Monday, October 26, 2015

Miss B's Oral "Surgery"

Last Tuesday Miss B went in to have some in office oral surgery. We had consulted with her original dentist and they determined she would need full on OR surgery. General anesthesia and everything...because of some hospital politics scheduling started to become a nightmare. (Read: God stepped in ;)
We went for a 2nd opinion at a dentist who after an evaluation said... "I think she's a pretty agreeable patient. I bet we could do everything here in the office with a sedative that she would stay awake but not really care about what we are doing..." Ok... let's do that.
She needed to have a frenectomy. Because of how far down her lip was attached between her teeth it has been challenging to say the least to brush her front teeth. It is super painful for her to have the toothbrush rub across that muscle and therefore cavities started there... 

So she fasted and we went in for the procedure at 8AM on Tuesday. She was treated like a princess. She picked out a movie to watch (that is on a screen on the ceiling) she held her Skye Paw Patrol and used Miss Stacey's special purple blanket to get nice and cozy....they gave her the sedation and then right before they started she had nitrous as well.

I was a wreck. (I don't think she could tell but thank GOODness Husband was with us) The fillings and lasering the muscle tissue took less than 30 minutes and she did great. She talked to the dentist the whole time, answering questions and asking him to move his head because she couldn't see "Dora" :)
She did great. We went home and she laid on the couch watching Paw Patrol for the rest of the day. She was a little emotional after her nap but that's her sometimes anyway :) by the next day she was running around the kitchen island with Minnie and two Elmo balloons from Aunt Nancy and "Bob" at 6:20AM. Awesome.

Four days later and it looks pretty good....That little dark spot is some healing that still needs to take place...

Her lip can go even higher than this but we didn't want to mess around with the wound too much at this point.

Pretty princess teeth! :) PHEW.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Fun Friday

Sky ~ Grade 1, almost 6
Minnie ~ Kindergarten, almost 6 
I'm in LOVE with her school pictures :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

This Girl...

It is not uncommon for her to be outside for HOURS...

You know, wearing an "Anna" dress-up dress and riding around on a tractor with her favorite guy and her favorite pooch :)

But THIS... seems a little more like something her sister would have done...

I honestly don't even know if she knew the pen was engaged....

it's hard to scold and giggle at the same time... little soap and water and she was no worse for the wear ;)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lily's 6!!!

TODAY sweet Lil' is 6 but on SATURDAY it was party party party time!

bowling and... HORSES OF COURSE...;) Would not be a party for Lily without HORSES ;)

Talented T taking this challenge on just for her BIG GIRL!

GORGEOUS girl... pretty much how she spent her party :) Smiles and giggles!

On Friday night before the party I sent Tamarah a picture...

How did we get from here....
to ALMOST 6 so fast!? :(
Just doesn't seem right... 
picture courtesy of Tamarah
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! We love being a part of your family :)

Monday, October 19, 2015


on Wednesday Miss B and I tagged along with T and Miss O for errands... made a flash trip to the "big city" and of course the MB...what fun trip would be complete without the carousel? :)  

and on Thursday Defense had a play date of his own... My friend Cathy came with her 7 month old black lab, Catalina :)

From 10AM - 2PM with a short break (from each other) so we could eat lunch they wrestled, ran, played and had the BEST TIME!

Tired puppies...

Miss B had a blast watching the puppies and "staying out of the mix"... she'll tell yah those are the rules... when the puppies are playing... "stay out of the mix" :)

it was a WONDERFUL day following the sunshine around with our chairs and knowing that we'd each get sleepy puppies that night :)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lake Friends

Sadly it has been WAY WAY too long since we had dinner and conversation with these sweet friends!

We have missed them and enjoyed our time together SO MUCH!

ANY time with this lady is a good time. Thanks for sharing your evening with us Dave and Joyce! We all LOVE YOU TO PIECES!

Friday, October 16, 2015


Sometimes they love each other...


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thank GOODNESS for Sky

on Friday there was no school for kiddos... Husband had to go but not the little people... YIPPPEEE....
So Sky did a science experiment with the gals... (see the balloons in the back ground?)
Yeast and warm water...
No pics but I'm thankful for Sky since she had to help me release the pooch from oh... a leg trap. Let's leave it at that and if you want the WHOLE story... you'll have to ask me personally.
All is fine... now.....
I love that girl.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

MY Fair ;)

Past years found HERE

sweet babies...

A gazillion pictures of the ONLY thing my big girl talked about doing because she was able to last year....Thanks to Grampa... she did it again...

with her SISTER!!!

Miss B did one flip and that was enough for her...she just wanted to jump

but this girl was all over it...



Fun family :)

We also met up with friends... it's ALWAYS more fun with FRIENDS!

On Tuesday, the CountryRents saw this calf less than an hour after he was born...


It took him a while to get DOWN there but once he did... it was worth the picture!

Nana likes to spoil the babies....they love it!

Thank you for the treat of the day CountryRents... we are ALL spoiled by you both!