Friday, August 29, 2008

In an effort to provide support...we all have SOMETHING...

I just found out that a VERY GOOD FRIEND (who never updates her blog :)) is at the major hospital in our area with her youngest of two boys who is 15....he was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

This news makes my heart break. It makes me think of the struggles and challenges he will have for the rest of his life (until they find a cure). It makes me think back to my own diagnosis 17 years ago.

But it also makes me think this...we all have something! Some of us wear glasses, some have hearing aids, some have to take cholesterol or blood pressure meds, some have a limp when they walk, allergies... whatever. We all have SOMETHING. This is now his "thing".

And while I wouldn't wish this on my very worst enemy...I hope that I am evidence that you can make it WORK. I have NOT (PTL!) been back into the hospital since my diagnosis. I have NEVER passed out from either blood sugar that was too low or too high. I have maintained my weight and tried to stay healthy. Have my sugars always been perfect? No. Is it a struggle EVERYDAY? Yes. Have I gone through denial? YES. Have I learned from all of this? Yes. Do I love my pump which enables me to control my sugars like I never dreamed possible? Yes. Are they always coming out with new stuff? Yes.

His Mom is doing a great job trying to keep the perspective. Her son is not going to die, he does not have cancer, he has not been in a very bad or worse, fatal, car accident. Yes, he will have to manage a life altering disease. But all things considered... he is ok.

While I'm on this topic can I just give a shout out to my parents. For putting up with me, for standing by me and for offering 5-6 years ago to pay whatever I needed to get me on the latest and greatest pump. (My insurance at the time covered the ENTIRE AMOUNT!!! :)

Can I just lift my Husband up who was the initiator of getting the pump....who wakes me up to check my sugar just about every night. He gets my whole kit ready so all I have to do is open my eyes, get my blood on the little strip and I am back out like a light....who helps me with my site changes whether it be filling insulin reservoirs or actually doing the injection in my behind because I can't reach that well... but really he know that because if he is doing it... I get a "break" from the disease for that site change. I couldn't/wouldn't do all that I do managing this disease if it was not for this man everyday.

Diabetes is a balance. It is finding what works for your own body and what doesn't work. (I can't eat cereal or drink milk... I can't TAKE enough insulin for it!!) :) BUT he will figure it all out. And while you bounce around, overwhelmed, frustrated, annoyed, mad, upset, unknowing, unsure, scared... I'm here for yah babe... he will be OK... and I'll be right here to support you! I love you!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


So I'll keep posting obnoxious amounts of pics of this little man! :) Oh yah... and we did celebrate someone's b-day... but we sure were missing CountryDad and CountryMum...:(

Per JJ's request every year... his birthday dessert....fruit pizza :) Yum YUM!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Anniversary Night...

oh puh-leeze... KEEP IT CLEAN this is a FAMILY show! :) Dinner here... yum yum!!! Flatbread pizza in a brick oven that you can see burning in the pic below... yummy!! I like to think that he's thinking... YES... I am so lucky to have her! (BAH! :)
Photo opp before heading to shop for vacuums (we know how to have a good time! :)

but not without a stop to my FAV. coffee place "downtown".... YUMMY!!!!

Ah... camping alone...

We saw some wild life on the ride up...
We went for a "hike" on Friday... WOW... little more than either of us realized... Was pretty worth it at the top though....

Do you SEE all the fish!?!? Fighting for a little piece of bread!!! The water at the top of this mountain was FREEZING. Like body NUMBING cold...

Saturday we figured we had to work the "upper body"??? so we rented a canoe... Some of "us" paddled and made fun on the girl in the front for not doing anything...
I'm doing something.... it's called taking PICTURES!!! :) Camping was an experience :) we def. kept looking for the "kids" and they were a HUGE "miss" for us... we did enjoy the quiet, (I finished an entire book in two days) and we enjoyed the spontaneity of going and doing... or not... I'd camp alone with Husband again but for me.... this girl was the
biggest part of what I missed camping...I sure did miss you L... you are one of the best parts about camping... :)

Monday, August 25, 2008


Where do I even start to let you know how much I love you... how thankful I am that you picked me... how privilaged I am to be your wife.... how you are still up on that little pedestal and I can't believe that I got you....

The anticipation seven years ago of walking down the front lawn at my parent's house to be married in front of our closest family and friends and pledge our lives to each other... is nothing compared to the anticipation I have every day of my life waking up next to you... (well, except for ALL the fishing trips! :)

This past year has been like something neither of us could have ever imagined (nor wanted to when it comes to the bad/sad parts) but I can't imagine going through it with anyone else. You are my rock, my comforter, my constant, my everything. I love you more today than I could have even dreamed possible seven years ago. My heart hurts. I wonder how my heart will be able to handle 50 years....I love you Husband.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I told you...

I'm obessed... but in my defense... please tell me, pray tell, HOW I could have picked just ONE of these adorable pictures!?!?!? Oh he was happy happy happy last Thursday night... :) :)

and SOMEBODY popped top teeth!!! :)