Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We are closing 2008 and headed into a new year with fresh starts, I'm afraid new goodbyes and looking forward to blessings yet to unfold...

My bullet list of reflections on 2008...

I trust you will be able to look back over your own 2008 and see God's blessings on you in the midst of any hardship or sadness you had. He will sustain us and see us through. WE ARE BLESSED!!

Thanks for being along for the journey this past year. I look forward to 2009 with my eyes on the cross and a life with HIM that we can't even IMAGINE down here! :) I hope you do too!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I was BEYOND excited for an impromptu Tuesday night dinner with EVERYONE at MIL's tonight before we went to see you know who play some bball... she didn't disappoint, even if it DID take the team until the 4th quarter! :) We do LOVE you GA :)

The handsome men...
The silly girls...
OH... didn't you "hear" me say EVERYONE!?!?! HEY... there's MIL and... oh yeah... BRANDO!!!!! Remember the "shirt"?? It's BURIED under those top two layers. Little stinker wouldn't display his "Bulldogs" t-shirt but figured he'd pacify TiTi and Ant ME! :) Not so much buddy... not so much!
My giggly partners in crime...
I think in this picture Brando is trying to decide what style cut of diamond would look best on you know who's finger in the year 2013...
...speaking of fingers... HUSBANDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!
I love my family! :) I had so much fun tonight and GA and Brando are really SUCH good sports to put up with all the ribbing and joking!!! Thanks for being such good sports (pun intended:) you two! You know we love you lots!

Monday, December 29, 2008

5:30 Monday Morning...

what were YOU doing??

Don't worry, that spot on the carpet you see... it's not blood....that's the hot wax I talked about from yesterday... that is now cold and ground into my carpet...
I feel like I've already put in a full days worth of work... do I REALLY have to go into the office today??


The reason she is holding these two signs is because she BEAT these records so now HER name is up on the board. She's also the track stud remember?

What's significant about these signs?

Jessica... is her sister. So is Olivia. I wanted her to wrap them up for her big sisters for Christmas... is that mean? :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Random, but mostly the Weekend Report

Saturday ended up a little bit "off" of what was originally planned... sometimes that's the best way though huh? :) We were supposed to have our annual family dinner with CountryMum's side of the family at my house but for one reason or another just about everyone had cancelled or couldn't make it... which left me with an afternoon with no plans, no husband and a boatload of food!!! So I called in my troops for dinner and headed out to watch you know who beat the opposing team... she "only" had 18 points.. but who's counting? :)
I seriously hope she is just pumping her teammate up! :) ????
OH yeah, I said no husband and "we" right? :) Here's the mouse in my pocket... she was starting to come down with an ear infection shortly after this pic was taken but she's a trooper and pulled through to the end of the game... So my "troops" came to help eat curly noodle casserole and desserts but after dinner it was play time in the little man's new pop up tent he got for his birthday :) I'm just wondering who's having more fun? Him... or his parents?
I missed the pic of PG SIL J crawling THROUGH the tube! :) THAT would have been a good one.. :) Uncle is teaching him how to give Reebsie a treat... and of course Rebound is just gumming the treat as to not hurt the baby... :)
It's all fun and games until....
Someone makes a mess!!! :)
MIL and CountryMum were there too... chatting in the kitchen and it was a nice impromptu dinner with family. :) I love people eating in my home remember?? :)
This pic is just for Mama H.... I made a big batch of them my friend... come and get whenever your calendar frees up! :)
and speaking of homemade...a little girl in my Sunday School class brought these adorable little tasty treats for me today... the tail is obviously a chocolate covered cherry, the face, a hershey kiss, the ears are slivered almonds and they are sitting on 1/2 an oreo :) SO cute! :)

Sunday was spent making other freezer meals... chicken stew, chicken pot pie... and OBoyz and GA came over for a little visit. I had envisions of quiet hang out time chatting with these girls and then CountryMum came over, the dog got wound up and hot candle wax ended up all over my living room (and when I say ALL OVER I actually mean... the carpet, the walls, the couch, Husband, the kitchen floor, clothes that needed to be returned from Christmas that didn't fit, my coffee table, my end table and picture frames. Yes. I meant... ALL OVER) but nothin' like makin' memories huh ladies? :) Glad neither of you thought to grab the camera to document... :)

I'm almost glad to be going back to work tomorrow.... I said... ALMOST.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

We always start with breakfast at the CountryRents...Muffinman was no exception...big squeeze from me if you can tell me what he's "saying" in this picture...
He and CountryMum got their groove on with some Christmas music before presents and while the dishes got cleaned up (special shout out to SIL J for doing all those dishes!! :)
CountryMum looks pleased with her gift from us...
And introducing my Nannie T!! :) She doesn't like to go out much so I feel so special that she makes a point to come to Christmas morning at the CountryRents...
Muffin pretending he's oh so happy...
No so much. :) Poor kiddie was a teenie bit tired...
Sweet Nannie and CountryMouse...
True Colors :)
From the CountryRents we headed to MIL's for the rest of the day. I forced the kids to pose for a pic before. I love how cute these four are together... look at the arms around each other, hands on knees... so cute :)
Pretty much how Reebsie spent the hours opening gifts... right under Husband's feet in the mix of things grouchy because he couldn't snag a nap....
These two just being silly :)
SIL L and I got Brando a VERY VERY special Christmas present... :) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :)
Clearly he doesn't mind TOO much... and he couldn't stay mad at HER anyway... or she'd have to return the i~Touch he got for Christmas!!!! :) Lucky dog!
So handsome!
Brando and Sky who is apparantly going on age 16 in this pic with her hair-do! :)
See... don't feel TOO bad for Reebsie, he snagged some naps afterall....
I think this the face I get when he just about DONE with the camera :) I'm scared.
Good thing for me, these two never get sick of it! :) oh wait.. did I say two... I meant THREE :) Little Mister sneaking in behind us! :)
What would Christmas be if Husband didn't have to put something together and Sky wasn't wearing homemade pjs!? HA! It would NOT be Christmas.

Hope you all had a wonderful time with your friends and family... we sure did!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

From the "Mouse House" to yours!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

All for them...

As soon as Tracy got home this summer she and her hubby started making plans to be back for Christmas. She suggested in passing that we ought to do a Christmas party and I'm SO glad she did.

Confession time: I used to host a "Ladies Ornament Swap" that I thought was so much fun and for a few years seemed to be a really good success... last year I had less than 7 women show up and I was really disappointed. I decided in my prideful way... "that's it. Not doing ANYTHING this year, not hosting ANYTHING...." Then T changed my mind....thanks Trace! So glad I managed to "get over myself" :) :)
There is nothing I love MORE than a gathering of family/friends in my home... EATING. It just makes me HAPPY!!!! :) L&L were there but didn't stay in time for the ornament swap so Papa H swapped for you SIL L... yikes! :) Kidding. You got the ornament I brought. I hope you like it! :)"Sunshine Family" :) So fun to have you over. REALLY REALLY enjoy getting to know both of you!! Thanks for being so willing to make the trek in the STORM on Sunday but being so flexible to come on Monday! :)It honestly would NOT be a party with out Mama H... she just EXUDES FUN!!!! Thanks for all the help both Monday night AND in the prep talks months ago :)Sad... no pics of Glory with her hubby or J.T. with hers!?!?! :( I promise the boys were there... :)All geeked up for the ornament swap!! :)We had SUCH an amazing time... thank you all for coming and for those that we missed.... Bets....JJ, J and CJ... Laura'll have to work on Tracy to come home again next year and we'll make this an annual event :)