Friday, December 30, 2011

"New" Bike!

We were BLESSED by some sweet friends giving us their not-used anymore bike from their girls! Minnie has no idea it needs a couple of new tires and she doesn't care :) I love that she thinks it is Pheebs :) hee hee hee

Thanks O' Family for making my girl's Christmas special! :) Made mine special too :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas EXTRAvaGANza!!!

Whoa. We have been party-city-central!! With Christmas on a Sunday this year we knew we wouldn't be able to do EVERYTHING in one day like we normally do... so we started celebrating on Christmas Eve Morning. Checking out the presents at Nana and Papa's house :) She was so good not to touch them :) I mean SERIOUSLY look how close I am :) They are ALMOST all looking and ALMOST all smiling :)

I know we can't really see CJ's face but I couldn't resist the other two faces :) They crack me up :)
My girl LOVES her some Auntie Jen!!
A bit of the chaos....they all want to "help" :)

We had a great breakfast and visit and even made it home for 2 out of 3 of us to take a nice nap :) A good day :)

This was NEW for us and I can't say that I minded... we spent the whole AM at HOME on Christmas before heading off to church. Minnie was able to open her presents, Husband and I could relax and we all enjoyed cinnamon rolls after presents :) FUN FUN TIMES! :)

Minnie was a HUGE fan of opening all these gifts! She had a blast :) She also got a bike which I have on video and will have to share in a seperate post :) Too cute!
After church we headed over to MIL's for lunch and YET MORE GIFTS :) These guys are psyched! :)
Disclaimer on the pics... I had NO idea what was taken, only that Brando had snagged my camera off the top of the TV :) hee hee hee... always fun to go back and see what other people capture :)

At MIL's, it is ALL about the wrapping paper with buttons. If the paper has buttons... you can ALMOST guaruntee there is something homemade in the box. She did not disappoint :) These PJ pants are PERFECT!!!!!! :) Sooooo comfy!
Lil' Miss Who Needs a nap on Christmas?

Thanks for the pics Brando :)

A fantastic weekend spent with family and friends!

Saturday, December 24, 2011


From the Mouse House to yours... :)

*picture courtesy of CountryMum

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Polar Express at the Library!!

We'll take any excuse to wear our JAMMIES :) Even the special guests from FAR FAR away participated!!! :) Pheebs Nana is here all the way from "Down Under"!!!! :) What a special TREAT!

Some of the chaos that happens when the big girls see the baby boys :) they just can't help themselves those boys are SO cute!

Caught in the act! Baby B pulling his sister's hair for not the first nor the LAST time I'm sure :)

Me and my girl LOVE THE LIBRARY and we especially LOVE it when we can be in our snuggly jammies!!! :)

More fun from the season!!! :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

What's Been Goin' On??

The girl has been SICK... SICK SICK SICK. "Just" a cold but it is def. knocking her for a loop. You KNOW she doesn't feel well when she snuggles like THIS with her Daddy! (yes, I know how GIGANTIC she looks :) Lil' Miss Bugger McGee...

ThankFULLY for the most part her mood has been pretty decent. She HAS wanted a lot of "moo-mies" aka movies and to snuggle with her bink and bear more than she EVER does...

She started with it on Tuesday and we did not leave the house for DAYS!!! Friday MIL stayed at our house so that Husband and I could *try* to finish up our Christmas shopping. We decided to take Minnie out for a couple of hours to see BriBri play some BASKETBALL!! Back in the gym we go :) Good thing we like us some sports! :)

and we REALLY like number 32!!! :)

AUNNIE!!!! :)
Cheering for BriBri or yelling "DEFENSE" not sure which :)

Lookie who showed up early to watch his sister cheer at the next game? :) Minnie was THRILLED to see E and Tricky...

Great game BriBri, sorry we couldn't hang out any longer... girlfriend was ASKING for her bed.

Back home we stay... TiTi thinks Minnie is on the downward slide of the cold but we are missing our annual family party today because we just can't expose Uncle K... :( Tis the season of joy, parties, stretching yourself too thin and SICKIES right? :) ESPECIALLY when you have kids!?!?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Yiz ~ Baby "Sprinkle"

Wouldn't have been NEARLY as pretty without THIS guy :) hee hee hee!!! CountryDad helped me gather some "materials" for the shower so that I could complete a VISION that Heather O' and I had dreamed up months before :) and it started like this....someone had to run a chainsaw down at J.T.'s wood lot and hike through the woods at the CountryRents to gather birch bark and someone had to do the crazy thing of hot gluing bark TO bark!?!? Crazy :)

but all worth it when it ended up LIKE THIS :) We successfully surprised Liz with a little blessing party FOR her upcoming blessing :)

It was a cozy evening with some of her closest friends and significant life-women to lay on the love :)

Sweet kabobs

Mini-cupcakes with sparkly sugar...

Individual tiramisu, lemon bars, pretzels covered in chocolate and gold/silver sanding sugar, and mini-apple and cherry pies! :)

and the anticipation of her arrival (which was delayed since she was busy chatting it up with her hubby on the phone in my driveway... something along the lines of HOW'D YOU LET ME GO OUT OF THE HOUSE IN MY JAMMIES!!!)

There was LOADS of giggling and laughing to the point of tears :)

Stories shared and love poured out....

An amazing night of fellowship with AMAZING women to celebrate an AMAZING WOMAN!

Best wishes for the next little baby D ~ We can't WAIT to meet him/her!!! :) Love you lots "Yiz" :)