Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun day at the farm...

Minnie and I picked up Country Mum and headed down to Aunt Judy's to hang out with J.T. and Dani on Thursday... :) So fun to get all of us together. This month was much more fun with more interactive babes... Hey look... mine's awake!! :) Still awake... :)

Oh there we go... now Dani is awake....She is SUCH a little love. She is just the most relaxed laid back kid.... and happy to boot! :)
look who else was pretty happy to hang out with her friend :)
for a little while at least :)
Hey, we'll take what we can get with this kid :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010



Today you are two months old!! Thankfully I was kinda prepared for how fast the time goes because of watching all 8 of your cousins get bigger by the second...but it still kinda snuck up on me...
  • I love how snuggly you are ~ since I am not and I prayed for you to be :)
  • I love when we have to wake you out of your car seat and your little bum scrunches up and you lift your arms to stretch....
  • I LOVE your "million dollar" smile
  • I love that you are starting to talk to us with coos and animation
  • I love how you are following me around a room
  • I love how your cousins are quickly becoming your favorite people because they talk to you and entertain you
  • I love your baby smell
  • I love your sweet soft cheeks
  • I love the winey grunting noise you make when you are getting sleepy
  • I love that you are starting to grow out of your crying all day everyday :)
  • I love how LONG you are and how petite, even if EVERYONE says how small you are :) you are the perfect size for you!
  • I love that you are starting to sleep for longer stretches at night, even making it through the night a few times...
  • I love that you like to be busy and out and about like your Dad and I... you loved the basketball games we took to you this past week (until you started to get tired) and you are always a great sport about going to the Wal*Marts :)
You are getting to be such a BIG (age wise of course... :) girl and we are so proud of you for all your accomplishments the past two months. Ok, who are we kidding. Mostly just the not crying all the time, smiling and sleeping through the night but hey...those are MAJOR accomplishments for a 2 month old and we are VERY proud :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eat your hearts out GA and O-Boyz...:)

Lookie who's in MY ARMS! :) Not to mention the gorgeous girl you both love standing next to me :)
Today J, CJ, Hoh-han, Minnie and I tried out a new Bible Study at a local church... it was a great time filled with a subject matter that was near and dear to my heart BEFORE Minnie but now seems much more pertinent... Homemaking 101:) Definitely things that were good reminders and I always love learning from the more "seasoned" women who have already "been there/done that".
As well as spending time with the ones who are in the trenches and the thick of it just like me right this very minute :) Just one week sooner than I got there :)
So fun to go from holding our bellies...
To holding our babies :)
And, as I mentioned... the boy is a GENIUS and as soon as I got Minnie out of her car seat he was saying "Hi, Pitty Girl".... now I just need to get it on video! :) love this boy!!
*pics and invite to the Bible Study all courtesy of ~Laurie

Monday, January 25, 2010


Slept ~ 9:30PM until 6:00AM last night!!!!

sooooooo PROUD of our girl at 8 weeks and 1 day she DID IT!!!!! I think it was all due to her outfit for Church yesterday and what a big deal everyone made about it :) Not great pictures, Betsy and I were laughing too hard at the fact that she kept tipping over... but seriously... is that dress from Mexico (thank you Danica! :) not THE cutest thing ever!?!? :) The shoes and tights (or baggies at BIL L likes to call them since there's nothing "tight" about any of her clothes) run a VERY close 2nd! :)

Now... let's see if this "trend" continues :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Pitty Girl"

I'm trying to teach CJ to say "Hi, Pretty Girl" to Minnie when he sees her... we worked on it for about 30 seconds yesterday and because the kid is seriously a GENIUS my guess is he already has it down pat. But just incase he doesn't I thought that these pics would help him because she really looks SOOOOO "PITTY" today... I mean seriously look at those socks! :) Girlfriend has it together... Too bad no body told her that the sourpus face doesn't really go with her outfit... and just because I can't leave you hanging with that one... lookie what I caught on camera... this is a first... not her first smile... that was for Daddy last Saturday... but first time catching it on camera... she doesn't just hand these things out for free....she makes you work for them and I tease her that they are costing me a MILLION dollars...

but I'd pay it... a million times over...

