Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Three Months Minnie

Sweet Baby Girl,

You are THREE months old TODAY! Time HAS flown just like everyone said it would and then there are days when it just drags :) "all part of the experience".
You are doing SO much better at eating and we are seeing the change in your personality just flourish. You LOVE to lay on your playmat that Aunt Heidi gave you and "talk" to your friends. You love your snowsuit and to be packed in your "bucket" to go somewhere. You typically fall asleep but even if you wake up you are fairly content to hang out riding and looking around while you suck on your bink.
You now can hang out in your swing (again from Aunt Heidi) for longer than 5 seconds at a pop, ESPECIALLY if you can see the TV from there. I fear that may be some trouble for us and we are really going to have to be conscious of your TV time because we are alREADY seeing some bad habits forming...

You LOVE your Daddy and get so excited when he talks to you. You just want to (as Mimi says) turn INSIDE out. You kick your legs like crazy and coo and smile so big at him.
You were doing GREAT at sleeping 7.5-8.5 hours a night but lately have enjoyed getting up sometime between 2:30-3:30 for a snack and then you are typically up for the day between 5-5:45. Mommy hopes the middle of the night drops off again and your wake-up time starts to get later and later...
You typically take a little catnap around 7-7:30, a good morning nap after your 2nd (or 3rd) feeding that lasts 1.5+ hours and if we are REALLY lucky you have another 2+/- hour nap in the afternoon. EVERYONE is happier when you nap but sometimes convincing you that it is best takes a little while. You like to be rocked before being put down in your bed. You usually are in bed for the night between 7:30-8:30.
You are sleeping in your own room and crib like a "big girl" and have been for about 3-4 weeks. But you ARE still sleeping in the bassinet that was your Pampa's and used by your Daddy, Titi, Auntie and all your cousins because Mommy thinks you are still just a little girl and it is cozy for you. :)
You have another weigh in this Wednesday and we are praying for you to be over 10 lbs. You are still wearing size 1 diapers but I think the 2's are on the horizon :) You are wearing size 1 shoes and you fit just fine in 3 month clothes and though they are still a little big around the waist the length fits perfect...
It is true what everyone says about 3 months being the magic age. You are so happy, smiley and chatty. We look forward to hearing your giggle sometime soon. You want to so badly!!
We love you so much and even more everyday!!! You are such a little love and we remember what life was like before you (quiet :) and restful) but we wouldn't change our lives for ANYTHING in the world! :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Reebsie ~ an update

Lookie our 3-legged pooch :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Winter? Storm Feb 2010

Last night instead of getting MASSIVE amounts of SNOW like the rest of the country we had raging winds and rain... with storms like that inevidiably comes our road washing away... happens every time no matter what... I didn't hear how fast the wind was blowing but this one was def. a doozie... Click on the pics to enlarge for my comments
White water rapids anyone? This was the other side of the culvert/culvit (I never how how to say or spell it). Tomorrow I have a video for you and you'll be able to hear how loud they were rushing through the woods...
Thankfully we are the only ones who have to cross this section of road...
See the huge rocks...

I'm pointing to them with my toe...
Our woods...
On the walk back I took pics of the parts of our HOUSE THAT BLEW AWAY... the flashing is way over in the WOODS to the left of the shed...

Crazy storm. So thankful that our power stayed on through the whole thing, no trees came down in our yard, Husband had the day off due to no power at school and that Country Dad got some sleep last night so he could be back out there at 5AM today restoring your power...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Skinny Minnie ~ Day Seven

Day One 8 lbs 11.4 oz
Day Two 8 lbs 12.9 oz
Day Three (THREE HOURS BEFORE the last two days weight check) 8 lbs 12.4 oz
Day Four 8lbs 15.2 oz
Day Five 9 lbs 1.1 oz

Day Seven 9 lbs 8 oz... oh yes, that is NINE AND 1/2 POUNDS! :) Girlfriend is going to have some CHUNK to her soon :)

Fun with Auntie J!

