Friday, July 25, 2014

Dinner at GA's!

oh yeah, and JOSH lives there TOO! :) So fun being MARRIED :)

AND living SUPER close to TWO great ice cream stores! :)

Isn't it GRAND?


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Post for "Mah-Nah"

as Miss B calls Tamarah :)

here's your "chicken" section T

Market Basket is feuding... with ITSELF... we'd heard rumor that the shelves were wiped out so Husband and I went to scope it out... I LOVE MARKET BASKET... this was DEPRESSING... it was SO quiet in the store, the normal hub bub of happy shoppers and crowded isles was like crickets chirping... DEAD. Tamarah loves it just as much as me so I knew she'd love/hate this post :)

Friday, July 18, 2014

One of those picture dump... summer catch-up posts...

First day of Minnie's FIRST "dance" class... Yoga/Hip Hop. ;)

sunny days outside before lunch...

and races up and down the hill AFTER a picnic lunch

The annual local baseball trip... how BRAVE our "big girls" have become!

Photo bomber... ;)

The little ones... not so brave ;) but happy to sit with Mom... and Mom's happy with that ;)

And COMPUTER NANA has been here!!! She is such a treasure and so much fun to have around ;) Slides right into the chaos and enjoys every minute of it!


sweet friends...


Husband's 59th? Family Reunion...

I know she's gonna kill me one day but I just can't help it right now ;)

Some of CountryDad's cousins were here... can't have a visit without the Clambake ;) Might have been Minnie's first time? For sure, Miss B's first trip...they loved it!

Or maybe it was the company ;)

We have been just enjoying the sunshine, enjoying the family time and mixing in some summer activities. In the meantime, Husband took a bad fall at work so he's been recovering on the couch, keeping his leg up... 3 stitches and some infection but Doc is keeping an eye on him and things are looking up... trust me... you don't want pictures of THAT... in the words of Miss B..."yuuuckky" :)