Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Birthday Mama aka MIL aka Mimi aka....

It was a BIG one so we wanted to celebrate her in a BIG way :) We had a few "extra" people as a surprise to her and tried to have a theme making it catered JUST for her...  

Sisters much? :) I think maybe my fav. pic of the two of them EVER! SO stinkin' cute!
Picture courtesy of Betsy

We ordered Pizza Hut (her favorite :) and I asked everyone to bring a dessert that was either lemon and/or raspberry... there was lemon pound cake, raspberry roll, a lemon/raspberry triffle, raspberry pie, raspberry bismarks and turnovers, lemon/raspberry custard deliciousness, chocolate raspberry cupcakes, lemon and raspberry tarts and straight up RASPBERIES :) yum yum YUM!

We each went around and answered questions that we drew out of a bucket...
How did you meet Janet/Mama/Mimi J
What is your favorite thing she has made, mended or helped you with?
What is one thing you admire most about her?
Do you have a silly/funny story/memory about her?
What do you think is the most important thing to her?
What is the most caring thing she had done for you?
Have you learned any lessons from her?
How has she influenced your life?
What makes her laugh?
If you wrote a book about her what would you call it?
Everyone participated and it was WONDERFUL to hear the answers :)

My behind the scenes partner in crime... I just can't do anything without him...LOVE him!

Picture courtesy "Bob"

HAPPINESS! My home filled with family and eating FOOD :)
Picture courtesy "Bob"
Pic courtesy "Bob"

Pic courtesy "Bob"

Pic courtesy "Bob"

Pic courtesy "Bob"
A WONDERFUL time celebrating a FANTASTIC lady... I am one blessed girl to have a MIL like her! Happy BIG Birthday Mama!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

School Vacation!!!

I asked the girls what they wanted to do while Daddy was on vacation! Their bucket list included... ice cream with Nana and Grampa...eating at McDonald's and playing outside... we accomplished ALL of it... and then some!

Sunday night ice cream... due to yet ANOTHER snow storm we didn't get to go to our fav and use our Christmas gift cards but was tasty ice cream anyway :)

and fun times!

We played LOTS with friends in the snow because... well...that's all you CAN do with this much snow...


Lunch date!
AND... we even got a chance to go sledding with Aunnie Lu-Lu and "baby" Noah! So much fun!

The fact that THIS girl was with us 4 out of 5 days... BEST.PART.EVER. of vacation!

Workin' man...

catchin' a ride... albeit backwards :)

Nice to snuggle with this girl...

been WAY too long....

Seriously... snow set... buried.

But the tractor ride beats hiking through the snow ANYDAY when you are a boy! :)

or a Daddy's girl :)

On Friday I had a doc appointment north of even the BIG CITY... so we took advantage and made a day out of it...

I mean... we made a DAY....

All in all a great vacation... few days of cold type sickies for all of us but when Daddy is home all is well and right in the world :) Fun times this week FUN times!