Saturday, April 26, 2008


GA and a "few friends" came to spend the night... well really... from Friday AM after Track practice until this AM so practically 24 hours.... :) We had a great time and what good girls they were...

Once we figured out what we were going to do... we headed out to the driving range... and look... Husband came :) (Daring soul :)
GA, couple of sisters, and exchange student from Brazil and one of GA's childhood friends....
Then we came home to make (thanks Tracy for the idea and Mama for a couple of pans!!) personal deep dish pizzas which I THINK turned out AWESOME! SOOOO YUMMY!Some how kids always seem to end up on the balcony. I don't know if it is simply to give the adults heart attacks because they might tip off the edge or what... the nieces and nephews always end up there and the "big girls" (as Sky refers to them) thought this was their own person STAGE! :) Singing, dancing and giggling... so fun! :)
Once jammies were on and Husband had the stove started (wanted to just take the chill off for them :) he's soooo good) they ALL snuggled up on a couch made for 3 to watch Dan in Real Life...Bright eyed and bushy tailed after homemade pancakes (Thanks Husband!! :)) and all suuup-ed up on SUG-AH there was another singing/dancing party... :)
and then they left. and Husband and I drove to Home Depot in complete silence. No one spoke, no radio was on, not even the DOG dared to let out any noise from the back...:) (just kiddin' :) the radio is always on :)

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TracyMichele said...

"KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN", yells Husband as he shakes his head in shame. hehe.