday, June 27, 2011


Husband was gone over the weekend on his annual fishing trip. I packed our time right full of fun for Minnie and I to be distracted. I am SO blessed to have the gals I have in my life. That step up and step IN.... two of whom even came to spend the night with us :) GIGI!!!!!! Takin' care of tubby time for me and staying with the girl so that I could go to Bible Study and not miss a week. SO blessed.

And on Friday Aunnie Lu-Lu came to play!! We made new earrings, hung out with the L&L clan and MIL at FND, watched a movie and snuggled. Well, Laura Jane and I watched a movie and Minnie and she snuggled...

for a second :)

I am so fortunate to have the girls I have in my life. I can call on ANY of them at ANY time to do ANYTHING for me. I am loved that is for sure! Special shout out to all of you!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Old School Sunday

Yesterday Minnie and I headed toward the "big city". It was day four without Daddy/Husband (away on his annual fishing trip) and we were both starting to feel it.

I needed a little "extra" Jesus and I threw in one of my Selah CD's. I love their remix of songs that I grew up with. I started BELTING this out in the car... all alone (with Minnie :) and just havin' a "moment" with God.

I glanced back at Minnie thinking she is totally going to be back there with her fingers in her ears doing her "Craaazzyyy" face but what I saw was my 18ish MONTH old daughter with a bink in her mouth, a bear in one hand and the other hand raised to Jesus in praise. I burst into tears. I just kept saying... "I love you, I LOVE you so much!" :)

She's getting it... she's getting it already and it makes my heart so happy it could almost explode.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last Day of School

Now if only I can get them ALL to nap at the same time when we hang out this summer :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

You *might* be a "redneck" if...

(please click to enlarge this pic. Yes she IS cool enough to wear white pants and HEELS to shoot a gun ~ it's just how she rolls :)

this girl HATES to miss a good time...

evidence of a sure shot

Instructor and Student :)

the BB gun was a little more up his ally...please note the photographers ability to snap the picture at JUST the right moment. (click to enlarge)

you *might* be a "Redneck" if a good time is having people over to shoot guns... and if you ARE the people over to shoot guns and THINK it is a good time :)

Thanks CountryRents for a GREAT time :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Mish-Mash

Watch Out Ti-Ti... Pa-Pa is moving in on your "bee-berry" territory :)

Homemade donuts for breakfast... YUM!


(yes, I am aware my kid's legs go on for miles... :) She'll love this when she's in her 20's :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fun at Nana and Pa-Pa's :)

On Saturday, JJ, J, CJ and Ho-han met up with us at the CountryRents to celebrate Father's Day with BREAKFAST. Sometimes it is tough to try and do EVERYTHING all in ONE day so we spread it out over the entire weekend. Seemed nice. :) Nice and RELAXED. I like to tease Nana that her dream day would be all three kids sitting quietly on the couch reading or watching movies, not MOVING. I think she forgets they are THREE, 3 AND UNDER :) Someday Nana... someday :)

these two are becoming sweet friends... she calls him "Wah-gee" :) and it's ADORABLE!

HE'S adorable! :)

speaking of Father's Day... guess who got WHO dressed :) cute huh? :)

and because you can't get 3, THREE and under to sit quietly for very long, we went OUTSIDE...

The ramp is the biggest attraction aside from the tractors...

Pa-Pa... I thinks she's looking for her pony. Makes me a little bit sad that these guys won't grow up playing around in this yard, running in and out of the barn and across the lawn.

my sweet CJ... full on giggles from him when I kept trying to get him to pose :) He sneezed in one of them and I thought he was going to tip over with giggles.

The three of them spent quite a bit of time (a whole 5 min. at LEAST :) playing with the kayaks, buckles and snaps....

until they realized the "big guys" were down at the barn and they took OFF...

Ho-Hahn held her hand to make sure she knew where to go, how to get there and so she wouldn't be alone...

Sweet sweet sweet....a great way to spend a Saturday morning... thanks for hosting CountryRents. WE ALL love you BOTH!