Thursday, April 29, 2010

A VERY busy week

All the fun things seemed to be THIS week :) Bible Study Tues, trip to see H.B. Wed, watching ~Laurie's kiddies EARLY EARLY Thur/Fri... just a busy week... Good thing for my girl she seems to be a fan of out and about... H.B. hair pics for CountryDad :) What IS this face?? Something along the lines of SEEEE MOM SHE'S FUN!!! SHE DOESN'T MAKE ME TAKE NAPS!!! :)
The next little series is 1) how she feels about boys and 2) so you can all see that she DOES NOT smile ALL the time :)
Come ON Mom, get me OUT of here... I know he's still behind me!!!!
Alright, YOU won't help me... Auntie H.B. HELP A GIRL OUT!!! :)
H.B. to the rescue... phew :)
I know we are teaching her that "boys are gross" but look how CUTE this one is :) Def. had a blast and considering Minnie slept the ENTIRE way (2 hours) up and the entire way back until we got to Cabela's (and who can blame a girl... she didn't want to miss the sights at Daddy's favorite store! :) it was a good trip with a GREAT friend. I'm SO HAPPY she moved HOME :)
These two crack me up! Buddy and Tribble are the funniest little people I think I know... what you don't see here is the fact that he's eating a banana because OH.LORD.HAVE.MERCY. I cut his grapes in 1/2. There was to be NO choking on my watch but 1/2 grapes with this one... clearly he got right over it though :)
and this one ate a few of her brother's...
I was honestly ASKED to take this picture WITH his hammer. 110% boy anyone? :) While we were there I guess Minnie just needed a NICE BIG audience... in front of ~Laurie, the kids, and ~Laurie's Mom she ROLLED OVER AND WE ALL WITNESSED IT! :) From her back to her belly and I was ONE proud Mama! :)
We had a great time and I look forward to early TOMORROW AM to hang out with these guys again :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

HAPPY 5 Months Minnie!!

You are getting to be SUCH a big girl and your personality is coming out more and more EVERYDAY...

Daddy and I went on a date during his vacation last week so you could stay with Nana and we bought you this high chair seat. Mimi didn't like the idea of us strapping your arms behind the tray like Auntie J does with CJ and Ho-hahn (so they don't get their hands in the way) but it sounded like a good idea to us... too bad your arms are so teenie you just scoot them right out no problem :) You've def. found your voice. We now can call you Skreetchy for the hooting and hollering you like to do... but we MUCH prefer that to the constant whine that even SKY thinks is "kinda annoying" :)
You are getting better and better at your rice cereal and you get it sometime around 9AM and sometime around 5PM. When you do a good job with it you just think you are all that AND a bag of chips :)
Evidence here would show that you are a pretty happy girl but that's not typically the case. You def. give Daddy and I a run for our money. You like to get up for the day sometime between 4-5AM and most nights you still get up for one reason or another. Sometimes you take a couple good 2-3 hour naps during the day and sometimes you don't sleep at ALL. We could set our clocks by you wanting to be in your bed at 6:30-7PM.
You are wearing size 2 dipes still and this afternoon we'll find out how much you weight at the check-up with your Doc. You still fit into your 3 month t-shirt onesies but I've started to haul out the 6-9 month shirts for you. Pants are still 3-6 months and I think you are going to be a BIG fan of the summer when you don't have to wear socks anymore. You LOVE to grab at your toes and try to stick them in your mouth.
I literally am amazed at how much you change and grow EVERYDAY and we are so blessed that you are OUR "skreetchy" pants, Minnie. We love you lots and lots!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Too Bad TiTi

I looked WICKED cute today wearing hand-me-downs from Sky again...
and you missed it...

too bad...

Love, Minnie

Sunday, April 25, 2010


It wasn't a BAD place to spend a Saturday THAT is FOR sure... :) The girls... MIL, L, Bets, the little girls and Bri Bri all traveled about 2 hours north (and you all know how I feel about "north") on Saturday to spend the day celebrating a new babe coming into the fam. sometime end of May early June... not sure if it is a boy or a girl but we all have our guesses (BOY! :)I LOVE LOVE LOVE the guest of honor... she is a Type I diabetic like me and we were both diagnosed within a year or so of each other (before we ever met) and we went on the insulin pump within a year of each other. Our husband's joke we need instant messenger on our pumps because when we have issues... we call EACH OTHER :) Love love LOVE this girl!
So happy her sisters, the hostesses with the mostesses threw her this party!!
MIL looking so happy and clearly enjoying herself! (Tracy, please note, those are LOBSTER ROLLS on the table there behind her... aaaahhhh I LOVE Husband's family :) they KNOW how to eat party food!! Even if I'm the ONLY one who EATS IT! :) I DON'T MIND! :)
Bri Bri not thrilled to be photographed... ah well... you'd think they'd learn by now... too bad :)
I hope these three don't grow out of smiling for the camera... I LOVE them playing together and I LOVE taking pics of them!!!
Clearly Minnie is pleased too, even if she DOES have her dress up under her armpits :)
The favorite gift... there MIGHT be a battle going on to see who buys it for Minnie first but I'm pretending like I know NOTHING...:)

Sassy preggo Mama-to-be... sorry. I lied about blogging. You had to know right? :)
Such a CUTE belly!! (hers obviously. NOT MINE. :)
And just because she never poses but I wanted a pic of Minnie in her party dress...thanks TiTi :) :) you are a great sport :)
Fun day with my girls as always... next time though we are renting a short bus to all be together :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Date Afternoon

Incase you forgot what Husband and I looked like with all these Minnie pics... :) we still get out there... once in a while... :) LOVE this guy...

A little HELP from my friend...

My gardener friend Bethany that is... and of course CountryMum because someone had to watch "skreetchy" :)

*Garden pics to follow...

Friday, April 23, 2010

One for their Nana

On Tuesday night we went over to JJ, J, CJ & Ho-Hahn's house for dinner... and so that we could see the boy's new swingset in action....and ALL the kids got in on the action... Minnie's first ride on a swing and she appeared to enjoy it... In the words of JJ... "look at 'em all!!!" :)

or at least she enjoyed how it tasted! :)
love his baby blues...
and his chocolate pudding eyes...
she is a BIG fan of excesaucers... not that you can REALLY tell in this pic :) but she is! :)

Thanks for the grub, the fun and the visit!! :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spontaneous Visit!!

They heard Country Mouse made GA's famous whoopie pies.... and they had a WHOLE box of FREE hand-me-downs for Minnie... and well... you all know how I feel about hand-me-downs!! :)
So little L&L along with their Mama... my cousin Jessie, made the BIG LONG TREK (all 50 min. of it!) down for an impromptu visit Tuesday afternoon....clearly we didn't mind ONE BIT! :)

And the view from the other side of the couch... :)
Minnie is a BIG fan of her "cousin" Jessie!! :)
The "big" and I use the term loosely :) girls decided to roam free on our 14 acres... Husband was at an eye Dr's appt so I snapped pics to let him know what he missed... he LOVES a girl who can work...(see her in there?)
how's this? better? :)
Thankfully he came home before they had to head home...
so she had the opportunity to boss him around a bit :) hee hee hee... she IS a BORN LEADER!!!
While the other one made sure the babies were taken care of... phew :)

Such a fun visit and I LOVE spontaneous! I'm so happy it worked out and SO grateful for the big 'ol box of fun for Minnie to wear!! :) :)