On Tuesday Minnie and I packed up just about everything EXCEPT the kitchen sink and headed out to our bi-monthly Bible Study. Because of all it takes to feed the girl now I knew I wasn't going to have enough time to make it all the way home to do all I needed to for her mid-morning feeding. So... I went to the next best place to home... JJ and J's HOME :)

J got to witness first hand the transformation in our little (though getting much bigger) peanut! Minnie was full of smiles, coos and stories as you can see a little of in the video. I do love to watch my girl building relationships with her family... these are the only ones she's got so I hope we teach her to appreciate them :)

Thanks J for opening your home and sharing your boys :) I look forward to watching these three grow up together :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's been a while since I've gushed over Husband and I'm LONG overdue. This past week has further cemented to me that God hand-picked Husband JUST for me and I am blessed beyond blessed that he waited for me. We are a GREAT team and I would never have made it through without him.

I had a friend after she had her 2nd baby that struggled with b-feeding. Her Husband's response? Just forget about it and give him formula.

Not once through this process has Husband told me to "give up" or "forget about it". And this has BEEN a process long before this week. Minnie started out on an IV of sugar water, she had a tongue tie that had to be clipped, she had a "bad latch" and she has always been a lazy eater. We have not have it easy from the get-go in getting good food into this kid but Husband has been RIGHT there picking up my broken pieces and keeping me focused on the end result of being able to b-feed her because that's been my goal since I found out I was PG.

He constantly encourages me, makes food for me, tells me to get rest, gets water for me, makes tea, feeds Minnie her supplemental feedings and anything else that I ask him to do. He woke me up before he went to bed so I could pump, He drove us back and forth to the hospital this week and he didn't miss ONE appointment during his vacation. Oh. And did I mention he came down with a RAGING cold toward the end of the week? The guy who never gets sick? Yeah.

He also went above and beyond by bringing home flowers for me on Wednesday after the appts. He is just THERE. He is a hands on Dad (which we all knew he would be) and Minnie is the luckiest girl to have him.

See doesn't she look like she knows.... I think she does.

Thanks baby for EVERYTHING. You are our rock and we are both so blessed to have you as the head of this house and our fearless leader!

*click the pictures to enlarge

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Skinny Minnie ~ Day Five...Minnie Checks In

HI Everyone! :P Thank you so much for praying for me and thinking about me... My parents sure have been through a lot this week but they knew they were NOT ALONE. I have the BEST FRIENDS, and the best Titi, Uncle L, Auntie, Mimi, Uncle JJ, Auntie J, Nana and Grampa known to a girl... not to mention all my cousins... but no worries... TODAY I HIT OVER 9 LBS!!! :) and I don't have to go see my new friend, LC until WEDNESDAY!!! I'm pretty pysched about NOT having to get nekked for a couple of days with her :) My mom is just psyched to stay HOME tomorrow!
Day One 8 lbs 11.4 oz
Day Two 8 lbs 12.9 oz
Day Three (THREE HOURS BEFORE the last two days weight check) 8 lbs 12.4 oz
Day Four 8lbs 15.2 oz
Day Five 9 lbs 1.1 oz

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Skinny Minnie ~ Test Results and Numbers

All preliminary test results came back just fine... waiting on one more the lab had to send out...

Weight check tomorrow AM at 1:00...


Day One 8 lbs 11.4 oz
Day Two 8 lbs 12.9 oz
Day Three (THREE HOURS BEFORE the last two days weight check) 8 lbs 12.4 oz
Day Four 8lbs 15.2 oz

Specifically praying our girl is OVER 9 lbs tomorrow...

UPDATE: Skinny Minnie Day Four

just now back from the hospital... been there since 10:30... she's up 2.8 oz since yesterday (uh they were looking for 1/2 - 1 oz) and they still wanted labs done... she had FIVE VIALS OF BLOOD TAKEN...

