Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Photo Dump ~ Livin' the Summer Dream Days

Mostly because it overwhelms me to do it any other way...


Who doesn't love moustache fun?

Auntie Joyce ~ the cheese and crackers were a HUGE hit!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

"Berry" Sweet and Salty Friends...

Blueberry picking... or rather eating with these two....

"Cheek to Cheek" :)

Thursday we headed to the beach with the crew... July 26th and it was 63 degrees barely sun and FREEZING. Only in Northern New England. Just wait a minute and it will all change...

Hangin' with the big girls....

H.O. trying her best to get my baby to walk :) STOP STOP STOP!!!! :)
Picture courtesy of "Yiz" (thank you!)

Sweatshirts at the beach in July... brrrr

What the beach with our crew looks like on any given Thursday....

Sweet moments between friends

Friday, July 26, 2013

Chemo: Round 2

Two down... 10 left to go.

Side effects....ever present but still handling it like a champ... white blood count WAY down....hoping a shot today when they remove the chemo pump boosts it up and another med to help with the nausea.

Keeping a positive attitude!!

For my friends...

I haven't poked around much but I was intrigued by "Lessons in Motherhood"... lemme know what YOU think...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Weekend Report

We hit the ground running on Saturday AM with our town's festival days... who doesn't love a good lemonade stand? :) Especially one done by our sweet friends Bella and Sophia :)

stealin' her Cam-Man's sweet ride :)

wagon full of FRIENDS!!!

Minnie was bound (pun totally intended) and determined to climb the rock wall.

Me: Minnie, you have on CLICKERS... Minnie: I'll take 'em off Mom! I can climb a rock wall in my barefeet! :)

and she did!

The $1 it cost was totally worth it if only for this smiley picture. (Click to enlarge)

After church on Sunday we had plans to head up to CLOSE to the "big city" to watch the DOCK JUMPING DOGS!!! Husband typically misses the show because of his annual fishing trip but they bumped it out a month so he was with us! So fun!!

Don't think Sky didn't try to beg, borrow and steal this little guy home... :)

Miss B LOVED all the dogs and action!

Checkin' out the show...

Yeah! Clap Clap Clap!!!
Husband's fav part...

and of course he took Minnie over to make friends!
We ended the night with a swim for the kiddos and some grub with the R clan at their house... I LOVE summer!!!!