Saturday, June 27, 2015

So this happened....

B&B went to BERMUDA... don't they look stinkin' adorable?
And she said yes...
I mean... why WOULDN'T she? :)  
Yeah for another NIECE!!!!! :)


Friday, June 26, 2015


Click here to see just how much they changed in ONE year... (2014)


We are NOT talking about the fact that he's going into his Senior year...

or that one of these girls is leaving my side... :(

We are just enjoying every minute of the summer we have ahead...

In the past six days....

bullets will be best because #1 I took NO pictures and #2 we'll cover the "high" lights (and I use the term loosely) so I don't get TOO long winded (HA!)
  • Husband left on Thursday for his annual end of school HIP HIP HOORAY it's summer fishing trip
  • We did ice cream with Sky and Daws for lunch (I do have pics of that to post in a separate post)
  • We went to the Tremblay's after naps for a quick dip in the pool and to get a movie to borrow
  • Friday we had Sky for the first day of summer va-ca
  • We introduced Defense to the lake at Liz's (they were out of town)
  • We (all three girls) tried out their new fun trampoline ~ 30 seconds in and Miss B was bleeding from her mouth
  • She was no worse for the wear so we played in the lake and headed home for lunch and naps
  • Went to L&L's for dinner/pool
  • Miss B woke up for no reason? at 2AM. Mama was up from 2-4AM
  • Saturday we lazed about... (as much as you can with a 2 year old and a PUPPY)
  • Had a spilled urn FULL of flowers all over the retaining wall stairs because of disobedience "can I take the leash?" yes... "but do NOT PUT IT ON THE DOG"... huh... guess what happened?
  • Headed to the Farmer's Market and while we were there got an invite to go on a boat ride
  • Raced home to get lunches, bathing suits, decided to bag naps, snag the dog....
  • Boat was broken :( No cousin fun to be had....I had two gals in bathing suits and a packed lunch...
  • We hit the lake anyway... keep in mind... bagged naps.
  • Got home fixed the urn... life lesson for both of us... I asked forgiveness, she helped shovel dirt...
  • Used my keys to roll the windows up in the car.... left them in there...
  • Dog puked. Twice.
  • 2 Year old with little-nap.
  • Early dinner. Early baths. Early bed.
  • 2:30AM Big girl thinks she needs new jammies... doesn't. Just needs a potty break. Mom is up for an hour...
  • Ease into the morning... pouring rain. POURING rain. Dog in an out (on the leash with me of course).
  • 10AM, dog in crate, gals ready to make a run for it into the car. Mom holding her breakfast and 2 year old. All of us wearing clickers.
  • Car won't start. Please refer to the bullet where I left my keys in it to roll the windows up the night before....
  • Call CountryDad. It's Father's Day after all.
  • CountryDad comes to pick us up. Still pouring. Picking us up of course includes buckling car seats into his vehicle. Can you say soggy?
  • Pastor welcomes the CountryRents back to church and realizes CountryDad is not there. Now the whole church knows that CountryMouse has had car trouble. I get the sympatric knowing glances as the soggy girls and I make it to our seats. :)
  • I get caught up after church chatting and don't get to pick up my girls as quickly as they are used to...
  • I find Minnie sobbing in her classroom because she is the last one left. I hold her and apologize over and over again. It stinks being the last one left. I know that. :(
  • CountryDad takes us to his house for lunch and to gather up tools and battery chargers for my car. It is FATHER'S day after all....
  • We get back to my house to let out the dog, get the girls to bed and try fixing the car. The car fixing is the easiest part of that statement.
  • Plans to meet up with the fam for Father's Day dinner... car seats are still in the Jeep.
  • CountryRents come BACK to my house to bring the car seats...
  • Dinner is good... crazy... two potty breaks (neither for me) but lots of fun conversation and good cousin time! Always a win for my girls!
  • CountryDad asks to take gals to ice cream... OK.
  • Then Wal*Mart at almost 7PM because why not?
  • Up for the day Monday at 5:55... this time... not the girls. Low blood sugar. Of course.
  • Skylar for the day (PRAISE THE LORD)
  • Training opportunity for Defense and Miss B
  • Dinner with the W crew (PRAISE THE LORD)
  • Miss B broke the whole back windshield wiper off the back of my car. Like the rotten plastic completely gone.
  • T reminds me.... "at least it's not raining..."
Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

Minnie and I are memorizing it. :)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

It's ALWAYS fun with the Trem Family!

We've had the wonderful opportunity the past few weeks to soak up some sunshine, outside play, animals and pet-friendly (aka they don't mind if I bring my dog) fun with the Tremblay family! My girls just love it there!

And really... what's NOT to love?

There is a LOT of love....

and loud toys...

with microphones...:)

and of course Baby Nellie :)

Who... while she doesn't look it here... LOVES her new "bathing cap" :)

On Sunday we were there for Adele's birthday party where Defense got to meet "Coach". An 8 week golden retriever

They got along FAMOUSLY :)

There was great food, amazing friends and all the water fun you could ever want!

Not to mention the POOL of course... (Miss B mid-jump)

Yahoo for Daddy being in the pool!!!!!

I couldn't help snagging one more picture of him on the way out of the party....
Happy Birthday sweet girl! Thank you for sharing all your fun with us! We had a blast!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Puppy Days



Photos below courtesy CountryMum

Meeting CountryNana for the first time

pretty much how I spend my days... pulling things out of his mouth...

9 1/2 weeks old...

This is how I love him the most :)

Pretty sure this is how he loves THEM the most...

but there is SO SO SO much love...

until there isn't anymore... :)

11 1/2 weeks...

and close to 90 degrees out...