Thursday, July 30, 2015

Christmas in July

Tricky and Julie live about a mile +/- down the road... but for whatever reason we could.not.get.together. until just this past Sunday :) Husband texted Rich to let him know we were having a fire and they brought over the gals Christmas presents... ;)

It was a win/win for the girls... presents on a random Monday? Yes please!

Frozen bean bag chairs, a hunting vest for Minnie and a Frozen shirt for Miss B. they were THRILLED!
Trader Joe's G.C. for Mom and Dad... EVEN BETTER! (in my book! :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Minnie loses her FIRST tooth...

Remember posts like THESE... where teeth were just STARTING to come in and now... they are missing...

On Friday night at dinner I noticed that Minnie had some weird spacing between her bottom teeth... I made the 1st tooth Momma mistake of showing a reaction (surprise at a wiggly tooth) but after 30 minutes of crying and a conversation with a sweet older cousin assuring her it wouldn't hurt when it came out (thanks SKY!) she was excited.....On Sunday AM she woke up and had played with it enough that it basically FELL out...
Not gonna lie.. .Mama sobbed and cried on Friday night... especially after sweet Minnie prayed...
"thank you that everyone is excited about my tooth, thank you that I get to go to kindergarten, I pray for my Mom to be ok with me growing up" :)
NEVER.gonna be OK with it sweet girl... NEVER.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Toddy-Hot Visits

Toddy-Hot got a new job in basically another country ;) it is so far north that he really is close to Canada. He couldn't be more excited!

He came down to pick up his table and spend some time with the "baby rednecks"... there was much go-fish to be played..

Movies to watch...

Ice cream to be eaten..

Did I mention the go-fish?

Enjoy the change and the exciting new adventure Cuz!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Beachin' it....FINALLY!

This is the FIRST time the gals and I have gone to the beach... the weather was not great, the timing was not great... leaving a puppy at home alone all day as soon as you get him... not great... but on Friday... it was GREAT!!!!

I love love LOVE my summer gal! :)

Yes... please notE the girl who loves to soak up the sun is head to toe in long sleeves, pants, hat and sunglasses... this antibiotic is for the BIRDS. If any sun at ALL hits my body (or extra warm water for that matter) it feels like my skin is melting/sizzling/burning off... brutal...

When you're a 5 1/2 year old girl... who DOESN'T love pink!? :)


and a tubby before nap to get all the sand aka DIRT out :)



Friday, July 24, 2015

Toddy-Hot's Table

(Blog Started on 4/23/15)

It was actually his GRANDPARENTS table which makes it even MORE special. He asked me at the end of January to refinish it for him and now that the weather is FINALLY at least not SNOWING... I've been able to make some serious progress on it.
Gotta clean off the years of SCUM first... eewww....



Palm sander courtesy of the CountryRents ;) Thank you!


Ready for stain... and a photo op with a "baby redneck"

Stained and ready for poly

my favorite part of the table... "Carol was here. 2/11/60" (I LOVE "Carol") :)

plus someone played tic tac toe... also VERY fun!
Poly'd and ready to go HOME!

he gave it two thumbs up and is now taking it WAY north to his new home, new job and new life...
Enjoy Toddy-Hot!

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