Sunday, May 31, 2015

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Randoms from the week...

Pheebs had an art show down the road... what FUN! 

Minnie brought her flowers and we all walked around and checked out her projects from preschool. So fun!

I mean seriously... SO fun :)

The description of the piece above. The best part :)

Spring. Leaving Nana in charge and coming home to vases of flowers... LOVE IT!

1ST Lake Day of the season!

Couldn't stand still too long or the black flies would carry you off...

Love these two...

and these two :) MC filthy from a day at a track meet playing in the dirt and chasing friends around...

Defense's first night at home...

One week later and he's pretty much still in the same spot :)

Memorial Day tradition... "Titi's Pool" is OPEN! WHO CARES if it is only 60 degrees!

Not this one!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The "Mechanical" Gardens

except two years later... they all can actually SAY Botanical Garden :) Click HERE for two years ago

Hanging out in the reading nook waiting for friends...


The weather was GLORIOUS the company amazing and the gardens GORGEOUS!

Brave kiddos scaling the rope bridge...

Serious PRIDE in the accomplishment!

We asked some strangers to take our picture and I love the girl for catching the "organizational" shots :)


Little different :) May 2013

but... then again... not much has changed...


greatest KIDDOS alive! :)

Chicken "fight" :)

SO much smaller! May 2013

Still SO pretty!

Such a wonderful time and I'll say it again... if you live in this state... GO THERE. Check out the gardens. My guess is... they are amazing ANY time in the next few months... Gorgeous!