Husband stayed with her and I sobbed outside the door listening to her scream... while an RN that Husband coached her daughter (of course right?) held me in the hallway.

She should be sleeping now with all the crying but she's just hanging out. I'm going to pump her next feeding so she doesn't have to do any work and pray she takes a nice long nap this afternoon...

The LC is going to call us this afternoon and we will hope to have at least some of the labs back (what they are looking for I have NO IDEA) and go from there. If she is fine, I'm pushing to not go back to the hospital until Wed with my LC will be back on...

All this because we have a small kid...???

Guest Blogger: Uncle JJ Reporting - Update on Minnie

Prayers needed...

Just got a phone call and Country Mouse, Husband and Minnie are off to the hospital this morning.

Minnie needs to have Lab's done including a "Urinalysis"?!?!! The Dr. STILL seems to be concerned with her lack of "tonnage". Despite what they say, Minnie has been an entirely different baby girl since having the multiple feedings. She is just as happy as can be. Poor girl, Mama doesn't want any MORE NEEDLES... :(

Please pray for Dad, Mom and Minnie as they go through this...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Skinny Minnie ~ Day Three...The Weigh In

Day One 8 lbs 11.4 oz

Yesterday....8 lbs 12.9 oz

This AM (THREE HOURS BEFORE the last two days weight check) 8 lbs 12.4 oz

The lactation consultant was not too concerned. I don't know about you but I am always lightest first thing in the morning.

We did a feeding session there and Minnie gained 2 oz before we supplemented with additional food. We go back tomorrow for another weigh in and IF things are OOOOKKKK we may be able to wait until Wednesday for the next weight check...

Last night Husband and I were been beYOND blessed by L&L with a brand new pump which should help things along SUBSTANTIALLY. It was MORE than they should have done and I literally SOBBED AND SOBBED (what's new these days right?) at their generosity. Overwhelmed by my family once again.

I'm all over the au natural Mother's Milk tea....waiting for it to finish seeping on the counter as I type. The concern with the herbs in this tea is low blood sugar though so we will have to keep an extra close eye on that.

I have noticed through this process of trying to make more food for Minnie that I am having more frequent low blood sugars which does indicate to me that my body is trying to get with it... just praying that it does so we can be in the business of putting the lbs on our skinny Minnie...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Skinny Minnie ~ Day Two... The Weigh In

8 lbs 11.4 oz


8 lbs 12.9 oz

We are UP an OZ and 1/2!!! Pretty happy with our girl... and we go back tomorrow for another check and to learn some other "tools" for packing on some lbs to our girl...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Skinny Minnie

Because this blog is all things history to me and at some point I would like to make one of those hard cover books for Minnie I am going to track our latest... challenge... shall we say? here.

We went today at 2 months and 19 days (yep, dern close to 3 months) for her 2 month appt. I was back and forth on vaccinations and what we would do or not do for this appt. I had finally made up my mind and was totally and completely thrown for a loop with more distressing news that took precedent over the vac dispute.

We ALL know Minnie is a tiny one... she's very long (24 1/2in) but there isn't an ounce of meat on ANY of her bones... so when we had her weight checked we found out she is only up to 8lbs 13oz... well, that was with a wet dipe... (At a later check 8lbs 11oz so for future reference that is the one we will go with) it was concerning...

The Nurse practitioner was very concerned with her lack of weight gain and lack of muscle tone that a baby her age should have. He was NOT concerned with my explanations of how skinny Husband was or SIL L being ONLY 12lbs at ONE YEAR OLD. He called in the Dr to evaluate and we were given "options" today.

1) immediately go across the street to the hospital and meet with the lactation consultant (L.C.)
2) bring her in DAILY for weight checks or
3) we will admit her to the hospital NOW where you will both be closely monitored and we will do lab work ups and figure out what is going on...

