Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Anniversary Date Night

Thank goodness for sweet MIL who agreed to come and stay with the babies... Husband and I ESCAPED right as the "big one" was waking from her nap. We had 5 GLORIOUS hours ALONE together... but who was counting? :)

We debated long and hard about a restaurant and even asked for expert opinions and finally settled on finishing what Husband called "the trifecta" :)
We saw a local (news 8) news anchor and I "couldha, shouldha, wouldha" asked to have our picture taken with her... that would have been fun on the blog... ah well...
Back to FOOD....we had been to the first of the three restaurants back HERE for CountyDad's 60th birthday and we went to the next one last year for our anniversary. I think I need to try the first one again but I'm pretty sure THIS ONE WAS MY FAV. OH MY!!! Looooved my meal (scallops), we were there in time for happy hour and I was so stuffed we didn't even get DESSERT!!! :) IT WAS AMAZING!

of course the company was my favorite part! So fun to kinda "forget" about reality for a bit, dream about things in the future and thank the LORD for how HE has sustained us, provided for us and continued to hold us in HIS hand.

We walked around the "big city" stopped at Trader Joe's and saw THIS on the ride home.

Always an amazing night when I spend it with my guy but this was even sweeter... I am blessed.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The "lucky" 13....

I know better than to say "I mean, really, can it GET any WORSE?" :) BUT... I said "for better OR for worse..." I made a promise to you, before the Lord and our family and a FEW close friends...

Our trials and challenges the past few years have ONLY solidified our relationship. The hard times have made us tougher, the bad stuff has made us stronger.
The GOOD stuff has been sweeter...

You are my rock ON THE ROCK and you are the perfect match for ME. You ARE my Superman...
He knew what HE was doing putting us together... I've been in love with you since 7th grade and I'm not ever stopping.
I AM so BLESSED to be YOUR wife, carry YOUR last name and be in this life with YOU...

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Here we are... 7ish weeks in... Husband is doing OK... still having to elevate his leg most days (aka bed rest) but he has started golf this week (coaching therefore cart riding) and been up and about a little more than before... here is one of his last vac change days... Miss B and Sky came with us and Miss B had about enough of the waiting room after 45 min. Sweet Janie said she could come and "help". I tell yah... this RN is a GIFT....

AND SPEAKING of RN's that are and HAVE a GIFT!

"Aunnie Lynne" will have come the last two Sundays (after tomorrow) to change Husband's dressing. It is just not something I can do. Wait on him hand and foot ~ sure. Take care of his babies ~ yep. Care for his home ~ OK. Tend to the garden ~ I'll do my best. Deal with blood and guts. NO THANKS. I am SO SO SO grateful for this girl, her training, her willingness and the part when she saw the wound for the first time... she cried. Because she didn't know how bad it was, how much we had REALLY been going through and how awful it was for Husband... When it came down to doing the "work" girlfriend was ALL biz-ness. :)
The pictures below are NOT black and white and are from Friday. Our prayer right now is that when he sees the Dr. Tuesday, (who has been on va-ca this past week) she will tell us he is good to go for his skin graft surgery on Thursday... pray with us will you?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Party Time: MISS B TURNS TWO!!! (Picture Overload!)

Miss B had a "Bubble" themed party. Sky and I spent countless hours on the iPad during naptime coming up with ideas and plans :)
On her ACTUAL birthday the plans came together! We celebrated our girl with family and her two besties!

Her last time line... it's all packed up and ready to be put up in Daddy's classroom with her sister's two and her first one :)
I asked the R clan to "just take care of the watermelon! cut it up and make sure I don't have to take it home whole!" Love these kids and what they came up with :)

Miss B was a big fan too!

Fun friends (and cousins!)

Da'cake! :)

Bubbles with Daddy (post-surgery and post-vac) keeping his leg up

Blessed girl!!!!

I had a "bubble station" set up away from the food/pool and I wasn't sure if people would really see or spend time at it... SO HAPPY to catch the friends having fun with bubbles!
 Husband used a recipe that Sky and I found on line and made 5 gallons of homemade bubbles...

SO FUN! :)

In the big glass jar I had bubble solution that the kiddos could put in the cups and then choose a wand (or two)

and then don't forget everyone (or at least Minnie's fav) TiTi's POOL!


 Such a fun way to celebrate our gal turning TWO. We are so blessed with our family and friends loving on our kiddo! Miss B, you are LOVED!