Saturday, September 29, 2012

I NEVER thought...

We'd get from HERE (<----click>

to HERE....


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Apple PICKING ~ Miss B's First Time!


The weather was better this year than last....and who wouldha thought I'd have TWO kids in tow this year :) We tagged along with the pre-school co-op that "Yiz" and H.O. have organized and it was a GREAT ~ all Minnie's friends were there... for real :) 
 She CAN.NOT resist this little guy and frankly, neither can I :)

 Most of the "Crew"....
 Silly friends... they had THE.BEST.TIME. holding hands and RUNNING :)
 sweet Aesa told me I had "thecutestbabyever"!!! :) Love her!

Pic "stolen" from J.T.

 The view when we were done... can't beat Northern New England...
 My FAVORITE "view" :) What a difference a year makes....

Pic "stolen" from Momma S

A FANTASTIC day with MY friends AND Minnie's friends AND Miss B's "future" friends :)  I am blessed.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Weekend Report

The "Apple Festi-ball" with friends ~ (each of their styles are so unique and so very much their MOMS :)
a college soccer game where she was more interested in kicking around the soccer ball with college guys she DOESN'T KNOW than just running on the field with her parents :)
For REAL, at the end of the game we tried to get her to run 20 feet in front of us, touch the painted black tuff and come back... she pretended to be all shy... until she saw these three start kicking the ball around... immediately she turned to us and said "Can I go play with them??" :) Uh... sure? :) They were GREAT sports and included her right away!
taking a picture of the "tatoo" she got at the "Festi-ball" for Aunnie

and finishing it up with HER friend "Tricky" :) who came over to watch Sunday Night Football
Not a bad one... not a bad one indeed...

Monday, September 24, 2012

World's WORST Photographer....

BUT... at least we know where I GOT it from :)
 they were just TOO cute NOT to share though :) boogery nose and all :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

6 Weeks ~ Country Mouse AND Miss B

Miss B and I BOTH went for our 6 week appts today... Just for FUN....
 Net weight gain/loss: (MINUS) -30ish ~ I was in a different room with an "old school" scale ~ but looking like I have about 15lbs left to go...
Maternity clothes: One pair of pants that actually never fit when I WAS PG (too small)
Stretch marks: Yes ~ and they are sore... weird? 
Belly button: You don't even wanna know... ick. I remember the from the first time that took a while to "even back out"
Sleep: Pretty good stretches ~ 9/10ish until 2-3:30ish
Baby movement:  Come on now :)
Food cravings:  still chocolate... pretty sure that's never going away or ever LEFT :)
Food aversions: I THINK everything is back... we've had fries in the oven and I'm thinking Mexican will be back in the dinner rotation... especially since my "big" girl loves it :)
What I miss: SLEEP. Just sleep. ~ Weird....this is still true :)
Looking Forward to: Fitting into my AE jeans again (can yah hear me T.W.?? :)

Miss B weighed in at a whopping: 10lbs 8oz ~ in the 75% BUT because she weighed 10lbs at birth and I DO have a prior history... I def. "freaked" a little at the docs but Miss B is STILL going "up" on their graph, she NEVER cries AND we supplement her with extra b-milk if she acts even a LITTLE hungry so the Doc assured me that Miss B is FINE and is just coming into her own... she's just fine...
Head Circumference: 37 1/2 cm and the 48% ~ seems 'bout right considering Husband and his self-proclaimed "pea-sized head" :)
Length: 22 inches and the 73%

She did come out of there with her first Rx for an infection that is more than her diaper rash which I have NOT been able to get rid of so I'm glad to know it wasn't me just not able to "fix" it. We are hoping that this clears up soon. She doesn't seem to be in any pain but it sure LOOKS uncomfortable.

Poor girl also got her first cold :( Her big sister HAS been instructed to share EVERYTHING but couldha done without that. Left the grocery store today with the biggest, nastiest boogy coming out of the tiny-est little nose... poor love.

BUT... All in all a good visit and our girl is happy, healthy and that's all we could EVER ask for :)

Remember this... a lb or two... :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The WORST part about having a blog...
 is that everyone THINKS they know what's going on....