Now. Picture if you will, all my exclusively b-feeding Mama's out there, WHAT this information MIGHT have done to this exclusively b-feeding Mama's HEART. Oh yes. Sobbed in the Dr's office. SOBBED.

The Nurse Practitioner was ADAMANT about us supplementing with formula and not the frozen milk I have already... I am ADAMANT about NOT giving her formula until I exhaust my milk supply options. As Husband so kindly put it... "he's a man with no boobs".

Minnie has HAD formula already and I'm NOT opposed to it but why NOT if I have to supplement SOMETHING give her what is customized for HER specifically? This isn't a blog post on Formula vs. B-feeding... I'm just saying what I would prefer to do RIGHT now...

So we met with the L.C. and she (as all that I've met with thus far in my nursing career) was FANTASTIC. They all seem to be just a little bit more "crunchy hippy" which I love, yet def. down to business in creating a plan to pack some weight on our teenie girl.

Thus begins the first installment of what I hope is only a week - 10 day installment of "Skinny Minnie". I am just going to keep track here for my own reference... but feel free to follow along on the journey...

2/17/2010: 11:45AM 8lbs 11oz

The GIFTS just keep coming

Last Friday "Lady from the lake" was back up here in Northen New England for a funeral. :( She did take some time to come and visit and bring Minnie her signature baby gift... and am I sure glad she did! :) One of her soft snuggly lap quilts just for Minnie... CJ and Ho-han both have them but of course I GET the one with pink in it :) (love my studly coach Husband there in the background! :)
The artist!

The finished work....:)
She might look less than impressed but don't worry about her... she comes around...
just not THAT particular day... :)
and because there hasn't been much mention or pictures of the firstborn... He's getting along JUST fine...
when he WANTS to.... yep... not much has changed with our lazy boy... and we love it that way.

*all pics courtesy of Joyce

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunday ~ Just Keepin' it Real

What this "single Mommin' it" Mama got all out of the house in one trip.
Five bags, a pair of jeans and Minnie....Phew.

Saturday ~ The Weekend Report

Saturday Minnie had the priviledge of her FIRST bball game of Brando's....Rumor on the street was he was pretty anxious to know if she was coming... (Remember this gym from LAST YEAR?) but Minnie showed :) and was FAIRLY good for most of the game thanks to her Mimi walking her down on the floor...we won't talk about the blow out that required her to get some sort of nekked in the bleachers which our modest girl was NONE TOO PLEASED about...

Due to reoccuring injuries, he may not be able to dress to play but we still love him quite a bit :)
Not REALLY sure what's going on here other than Auntie trying to teach Minnie how to say "Auntie" and some sort of smack about Titi... I'm just sayin' :) (hee hee hee)

It was a good day to be a "GUEST". :)
Now it's vacation week and Husband is home so cut me some slack with my blog posts... you know who you are.... C.D.!!! :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's Official.

I have a new boss. He's WICKED cute.

My direct report happens to look just like him...and we plan to have many "working lunches" performance reviews and team building exercises. And I am officially now working a job that is 24 hours a day, 365 days a week with no vacations, sick time, 401K or life insurance. There is no pay, no raise, no bonus.

I couldn't be happier.I am a stay at home Mom.

*last pic courtesy of HB

*Minnie's t-shirt courtesy of Country Dad

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Weekend Report ~ SUPER BOWL 2010

Who would have thunk....

8 years later she'd have a little cousin that fits into her pants :) Kinda...:)
Not cryin' with Auntie :) even with crazy Chloe around the corner :)
Speaking of crazy...
Hey HEY Papa H!!
a break from the Nerf hoop...
Game of the night until the MAIN EVENT... Cosmic Catch :)

GAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!
GO SAINTS!!! :) Minnie's first Super Bowl! :)
Some of the kiddies...
and a couple more... Mimi's oldest and youngest grandbabies.... I think they get along...
just fine :) :)