Sunday, December 28, 2008

Random, but mostly the Weekend Report

Saturday ended up a little bit "off" of what was originally planned... sometimes that's the best way though huh? :) We were supposed to have our annual family dinner with CountryMum's side of the family at my house but for one reason or another just about everyone had cancelled or couldn't make it... which left me with an afternoon with no plans, no husband and a boatload of food!!! So I called in my troops for dinner and headed out to watch you know who beat the opposing team... she "only" had 18 points.. but who's counting? :)
I seriously hope she is just pumping her teammate up! :) ????
OH yeah, I said no husband and "we" right? :) Here's the mouse in my pocket... she was starting to come down with an ear infection shortly after this pic was taken but she's a trooper and pulled through to the end of the game... So my "troops" came to help eat curly noodle casserole and desserts but after dinner it was play time in the little man's new pop up tent he got for his birthday :) I'm just wondering who's having more fun? Him... or his parents?
I missed the pic of PG SIL J crawling THROUGH the tube! :) THAT would have been a good one.. :) Uncle is teaching him how to give Reebsie a treat... and of course Rebound is just gumming the treat as to not hurt the baby... :)
It's all fun and games until....
Someone makes a mess!!! :)
MIL and CountryMum were there too... chatting in the kitchen and it was a nice impromptu dinner with family. :) I love people eating in my home remember?? :)
This pic is just for Mama H.... I made a big batch of them my friend... come and get whenever your calendar frees up! :)
and speaking of homemade...a little girl in my Sunday School class brought these adorable little tasty treats for me today... the tail is obviously a chocolate covered cherry, the face, a hershey kiss, the ears are slivered almonds and they are sitting on 1/2 an oreo :) SO cute! :)

Sunday was spent making other freezer meals... chicken stew, chicken pot pie... and OBoyz and GA came over for a little visit. I had envisions of quiet hang out time chatting with these girls and then CountryMum came over, the dog got wound up and hot candle wax ended up all over my living room (and when I say ALL OVER I actually mean... the carpet, the walls, the couch, Husband, the kitchen floor, clothes that needed to be returned from Christmas that didn't fit, my coffee table, my end table and picture frames. Yes. I meant... ALL OVER) but nothin' like makin' memories huh ladies? :) Glad neither of you thought to grab the camera to document... :)

I'm almost glad to be going back to work tomorrow.... I said... ALMOST.


Mama H said...

Okay, FIRST OFF...when you have a 'boat load of food' and you DON'T CALL the H Family, it makes me wonder where your loyalty REALLY is...hahahaha....kidding of course...however, would have LOVED to chow down on yummy food! Next time, my time!

Secondly, I ALSO loved the little Mice Treats...very tasty...and very cute!

Lastly...twice baked potatos...YUM...let me know when you're free...I'm home all week. :)

mykids4hisglory said...

I loved those little mice!!! I wonder what they did w/the other half of oreo!!?? LOL!
Sounds like a blast!

Anonymous said...

I swear I wasn't yelling at her...just some good actually SPRINTING after the ball, its a new concept for some of the girls!! hahaha!!:)