Friday, January 22, 2010

More "fun" with friends :)

Play date this week (for the Mama's :) was at Mama Sunshine's house! :) She and her ladies hosted J, CJ, Ho-han, J.T., Dani, Minnie and I :) what a GREAT chaotic time it was :) These boys were on their BEST behavior and had a great time! Pretty sure CJ's favorite part was getting J.T. to give him munchkins from D&D :)
It would appear that I am having a GREAT time and I really did... but Minnie... yeah... not so much. Girl was pretty upset for most of the 3 hours we were there... ah well. She'll figure it out. It's MUCH more fun to be in a GOOD mood at your friend's house...
how fun will THIS picture be in their wedding slide show? :)
Lil'Bit always a great host and excellent teacher... CJ had tons of fun with her, her toys and her personality :)
And the award for the this year's best rookie Mom goes to J.T. Her baby is pretty much ALWAYS like this... :) just hangin' out :)
Good times with great friends (and family! :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nap Time

My favorite time of the day...

Monday, January 18, 2010


Saturday night this was the ONLY picture I managed to take... it seems to be a bit above this Country Mouse to get the camera to capture photo ops, eat dinner, chat with JJ and J, play with CJ and Ho-han AND mother a teenie tiny... I hope to get better but for now... just look at how CUTE Ho-han is with Husband who is reading to CJ :)

They had to bond when we got there since CJ screamed just about the entire way across the ice while on the 4-wheeler with Husband in the AM. Pretty sure it was the sunglasses and hat Husband had on but they made up for it that night... :) I love his little hand on the leg... :)Such a great time to hang out with my bro and his crew. It is def. strange to go from seeing him everyday or at least TALKING everyday to not having seen him since Christmas. We went toooooo long JJ and J... let's hang out again soon! :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010

SaturDAY of The Weekend Report ~ Minnie Goes Ice Fishing

See her with her trap? :) Well, really she is under all those blankets but today was the first of I'm sure MANY ice fishing trips with her Daddy. But really, let's be honest... she spent the 1.5 hours we were out there in here... because her friend Guinny started this for her... :) Nice guy huh!? :)These kids were out there too and were super excited to run and grab the fish they had already caught before I got there with my camera.... :)
Not bad... not bad...but you just wait...
Christmas Card 2010???
Nothing like a Northern New England day on frozen water...
Right CJ? :)
Sky and Daws had a friend that came out too... his Mom dropped him off because there is no where he'd rather be than on frozen water with Mr. C :)
And this entire FAMILY was out there having fun in the sun... I mean snow...
What happens when there is a flag. Can you just tell how fast they are running? :)
Showing off her VERY girl VERY pink ice fishing trap a Christmas present from Mama and Papa H...
So the first fish he got was decent but then he hauled out the BIG GUNS!!!
PRETTY proud of this one! :) Nice work buddy!
I love Husband's teaching spirit. Jeb just wants to learn everything there is about this sport and Husband is right there to show him.

And what would a day on the ice be...
if you didn't pretend to kiss a fish? :) She is none too impressed because her Uncle just told her this one has teeth :)
Super fun day on the ice... I can't WAIT until Husband can just take the girl though and Mama gets to STAY IN BED!! :)

Winter in Northern New England...

It is NO secret how this girl feels about cold, snow and all things "winter" :) It is a big chunk of the reason why she and her family packed up and headed more "south". And if it be up to her she'd go even FURTHER "south" :) but as for me and my home....

I wouldn't trade this time of year for anything. Except to maybe go MORE "north" :)
Now....come March, I'm all done. I'm ready for the sun to warm things up and by April... OH YEAH... the white stuff had better be well on its way out of here... but for now.... LOVE it :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fun with FRIENDS!

On Tuesday, Minnie and I had a play date. I do love this age when it is more about the MOM's having a "play date" than the girls... We went to our friend Pheebs house... (well, her Mom and Dad live there too :) but she's so cute I think she steals the show! Her Mom (Liz), J.T. and I all grew up together. In fact, it was in this very house (since she and her Hubs bought it from her Mom a few years ago) that I ate TOO much vanilla ice cream and well... Tracy Michele reads this blog so you all know what happened next and I have not had vanilla ice cream since. :)

Anyway... back to the play date and the star of the show. Pheebs is a week-ish older than Minnie and two-ish weeks older than Dani... here she is "doing her homework" as her Dad says... See that grin... I told you she steals the show :)
All the ladies hanging out. The succession of pics was too funny I couldn't pick just a couple. I love how my long lean girl is hanging her feet OFF the couch :)
Minnie is realizing that she is no longer getting any food... and Dani is wondering what the HECK she's crying for...
Dani, still wondering what her friend is up to :) and now Pheebs is hanging off the couch :)
So cute! :)
So fun! :)
We are hoping to do it again soon. It will be fun to watch these girls grow up together :) just like WE did :)