Thursday, June 28, 2012

Miss B ~ 33 Weeks

Net weight gain/loss: Up 37 lbs according to Doc

Maternity clothes: Uh... yah

Stretch marks: Yes

Belly button: OUT but might be flattening a bit??

Sleep: What's that? I'm up at LEAST 5-8 times a night... 3 of those are just when I GO to bed...comfortable is a thing of the past and I think I've made up my mind that if I'm sleeping through the night again by Christmas it will be the BEST Christmas present EVER.

Baby movement: Yes and I LOVE it! Interesting that this little girl likes to have her behind shoved right out... course I'll take THAT over Minnie and her jammed up foot in my ribs ANY day :)

Food cravings: This week it has been raspberries and tart lemonade... I have done a taste test of several and I think I've picked a couple favs....which... for those that know me... know I don't drink anything I have to take insulin for... I'm a water/diet pepsi kinda girl.... NORMALLY... This PGCY I'm about the 100% juice "mock"tails and now lemonade! I limit it to 3-4 drinks a week but I sure do enjoy them!

Food aversions: Mexican and fries in my oven

What I miss: my "cute" Athleta bathing suit, being comfortable and my AE Jeans :) SLEEP

Looking forward to: What happened this week (6/27) at the Docs: Miss B is weighing in at 5lbs 6oz and is in the 69%. Her heart rate is 128 and she scored 8/8. My BP was 112/602. I asked the Doc if he was concerned that we had gone up in % from 62 to 69 and he said not at all. Assured me that she was still "average" and that things were JUST fine....

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