Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Last night (Tuesday) we surprised MIL with a trip to a show... :) Not just ANY show... but Lord of the Dance.... show :)

We told her we were going to a local place for dinner and then drove right by :) I handed her the tickets and said let's go to the "big city" instead... She was SURPRISED :) and that could have been the best part :) We started with dinner and met up with these friends who were also going to the show:) MIL and Husband have been before but this was my first time... and I realized a few things last night....
This picture captures a couple of them....1) there is CLEARLY a reason that the word "manscaping" has come into our vocabulary... 2) I LOVE to make MIL laugh :)
a picture of the stage before....
3) I'm going to grow my hair back out long.....(even though all their hair was not REAL NATURAL CURL)
5) and buy some clicky shoes :)
GREAT NIGHT last night... awesome show, yummy food, and I love my family... have I mentioned that before? :)


Mama H said...

SOOOOOO FUN!!! I'm glad to hear that MIL was surprised by it all...great job keeping it secret!!

Manscaping...hhmmm..never heard of it before...but I don't need any further explanation...the picture was like having a picture dictionary right here with me. :)

Janna said...

Looks like a fun time! And that dude with the hair is CLEARLY NOT one of my customers:-)

mykids4hisglory said...

I'm SO afraid my husband will look like that someday...LOL!
We are faithful manscapers!
Love my sexy hairy man!