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Weekend Report

Friday, Minnie and I FINALLY got over to meet the new addition to the "W" house... LITTLE miss O is just SO tiny and sweet!! :) packed in there right next to my BEEF-CAKE :) I love that T was so happy she'd made it into size 1 dipes and a 0-3 month outfit... uh... we've been in 1's since the hospital and 3 month clothes from the get-go :) these girls crack me up :) I hope they are JUST as good friends as their Moms and big sisters :)

On Saturday it was the annual local road race that Husband helps out with and this was Minnie's 2nd year to do the "kids run" ~ she got Sky to run with this year and...

 she LOVED it :)

 Chatting up a storm :) clearly not running HARD enough :) this year... she DID NOT FINISH LAST :) Progress is progress :) she had a blast and I was SOOOOO proud of her! :)
 Best part of the race... running to Mr. C at the end because he had "super big huge lollipops" :) she'd already staked her claim on the raspberry one :)
 Running partners and two peas in a pod :)
 On Sunday, Miss B and I went to a bridal shower for the "Big Sister" :) in the last pic... gotta say I def. had a moment when "Big Sister" went to open a card and read out loud... "To my Big Sister" (from the little sister seen here...)
 My girls are going to HAVE a moment like that and I PRAY I get to watch it... what a special special day and I am SO excited for this one to say "I DO" in just a few weeks. She is going to be a GOR-GE-OUS BRIDE!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

She feeds HERSELF...

Who needs someone to HOLD your bottle when you can just do it yourSELF!? :)

Monday, September 10, 2012


Sweet Miss B,

It has alREADY been a MONTH since you made your BIG appearance into our lives and home ~ you are a PERFECT addition!!

We feel pretty blessed by you and your easy going nature and the fact that for the MOST part we have been able to figure out what might be making you grouchy (dirty pants, hungry or tired are pretty much the ONLY things that you cry about)
The past 3 nights you have done GREAT sleeping (not that you were ever "bad" before) but we have done some 5-6 hour stretches and MAN did that feel GOOD to both mom AND dad :) You are starting to be awake a bit more during the day and focusing on people who are talking to you and trying to actually SEE them :) (having a little visit with Auntie J.T. before Minnie got her hair cut at J.T.'s new barber shop)
 We've taken you on a few mini-adventures... Market Basket and the nearby September-Fest so Daddy could look at some fishing things and we could do some Christmas shopping with the R Clan... you did GREAT on both outings... you love your pseudo-Ergo aka front-pack carrier... coupled with a bink and you snooze MUCH prefer it to your car seat/stroller combo...
STILL our biggest struggle is getting you to eat like a BIG girl ~ we are not having to supplement you with any extra b-milk MOST of the time but getting you to eat is sometimes just BRUTAL for both of and I had to make a trip back up to the "big city" because I thought I was getting an infection but pretty sure we caught it in time so I didn't have to take antibiotics and mess with your system anymore... also, thankfully Mommy has some great prayer warriors that know how important this is for us and they are "standing in the gap" for me at all hours of the day and night. I can feel it and we have had some better days. I'm convinced we'll get it, some way some how...

Your big sister thinks you are just the BEST thing ever and when I took the two of you to mail a package at the P.O. this week she practically hollered at the worker... "LOOK AT THE BABY!!" :) She's very proud of you and very proud of the fact that she is a big sister. I hope the novelty doesn't wear off :) too soon :)

Daddy is starting soccer this week so you'll have your first introduction to "big girls" pretty soon when we take your big sister to practice so she can run around like a crazy girl and get some of her "wiggles" out... next year will be fun to see you both scooting all over but this year I'll enjoy how snugly and tiny you really are :)

We love you SO much Miss B and we are SO thankful that God hand-picked YOU for OUR family.

Friday, September 7, 2012

A post for the HeatherS ~ You know who you are :)

Please note the Husband pointing out the little papers, those are for the people around the table to SECRETLY write their draft pick on and then pass around the table for Husband to make the annoucement. :) It's all VERY official here :)

As you can see by all the grub :)